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Acropolis Books is an American book publisher.


Based in the United States, Acropolis Books predominately publishes non-fiction military titles in both paperback and e-book format.

Their website can be accessed at "" (excluding quotations).

Published titles


Author: Drake, H
Genre(s): Non-fiction, autobiography, military


« Hey, Lieutenant, no time for procedures! Just point a light and we will smash it to pieces, pronto. »

Few people have experienced war as Corporal Howard "Hitman" Drake has. Fewer still have had the gift to tell the tale with such harrowing prose. From the brutal hardships of airborne training to the burning oil fields of Takistan, Drake provides an honest account of one man's journey into the mouth of madness; Operation Arrowhead.

Told with bathos and surprising humor, Checkmate is an explosive expose on the tragic trajectories of a lost generation - young Americans who exchanged the everyday for lives less ordinary.


« Gripping. Checkmate is a true tour de force.
Mark Cole, AAN Reporter


  • Has been adapted into motion picture format.
  • Listed as number one on the World Today's bestseller list.


Authors: Sanderson, P H, Hawkmire, J
Genre(s): Non-fiction, military


« Preparation's everything »

The battlefield is not a place for thinking.

It is not a place for deliberation. For pausing. For inertia. It is a place for instinctive reactions. It is a place where the sum total of one's preparations alight. This book is a lifeline; a handbook for survival; a cry for a revolution of the mind before the chaos of war descends.


« Sanderson's comprehensive guide play's the mind of the modern land warrior in accessible prose.
This is War

« I'd recommend this book not only to soldiers in the field, but to every penpusher in Washington. This is a revolution in military thinking.
Warfare Today


  • Foreword written by Colonel J. Hawkmire.


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