Abdul-Wahhab Fahim is a minor antagonist in ArmA 3's Stepping Stone mini-campaign.


An officer from the North African Scimitar Regiment, Fahim served as the leader of a mechanised infantry company based in the town of Houdan, Malden. His command post was located inside the town's church.

Stepping Stone (2035)

Following the U.S.-led NATO invasion, North African forces were driven out of their strongholds in Cancon and Le Port. Having suffered immense casualties in the first phase of the invasion, what was left of the troops in the south were forced to pull back north.

Fahim directed his men to lock down their position, setting up numerous anti-vehicle fortifications along the western flank overlooking the town.

With a rather formidable wall of defences ready to tackle the encroaching Americans and their tanks, all they needed to do was wait for additional reinforcements to arrive.

Unfortunately, a team of Americans had managed to sneak past his patrols and eliminate the AT crews. Worse yet, they even managed to destroy one of his camouflaged tanks that was ready to ambush the unsuspecting invaders. Soon after, the Americans commenced their assault.

His men fought as best they could, but were simply no match for their overwhelming firepower. Seeing a hopeless situation, Fahim and a surviving Corporal hoisted a white flag over the church and placed their hands in the air. Moments later, the same team of Americans who had gotten past his defences arrived to place them both in restraints.

« Pas de panique, Caporal. Les Américains ne savent pas dans quoi ils se sont mis. J'ai reçu un appel. Les renforts arrivent de La Trinité. Si on peut les retenir ici aussi longtemps que possible, nos amis en Chine pourront...
Fahim gloats to the Corporal, unaware that he was being overheard

The Corporal panicked but Fahim reassured him; prior to surrendering, he had gotten a message at the last minute that a company of allied tanks were approaching fast. Assuming nothing went wrong, the unsuspecting Americans would be quickly annihilated in the counterattack, buying enough time for the Chinese to mobilise and rescue them.

To his dismay, he didn't realise that the American soldier in front of him understood French and had heard every single word. The soldier promptly relayed news of the impending attack to his commanders.

Post-Stepping Stone

Moments later, a truck arrived to collect both him and the Corporal, taking them deep behind enemy lines. They wouldn't be alone for long - he would quickly be joined by the remainder of his brethren when the last of the Regiment also surrendered to the Americans.

Personality and Appearance

Fahim was a dark skinned African male with a bald head of hair. He wears a set of unarmoured fatigues issued to all North African CSAT soldiers, a bandoleer, and also donned a black beret to signify his status.


  • Fahim's name is only revealed if playing from the perspective of the "Special Forces" role in Disintegration Point.
  • He can be killed at any point by the player regardless of their role after he surrenders (deliberately or by "accident"). Doing so will result in the player being reprimanded for committing war crimes after finishing the campaign, however.

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