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« Designated marksman scope with a mil-dot reticle and stronger zoom, recommended for NATO and CTRG marksman rifles.
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The AMS (full name: Advanced Marksman Scope) is a high-powered, variable-magnification sniper scope used by both NATO forces and CTRG operators. It was added with the release of the Marksmen DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Marksmen DLC.

It has a magnification strength range of 3x-10x and features a top mounted reflex sight for use in close quarters.

Zeroing is limited to a minimum of 300 m to a maximum of 2,000 m for the primary optic while the backup reflex sight uses a fixed range of 200 m.

The AMS uses a GAP reticle with milliradian markings on both horizontal and vertical axes. It is largely compatible with most* marksmen and sniper rifles alike, as well as specific .338 machine guns. This includes:

  • CMR-76 bullpup marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Cyrus marksman rifle (9.3 mm)
  • GM6 Lynx bullpup sniper rifle (12.7 mm)
  • M320 LRR sniper rifle (.408)
  • MAR-10 marksman rifle (.338)
  • Mk14 battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • Mk18 ABR battle rifle (7.62 mm)
  • Mk-I EMR marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • MXM marksman rifle (6.5 mm)
  • Rahim bullpup marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • SPAR-17 marksman rifle (7.62 mm)
  • SPMG general-purpose machine gun (.338)

(*) The AMS is not intended for use on the ASP-1 Kir as the latter is not considered to be a "true" marksman rifle.


  • Sand: Standard beige sand paint finish. Used by both Mediterranean and Eastern European NATO marksmen.
  • Black: Matte black finish. Exclusively utilised by CTRG operatives.
  • Khaki: Forest green paint finish. Only used by Pacific NATO marksmen.


  • The scope itself appears to be modelled after the U.S. Optics "MR-10" riflescope while the top-mount reflex sight is directly based on the "Ultradot L/T" designed by Ultradot USA.



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