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« So much for Livonia's 'summer sunshine'. And I thought the Pacific was bad...
Aiden Rudwell

Aiden Rudwell is the main protagonist of ArmA 3's First Contact campaign.


Rudwell is a drone specialist from the U.S. Army contingent operating in Livonia as part of NATO's Exercise Electron-39.

Initially, Rudwell enlisted into the Army as a translator. Knowing six languages, he was primarily motivated by the extra pay he would be awarded each month - rather than out of any sense of duty.

As time went on, his skills as a linguist were made largely redundant with the advent of more advanced computer translators. Rather than waste any more time in a niche and soon-to-be deprecated MOS, he opted to specialise as a drone technician instead.

Rudwell is married and has a son. During the events of Electron-39, he went by the radio callsign of Howlite 4-1. In the aftermath of the exercise, he was temporarily assigned the callsign of Kinzhal instead.

First Contact (2039)


Post-First Contact

« Stype: Shit Rud! The Ivans make you an honorary Spetsnaz yet or what?
Rudwell: Me? Nah, I ain't cut out for this crap.
Stype joking about Rudwell's relations with the Spetsnaz


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