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« The AT-4 Spigot is a Russian tube-launched, man-portable, anti-tank missile system with a HEAT warhead. This anti-tank weapon is similar in many respects to the US TOW system, and is deployed as a direct replacement for the older AT-3 Sagger.
Weapon Description

AT-4 Spigot
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Soviet Union
Type Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
Diameter 120 mm
Variants None
The AT-4 Spigot 120 mm missile launcher.

The AT-4 Spigot is a 120 mm missile launcher used exclusively by Soviet military forces in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


The AT-4 Spigot is an unguided, portable and reloadable anti-tank missile launcher.

It can only load 120 mm missiles fitted with high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads, and has a maximum effective range of approximately 600-700 metres.

Soviet heavy AT gunners preparing an ambush.

Like its American counterpart, the AT-4 served as the standard-issue heavy anti-tank weapon used by the Soviet Armed Forces at the height of the Cold War.

Performance-wise, it is nearly identical to the Carl Gustav in almost every way, with both being powerful enough to destroy any non-heavy tank vehicle in just one hit, and also being capable of disabling a heavy tank like the M1A1 with a direct impact to the front or side of the hull.

The AT-4 also shares the same drawback as its American counterpart however, and is generally less useful on the move due to the limited amount of missiles that its operator can carry. Just like the Carl Gustav, an AT-4 user is always restricted to carrying just one missile at a time since each missile occupies six inventory slots at once.

This basically makes the AT-4 a single shot-only weapon unless they manage to resupply somehow, or alternately, have other members of the squad assist in carrying spare missiles. However, this in turn puts a strain on the total ammunition supply for the entire squad, as each missile brought along means six less magazines for each member's primary weapon.

Regardless, if employed in a defensive position with a readily-available stockpile of missiles nearby, the AT-4 becomes an extremely deadly threat to every ground vehicle. A small group of AT-4 operators defending a position will be almost impossible to break through for armoured ground vehicles without suffering severe losses in return.


AT4 Missile

The AT-4 can only load one type of missile. Each missile occupies six inventory slots:

Damage type Base damage value
High-Explosive 800

Missiles are always launched with an initial velocity of 30 m/s. They take a further 1.5 seconds to reach a maximum speed of 200 m/s in mid-flight. The warhead itself has a blast radius of 2.5 metres.


  • Cold War Assault's AT-4 is based on the real-world "9K111 Fagot" ATGM launcher that was first designed in the early 1970s. Like many of the in-game Soviet weapons and vehicles, the 9K111 is incorrectly called by its NATO reporting name as opposed to its actual GRAU index code.
    • The in-game AT-4 also possesses several unrealistic capabilities compared to its real-world counterpart. A prime example of this is it being depicted as a shoulder-launched weapon; the 9K111 in reality is designed to be fired from a static tripod only, as it is a line-of-sight, wire guided weapon that requires the operator to maintain aim on the target at all times.
    • Other unrealistic design choices include it using the same optical scope as the American Carl Gustav M2, and being virtually identical stat-wise in every way. The 9K111 in reality would be significantly more powerful than the Carl Gustav as it uses a 120 mm anti-tank guided missile as opposed to the Carl Gustav's 84 mm rocket.


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