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• 1/29/2018


is getting apex edition worth it if I gonna play atlis life and stuff only
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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/26/2015

Why are there no pages for ArmA Tactics yet?

It's a question, so I thought it belonged here. Why aren't there any pages for Tactics yet? Or even a single reference anywhere on the wiki? Clearly Bohemia still cares about it, as it recently got updated to Unity 5, ArmA Tactics is honestly my favorite, due to it having decent controls that don't take 5 hours to go through and change so that it's playable on my laptop that doesn't have a numpad. Seriously, it's no less unknown than ArmA. ArmA 1, anyway. ArmA: Gold and Tactics are the only ArmA games in my Steam library with 0 of friends who also own the game, and you have a page for the first arma, so what gives?
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This post is locked.
• 10/27/2015

Rollback rights for Havarth

Havarth has shown ample dedication to the wiki and as such I would like to nominate him for rollback rights. The decision to grant him these rights will be left up to a community vote.
If the community agrees then a Wikia staff member can grant Havarth rollback (as I don't have bureaucratic rights and the wiki's only bureaucrat appears to be inactive.)
Reply with <'''Support'''> if you agree with Havarth being granted rollback rights OR;
reply with <'''Oppose'''> if you disagree. Be sure to also include a reason on your vote.
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• 6/14/2015

What CSAT forces use the PDW2000 ?

Page says CSAT use the PDW2000, I was curious who.
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• 6/3/2015

Admin application

As someone who has been involved with this wiki for some time now I am seeking admin permissions.
I have interest in modifying the navigation bar for this wiki. With said permissions I can take care of such, as I feel it will prove to be an improvement. With admin privileges I will also being able to help with other aspects of the wiki.
Should the new structure of the navbar prove undesirable it can be reverted back of course. (I am familiar with the admin dash and experienced with modifying it.)
I can be available to chat (live IM) over the course of these next few days, should discussion on such be desired.
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• 5/11/2015

Weapon Stats

Is there any weapon stats in the works? Max range, effective range, etc.?
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• 5/10/2015

Featured Articles

This thread can be for suggestions on suitable* articles desired to get front page spotlight.

Such should be "clean", organized, as fleshed out as possible, and possessing proper links.
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• 5/10/2015

Featured Media

Might there be a way to show four videos in a grid (2x2)?
I feel such would be useful; more so compared to one out of a group being selected and displayed at random. Or just displaying one at any given time. A log page could hold previous videos.
And is a grid possible?
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• 5/10/2015

Game modes

Articles on the official game modes would be useful, yes?
Such would include:

King of the Hill
Those are all "official", correct?
What am I missing?
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• 11/4/2014

Merger/Closer of duplicate wiki

Hello readers and contributors,
So it has finally come to my attention that there is a duplicate wiki for ArmA 3 on Wikia. The wiki can be found here (Wiki stats).
The duplicate wiki covers a portion of the same topic this wiki covers and has had no activity for over a year. I recommend that this duplicate wiki be merged with this wiki, closed, and the URL to become a redirect to this wiki.
If you support or oppose this decision, or would just like to leave a comment, please reply below with:
'''Support''' - Reason
'''Oppose''' - Reason
Comment I will contact Wikia Support in the upcoming days to request the merger/closure. I have also posted a blog on the duplicate wiki regarding the merger/closure.
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• 10/16/2014

Wiki Navbar

I feel there is room for improvement with regards to the navbar.
One thought is to replace the three current tabs for each game with two overarching "CONTENT" and "GAMES" tabs.
A possible layout for the content tab could be (with links to their associated category pages):

While a possible layout for the GMAES tab could be (with links to associated articles):

ArmA 2
Same as above.
ArmA 3
Same as above.
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• 10/16/2014

Navboxes - factions listings

What thoughts might there be on navboxes that list factions.  These would be placed on faction article pages.
Might it work best to seperate factions by alignment (Opfor, Blufor, Independent), with a navbox per game (one can include the main game and any DLC)?  With color tiles for the sections (Op4=red, Blu4=blue, Independent=green)?
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• 10/15/2014

Navboxes - faction arsenals

What thoughts might we have on navbox templates for the weapons and vehicles of each faction.  These can be placed on weapon and vehicle pages who's subject is fielded by a particular faction.
Do we want to have navboxes colored by faction alignment (Blufor, Opfor, etc)?
Do we want seperate navboxes for weapons (armory) and vehicles of a faction, or one navbox with both?
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• 10/15/2014


What ideas might we have for additional poll questions?
One might be asking players about their play style/ preference? Be it boots on the ground, pilot crew of aircraft, operating as vehicle crew, etc.
Another could be asking what viewers want to see improved/ worked on soonest.
Might we have thoughts on deciding when to impliment a new poll on the main page? As well as how we might log the results of previous polls for record?
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• 10/15/2014

Creation of a "General discussion" board?

Can we get a forum board with said title?
General discussion can contain any conversation pertaining to ideas for and development of the wiki, among anything else wiki related.
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• 2/18/2014


Hello! Big thanks to everyone who contributes greatly to the wiki!
Wiki needs newsmakers. Newsmaker isn't a user right. This status are given with help JavaScript code to users to the right of nickname (where positioning the administrator & chat moderator rights titles). Set of newsmakers is declared!
That should do a newsmaker?

Write blog posts with official game news from official website. Blog post categories can be "Blog posts" & "News".
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