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ARMA Reforger
Developer Bohemia Interactive
Publisher Bohemia Interactive
Platforms PC
XBOX (One/Series X)
Engine Enfusion
Release dates May 18, 2022 (early access)

ARMA Reforger is the fifth main title in the ArmA series.


Returning to the series' origins, Reforger takes place in an alternate late 1980s Cold War-era setting once more, and is the fifth main entry in the ArmA series.

Reforger focuses heavily on its multiplayer aspect, featuring both competitive and co-operative gameplay modes to showcase large-scale infantry and vehicular warfare.

The base game's content can be further expanded by downloading mods created by the community via The Workshop, Bohemia Interactive's proprietary online mod repository, which is available to both PC and XBOX players.

However, the primary intent of Reforger is to showcase Bohemia Interactive's new Enfusion engine, with a strong emphasis on providing the community with access to the tools necessary for the creation of usermade addons.

Notably, Reforger is intended to provide a polished sample of ARMA 4's potential gameplay (also built upon the Enfusion engine), effectively serving as a "community foundation" for the upcoming main title.

Reforger is expected to remain in an early access phase for up to 12 months. New features and playable assets will be progressively introduced over time.


The year is 1989, four years after the events of Cold War Crisis. Despite the defeat of rogue Soviet forces on the island many years ago, the world teeters on the precipice of an unexpected conflict as storm clouds have again returned to the island of Everon.

Soldiers of both the United States and the Soviet Union will once again face battle against one another on the strategic fault lines of the past and future.


Reforger continues the series' gameplay traditions of being a tactical shooter that combines a first- and third-person view camera. However, Reforger also places a greater emphasis on accessibility, allowing for a broader audience while ensuring that the tactical depth of previous main titles is retained.

For instance, controls are streamlined to better match modern platforms. Movement is more fluid, allowing for jumping and mantling as opposed to vaulting, as well as an adjustable movement speed for all stances rather being restricted to pre-set speeds. The traditional scrollwheel-based Action Menu has also been entirely omitted in favour of keybindings and context-based interaction buttons.

With regards to infantry weapons, some notable changes include the ability to wield more than one primary weapon at once (carried on the player's back), as well as using shoulder-fired launchers from a prone position. If available, magnified optics utilise a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) view as opposed to the flat 2D reticle of past titles.

Reforger's sandbox features three main factions by default. Playable assets comprise of multiple ground vehicles (split into variants), numerous handheld firearms, throwable grenades, and multiple dedicated infantry classes.

Unlike previous titles, Reforger does not feature a dedicated mission editor. Rather, the Game Master serves as Reforger's mission creation/editing module equivalent. It functions similarly to ArmA 3's Zeus Curator, allowing one to control events, create unique missions, and guide other players in real-time.


Factions of ARMA Reforger
United StatesSoviet UnionFIA


Weapons of ARMA Reforger
Handguns M9 9 mmPM 9 mm
Assault rifles AK-74 5.45 mmM16A2 5.56 mm
Sniper rifles M21 SWS 7.62 mmSVD 7.62 mm
Squad automatic weapons M249 SAW 5.56 mmRPK-74 5.45 mm
Machine guns M60 7.62 mmPKM 7.62 mm
Launchers M72A3 LAWRPG-7V1
Static M2HB - TripodM60 - TripodPKM - Tripod


Vehicles of ARMA Reforger
Wheeled BTR-70M151A2M1025M923A1UAZ-469Ural-4320


OS Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit
PROCESSOR Intel Core i5-4460
AMD FX-4300
Intel Core i7-6700
AMD equivalent
GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or similar NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
AMD equivalent
DirectX® Version 12 Version 12
HARD DRIVE 15 GB free space 20 GB free space
AUDIO DirectX® compatible DirectX® compatible
OTHER Internet connection and DirectX 12 compatible PC required Internet connection and DirectX 12 compatible PC required

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Accurate as of May 2022




  • Unlike Cold War Assault's third party-published Elite port for the original XBOX console, Reforger is the first main title in the series to be explicitly designed as a multi-platform game.
  • Reforger marks the series' first transition to an entirely new engine (Enfusion) that is not based on an iteration of the Real Virtuality engine originally made for Cold War Assault (then-known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis).
  • It is the first game in the entire series (including mobile spin-off titles) to not feature a singleplayer campaign.

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