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Agia Marina was a town located on the island of Stratis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


A harbour town situated on the north-western side of Stratis and east of the Stratis Air Base, Agia Marina consists of numerous houses and a large, L-shaped marina (of which the town is named after).

It supports fishing vessels and recreational boats while also doubling as a breakwater. In the 1960s, an earthquake struck the island and severely damaged parts of the marina. In the aftermath, some of the town's residential homes were partially dismantled and their materials used to repair the damage.

To its north lies a radio tower and small cemetery. The vantage point provides a magnificent view of the entire Marina Bay and Stratis' north-western coastline. A dried up creek runs through the centre of the town but is only inundated during the winter and with high tides.

The town has remained abandoned since the end of the civil war, with only its former dwellings left standing in a state of disrepair. However, the military range located to the south-east is still used to a limited extent by government forces - housing infantry and providing maintenance for MRAPs and IFVs.


The military camp is overrun by NATO survivors.

One day after the unprovoked attack against the peacekeepers of NATO's U.S.-led Task Force Aegis on July 7th, 2035, the Altian troops stationed at the military camp would find themselves under assault by remnants of the task force.

Understrength, they were no match for the retaliatory strike and Agia Marina was successfully captured by the Americans. However, their victory was short lived as Iranian-led CSAT reinforcements, arriving by air, repelled the counteroffensive and annihilated the remaining peacekeepers in a single stroke.

Agia Marina would subsequently remain under the control of the Altian government until one month later on August 8th, when a brigade of American forces from the 111th Infantry Division (111th ID) stormed the island and wrested control of its settlements from the joint Altian/Iranian garrison.


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