Aleksy Nowak is a minor character in ArmA 3's First Contact campaign.


Nowak was one of the many Livonian soldiers who participated in NATO's joint military exercises taking place in the semi-abandoned Nadbór region.

First Contact (2039)

At the height of Exercise Electron-39, Nowak's squad was placed in charge with defending the SIŁA Factory from their American attackers. They had managed to seize the road south of Point Alabama, though their side's drone control station had been overrun by the Americans.

His squad quickly rushed towards the station to intercept them, and spotted the Americans jamming one of the drones. The unsuspecting soldiers were ambushed and the "survivors" were placed in restraints.

Nowak breached the station, shooting one of the hackers with a quick "bullet" to the back of his head. With their "deaths", the mission ended in a total victory for the LDF.

« Rudwell: Great. You Bluebells get extra points if you shoot us in the back? (gets shot) HEY! WHAT THE HELL?!
Nowak: There, American. I shoot you front.
Nowak sarcastically "kills" the hacker, SPC. Rudwell, twice in the front and back

Both sides stood down and prepared their equipment for the next mission. However not long after, one of the American-controlled UCAVs accidentally drops a GPS-guided bomb onto the factory grounds. Seven Livonians and one American are killed in the blast, and Electron-39 is immediately put on hold.

Following the incident, a dramatic decline in relations between the U.S. and Livonian government would ultimately result in Electron-39's complete cancellation. All NATO forces were to depart from the country within 48 hours.

At this point in time, Nowak and another fellow soldier, Zbigniew Stolarski, were reassigned to guard duty over a burn pit on the outskirts of the SILA Factory. What was supposed to be an uneventful night would take a turn for the worse when the "American Idiot" (U.S. soldier Corporal Jack Stype) arrived in a truck to drop off garbage. The soldier immediately attempted to provoke a response from Nowak, though he refused to take the bait and merely insulted the Corporal in Polish.

« Stype: I need you to help me put boxes on fire. I'll wait! No, no - no I can wait, SPA-SEE-BA!
Nowak: American - we CAN'T understand you!
Stolarski: Is he drunk?
Nowak: (sighs) Go get the Sergeant...
Nowak fruitlessly attempts to talk with the wayward Corporal

When it became obvious that the soldier was being less than cooperative, Nowak told Stolarski to call for the Sergeant in charge to deal with the Corporal.

Personality and Appearance

Nowak is a Slavic male with a brownish-blond coloured head of hair. He wears the standard-issue combat uniform of by all Livonian infantry, as well as a ballistic helmet and plate carrier vest.

Nowak's playful nature causes him to stand out amongst his more sullen counterparts. During the exercises, he is seen to treat the training as nothing more than a game, "shooting" SPC. Rudwell in the back and front to ensure his kill was "fair".

After the Hopi Incident, he grew short-tempered and frustrated with the arrogant attitudes of the Americans. One soldier in particular, by the name of Corporal Jack Stype, had earned the moniker of "American Idiot" following his continued attempts to pick fights with his friends.


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