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NOTE: The information in this article details content that has yet to be officially released. It is subject to change and may not reflect what is available in the final product.

Developer Bohemia Interactive
Publisher Bohemia Interactive
Platforms TBC
Engine Enfusion
Release dates TBC

ARMA 4 is an upcoming sixth main title in the ARMA series.


Built upon Bohemia Interactive's Enfusion engine, ARMA 4 is confirmed to be the sixth main entry in the ARMA series.

It is intended to be released at an undetermined date after ARMA Reforger, with the latter serving as an early showcase of ARMA 4's potential gameplay, and demonstrating the capabilities of the Enfusion engine.

However, there are no further details regarding its release date, setting, terrain(s), gameplay mechanics nor features. As of present, it is only confirmed to be in development and will run on the Enfusion engine.



  • Official confirmation of ARMA 4 being in development was announced on a Twitch livestream held by the studio on May 17th, 2022, in an event specifically titled "THE FUTURE OF ARMA".

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