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The Altis Aero Club Airfield (short form: AAC Airfield) is a dual-purpose civilian/military airfield located on the island of Altis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


A remnant of its colonial heritage, the Altis Aero Club Airfield or AAC for short, was constructed in 1916 by the British Empire and served as the island's first airfield. It consists of a single hangar, warehouse and dirt strip runway ideal for rugged jet aircraft and light planes.

Prior to 2030, the AAC airfield catered to both the Altian military and civil aviation enthusiasts. Following the conclusion of the civil war, the AAC was exclusively reserved for military use in counterinsurgency operations against the so-called "Freedom and Independence Army" (FIA).

In the wake of the NATO invasion of Altis, the AAC was seized by U.S.-led forces on August 8th, 2035, and temporarily served as a forward observation base to support rotary-wing assets for the duration of their deployment.

However, as part of the alliance's ongoing efforts to withdraw from the region, the FOB would be decommissioned and as of late 2035, has been returned to the Altian government's control.


  • Although it served as the site of many battles in the main campaign, the AAC Airfield can never be seen in-game by the player outside of the AAF's official showcase.


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