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• 11/4/2014

Merger/Closer of duplicate wiki

Hello readers and contributors,
So it has finally come to my attention that there is a duplicate wiki for ArmA 3 on Wikia. The wiki can be found here (Wiki stats).
The duplicate wiki covers a portion of the same topic this wiki covers and has had no activity for over a year. I recommend that this duplicate wiki be merged with this wiki, closed, and the URL to become a redirect to this wiki.
If you support or oppose this decision, or would just like to leave a comment, please reply below with:
'''Support''' - Reason
'''Oppose''' - Reason
Comment I will contact Wikia Support in the upcoming days to request the merger/closure. I have also posted a blog on the duplicate wiki regarding the merger/closure.
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• 2/18/2014


Hello! Big thanks to everyone who contributes greatly to the wiki!
Wiki needs newsmakers. Newsmaker isn't a user right. This status are given with help JavaScript code to users to the right of nickname (where positioning the administrator & chat moderator rights titles). Set of newsmakers is declared!
That should do a newsmaker?

Write blog posts with official game news from official website. Blog post categories can be "Blog posts" & "News".
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