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« The ACP-C2 is a custom version of the classic C-1911. A single-action self-loading pistol design remained and new materials allowed even better speed, precision and increased durability. The ACP-C2 is equipped with self-illuminating sights that provide a tactical advantage in low light conditions.
Field Manual
The ACP-C2 .45 handgun.

The ACP-C2 is a .45 handgun used by several BLUFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 3.


The ACP-C2 is a semi-automatic handgun chambered to fire the .45 ACP round.

It can only load 9-round magazines, and can attain a fire rate of up to 400 rounds per minute[CfgWp 6][Formula 1] with a muzzle velocity of 280 m/s.[CfgWp 7] The ACP-C2 cannot mount optical sights, but supports muzzle attachments and has a compact underbarrel rail that can be fitted with a flashlight.[CfgWp 8][CfgWp 9]

Serving as the standard-issue sidearm of all AAF troopers and some FIA guerillas, the ACP-C2 is primarily used as a backup weapon for close quarters combat and, like most other pistols has an effective range of just 50 metres and no more. Though it is technically classified as a light pistol, it fires the same .45 ACP round shared by its heavy NATO counterpart.

Compared to both its heavy and light counterparts carried by NATO forces, the ACP-C2 has a lower muzzle velocity as opposed to the former while also having the smallest magazine size compared to the latter. In fact, it has the smallest magazine capacity out of all the semi-automatic pistols; the sole exception being CSAT's Zubr (which is a revolver).

Altogether, these drawbacks essentially make the ACP-C2 the least useful semi-automatic sidearm of all, with its only upside being that it is more accurate than the 4-five.[CfgWp 1] However, even this is somewhat redundant given that sidearms are utilised at very close ranges in almost every situation to begin with, which renders this accuracy advantage null.



Ironsights on the ACP-C2 are set to a fixed zeroing of 50 metres.[CfgWp 10] It is not possible to manually adjust this to a different setting.

Both the front post and rear notches are illuminated and will glow green in low-light conditions. During daytime, they will only be visible as pale white dots (not green).


Ammo parameter .45 ACP (Ball)
Base damage value 5[CfgAm 1]
Aerodynamic friction -0.0018[CfgAm 2]
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 280[CfgMa 2]
Expected velocity (m/s) 280[CfgAm 3][note 1]
Penetration depth (mm) 5.88[CfgAm 4][Formula 2]
Deflection angle (degrees) 25°[CfgAm 5]

The ACP-C2 only accepts one type of magazine.[CfgWp 11] It has a weight of 6[CfgMa 3] "mass" units:

.45 ACP 9Rnd Mag[]

9-round box magazine loaded with .45 ACP ball ammunition.[CfgMa 4]

None of the rounds fired will emit visible tracers.


  • The ACP-C2 appears to be an amalgamation of several real-world variants of the "Custom" and "Pro" series of handguns designed by Kimber Manufacturing (more specifically both the "Custom Covert II" and "Desert Warrior" models).[1]
    • In addition, it shares some elements from the "Rail Gun" handgun designed by Colt, another arms manufacturer also based in the United States.[2]
    • All of these real-world handguns are in-turn based on the "M1911" handgun (also originally designed by Colt) that was featured in previous titles in the series.
  • The ACP-C2 was not originally available in the Alpha and was only later added in the Beta (as part of Game Update 0.70).[3]
  • After the release of Game Update 1.14, the ACP-C2's firing sounds were changed. The patch also corrected an issue with the pistol's sound effects being quieter compared to every other handgun's firing SFX.[4]
  • Originally, the last four rounds of the ACP-C2's 9-rounder magazines would emit visible tracers. They were completely removed after Game Update 1.48.[5]
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • The ACP-C2 has an alternate texture that features an all-black slide and frame, pale white magazine, and an uncamouflaged grip (Texture name: acpc2_black_co.paa).[6] The slide also has vertical front serrations as opposed to diagonal ones on the final texture.
    • Arma3-acpc2-02

      Alternate ACP-C2 texture with the unused snakeskin grip.

      Curiously, although this unused texture is coloured entirely in black there is a portion of it which features a snakeskin texture.
    • However, because the ACP-C2's model UV doesn't actually use that part of the texture, it cannot be seen in-game even if the texture is enabled through a custom addon.


Config/script references[]


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  1. 60 / reloadTime = 60 / 0.15
  2. initSpeed * caliber * 15 / 1000 = 280 * 1.4 * 15 / 1000


  1. Damage will be reduced if the projectile's velocity drops below this value.


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