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Air Station Mike-26 was a military installation located on the island of Stratis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


Officially designated as Joint Air Radar Station Mike-26, the facility was once a critical component of the NATO alliance's radar shield in the Mediterranean.

Air Station Mike-26 was jointly staffed by SIGINT technicians and soldiers from both the U.S. and British military, until the latter were withdrawn from the country. Air Station Mike-26 was due to be decommissioned by mid July 2035 as part of the alliance's ongoing efforts to redeploy its assets to the Asia-Pacific region.

However, it was prematurely demolished by U.S.-led peacekeepers from NATO's Task Force Aegis and as of August 15th, 2035, lies in ruins.


Remnants of TF Aegis attempt to retake the station (2035)

In the opening stages of what would eventually become known as the "Stratis Incident", the facility was destroyed by the remnants of TF Aegis on July 7th, 2035.

The survivors determined that the facility's equipment was damaged beyond repair and could not be utilised to call for reinforcements. The officer in charge of the remnants decided to destroy the facility in order to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

One month later, the U.S. Army's 111th Infantry Division (111th ID) would assault the island and retake control of the facility from its Iranian and Altian defenders. The 111th had initially planned to utilise the radar to assist in their invasion of the mainland. However, they only discovered its burnt ruins and upon closer examination, it was deemed damaged beyond repair.

The projected cost of its destruction alone totalled in the billions of dollars. In the aftermath of the flashpoint, it was decided that the facility would not be rebuilt, and in accordance to NATO policy, would be abandoned in the following months.


NOTE: This section contains significant spoilers from ArmA 3's 'The East Wind' campaign.

The order to demolish the facility by the (unofficial) leader of TF Aegis' survivors, Captain Scott Miller of CTRG Group 14, wasn't carried out to prevent Altian forces from gaining access to its equipment, but rather to stop the American survivors from contacting NATO MEDCOM.

Capt. Miller's team required additional time in their search for a CSAT weapon of mass destruction known only as "Project Eastwind". Had the survivors succeeded in calling for reinforcements, the subsequent counterinvasion would have compromised the mission and resulted in their true identities being exposed.

Thus the loss of Air Station Mike-26, whilst regrettable from the perspective of NATO leaders, was a small price to pay in exchange for Capt. Miller's team gaining valuable search time.


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