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« The AT-9K115 Metis-M (NATO reporting name is AT-13 Saxhorn-2) is a Russian anti-tank missile system. Thanks to its light weight (only 13,8 kg), the AT-13 can be easily transported by infantry units or vehicles. This system is extremely easy to operate – it can fire up to 4 rounds per minute.
Armoury Description

Metis-M 9K115-2
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Russian Armed Forces
Icon-side-redfor.png Takistani Army
Type Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
Diameter 130 mm
Variants Metis AT-13
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The Metis-M 9K115-2 130 mm missile launcher.

The Metis-M 9K115-2 is a 130 mm missile launcher used by the Russian Armed Forces and the Takistani Army in ArmA 2.


The 9K115-2 is a shoulder-launched, wire-guided, anti-tank missile launcher.

It is available in two variants: a static tripod-mounted variant and the man-portable version. Both are designed specifically to load 130 mm missiles fitted with high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) tandem warheads and has a practical effective range of up to 1,500 metres, with a maximum range of 2,000 metres. The launcher uses a magnified optical sight that has a fixed zoom strength of 2x, and can toggle either a normal day or orange-hot thermal vision modes.

The 9K115-2 is the direct counterpart to the American-made Javelin ATGM. Unlike the Javelin however, the 9K115-2's seeker is designed to utilise SACLOS guidance instead which removes the need to lock-on before firing. Thanks to this, it can hit ground vehicles at almost any distance - provided that the user can see and maintain their aim for the duration of the missile's flight.

A Russian heavy anti-tank team equipped with the 9K115-2.

While the 9K115-2's HEAT warhead is not as powerful as the Javelin's, it compensates by not requiring a lock-on in order to fire its missile. This means that it can be quickly deployed in an ambush without the need to wait for the seeker to acquire a target first.

Also, the 9K115-2 can be directed against infantry as a last resort; though this is generally not recommended for obvious reasons since the HEAT warhead isn't optimised against infantry.

Nonetheless, the 9K115-2 still has several other drawbacks compared to the Javelin. Aside from its missiles for the man-portable variant weighing exactly the same as its American counterpart (six slots per missile), the 9K115-2's reliance on SACLOS means that the operator must always maintain a steady aim at their target at all times.

The Javelin on the other hand, is a fire-and-forget weapon and will only miss if the target manages to reach defilade or outmanoeuvres the missile somehow. The static 9K115-2 will easily go off-course from its flight path if the user so much as twitches for a split second in the wrong direction.

For both variants, the 9K115-2's missile also tends to behave erratically once it flies past a certain distance (roughly ~ 1,650 metres), and becomes almost uncontrollable even if the user kept a steady aim for the entire duration of the missile's flight.


Metis AT-13

Metis AT-13
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Russian Armed Forces
Icon-side-redfor.png Takistani Army
Type Static Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
Diameter 130 mm
Variants None
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The Metis AT-13 is a static tripod-mounted variant of the Metis-M 9K115-2 launcher. Unlike its shoulder-fired counterpart, the Metis AT-13 is stabilised onto a low-mount tripod.

The Metis AT-13 launches the same HEAT missiles as its portable version, and can only be guided manually via SACLOS. The launcher sight retains the same fixed magnification and thermal optics.

Up to six missiles are available to fire, with one always pre-loaded by default. It takes a total of 8 seconds to reload another missile.

Missiles are always hard launched, have an initial velocity of 55.16 m/s and take only 1.5 seconds to reach a top speed of 200 m/s in mid-flight.

It should be noted that only Takistani launchers can be disassembled into a man-portable backpack form (divided into separate launcher and tripod components); Russian Metis AT-13s cannot be reassembled/disassembled.


Metis Missile

Both variants of the launcher only support a single missile type. Missiles for the man-portable version take up to six primary weapon magaazine slots:

Damage type Base damage value
High-Explosive / Kinetic 670

The missile is soft-launched and takes at least 0.25 seconds for its motor to ignite. The motor will continue gaining thrust (starting at 55.16 m/s) and will reach a top speed of 200 m/s after just 1.5 seconds of flight time. The warhead only has a blast radius of 1.5 metres.

The static version's missile retains the same flight characteristics but is hard launched rather soft-launched.


  • Like the Javelin, it was not given the ability to toggle its thermal vision mode until the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.
    • Prior to the latest Steam version patches (as part of the Community Configuration Project updates), the 9K115-2's sight was always restricted to utilising thermal and could not toggle a day vision mode. This was finally fixed following its release, granting users on both the man-portable and static variants the choice of freely switching between either mode.
  • The 9K115-2 in ArmA 2 is depicted with highly unrealistic capabilities compared with its real-world counterpart. In reality, the 9K115-2 is not meant to be utilised as a shoulder-launched weapon.
    • Before the release of the CCP/CorePatch updates, the 9K115-2 could even lock onto vehicles like the Javelin and did not have a delay (it acquired lock-ons instantaneously).
    • While the 9K115-2 can technically be shoulder-fired, the way it is shown being used in-game is completely impractical as it requires the user to prop it against an object for stability.
  • As with all ATGM launchers, the in-game 9K115-2 also reuses the same reloading animation as the RPG-7V. The real 9K115-2 requires the entire tube to be removed and replaced first before the launcher can be reused again (the sight itself and the launcher assembly is retained).


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