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Aid Worker Clothes
Faction Icon-side-neutral.png IDAP
Armour rating None
Mass 30
Storage capacity 30
LawsofWar dlc logo.png

Aid Worker Clothes are outfits worn by IDAP aid workers in ArmA 3. They were added with the release of the Laws of War DLC.


Members of the IDAP, a non-profit humanitarian aid organisation, wear a mixture of outfits combined with commercially available apparel and accessories. Outfits exist for every occasion - whether for promoting their mission at exhibitions or delivering supplies to conflict zones.

Aid Worker Clothes vary depending on the wearer's fashion preferences. They can feature short-sleeved poloshirts, jeans, shorts, cargo pants and/or t-shirts. All have a "weight" of 30 "mass" values and provide the same amount of carrying space for 30 units worth of ammunition or gear.

However, none of the variants provide safety from explosions or reduce damage from ballistic projectiles.


  • Aid Worker Clothes are simply retextures of various civilian and FIA "uniforms".
  • All variants were included as part of the Laws of War DLC's free platform update. As such they do not require ownership of the DLC itself to wear.


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