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« The 4-five is a polymer-based semi-automatic pistol named for using .45 ACP ammunition. The reliability and accuracy are the most appraised features of this weapon. This weapon is favored by firing drills competitors because of an eleven rounds magazine and available collimator sight.
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The 4-Five .45 handgun.

The 4-five is a .45 handgun used in limited numbers by both NATO forces and the Livonian Defense Force in ArmA 3.


The 4-five is a polymer framed, semi-automatic handgun chambered to fire the .45 ACP round.

It can only load 11-round magazines, and can attain a fire rate of up to 600 rounds per minute[CfgWp 6][Formula 1] with a muzzle velocity of 380 m/s.[CfgWp 7] The 4-five supports being fitted with the MRD red dot sight. Along with muzzle attachments, the 4-five also has an underbarrel rail that supports being fitted with a flashlight.[CfgWp 8][CfgWp 9][CfgWp 10]

The 4-five is classed as a heavy pistol and is often favoured for use by NATO/LDF officers and recon operatives. Thanks to the greater stopping power of its .45 ACP round, the 4-five makes for a powerful pistol at close ranges. Compared to NATO's standard-issue sidearm which fires less hard-hitting 9 mm ammunition, the 4-five can put down most targets that aren't wearing heavy plate carriers in two or three hits.

At the same time, the primary downside to the 4-five stems from its low muzzle velocity versus the P07's 9 mm round. Consequently, this also means that the 4-five is heavier to carry while also possessing a much smaller magazine capacity (eleven rounds versus the P07's sixteen or thirty round magazines).



The 4-five's ironsights uses a fixed zeroing setting of 50 metres.[CfgWp 11] It is not possible to manually adjust this to a different setting.

Its ironsights feature three illuminated dots for use in low-light conditions (two on the rear notches and one for the front sight post). In daylight, the sights will be coloured in white with a green dot in the centre. In darkness, the white dots will no longer be visible and will be covered by the (glowing) green dots instead.


  • Green: Olive green slide with a black-coloured frame. Used on LDF 4-fives.
  • Sand: Flat dark earth/sand paint finish. Used by Mediterranean NATO 4-fives.


Ammo parameter .45 ACP (Ball)
Base damage value 5[CfgAm 1]
Aerodynamic friction -0.0018[CfgAm 2]
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 380[CfgMa 2]
Expected velocity (m/s) 280[CfgAm 3][note 1]
Penetration depth (mm) 7.98[CfgAm 4][Formula 2]
Deflection angle (degrees) 25°[CfgAm 5]

The 4-five can only be loaded with one type of magazine.[CfgWp 12] It has a weight of 7[CfgMa 3] "mass" units:

.45 ACP 11Rnd Mag[]

11-round box magazine loaded with .45 ACP ball ammunition.[CfgMa 4]

None of the rounds fired will emit visible tracers.


  • The 4-five is based on the real-world "FNX-45" handgun designed by FNH USA, an American division of the Belgium-based arms company FN Herstal.
    • Oddly enough, the in-game counterpart can only load 11-round magazines despite its real-world version being capable of using either 15- or 10-round magazines.[1]
  • Its in-game name is possibly inspired by FN's "Five-seveN" pistol, both of which have names referencing the ammunition they fire (the 4-five using .45 ACP and the Five-seveN 5.7×28 mm).
  • The model itself appears to have been ported for use in DayZ, another title designed by Bohemia Interactive where it is referred by its real-life manufacturer name (as the "FNX45").
  • The 4-five was not initially included on ArmA 3's release. It would only be added with the release of the campaign's first episode as part of Game Update 1.04.[2]
  • Initially, the 4-five could only accept a muzzle suppressor and the MRD optic. The ability to attach a pistol flashlight on its underbarrel rail was eventually added with the release of Game Update 1.70.[3]
  • The Green variant was not originally available upon release and was only added with the Contact expansion pack (as part of Game Update 1.94).[4]


Config/script references[]


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  1. 60 / reloadTime = 60 / 0.1
  2. initSpeed * caliber * 15 / 1000 = 380 * 1.4 * 15 / 1000


  1. Damage will be reduced if the projectile's velocity drops below this value.


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