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The Altis International Airport is a dual-purpose civilian/military airfield located on the island of Altis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


The Republic's primary international airport, it caters to domestic, regional and international flights on the mainland.

Relatively small by modern standards, it nonetheless features two runways for inbound/outbound aircraft. Although the airport is intended for local flights and foreign tourists, several areas are cordoned off for military use.

Prior to their evacuation, peacekeepers attached to CSAT's Griffin Regiment utilised the airport as their main base of operations, as per a bilateral agreement between the Altian and Iranian governments.

Parts of the airport suffered moderate damage at the height of the NATO invasion of Altis, though much of it has been repaired as of August 15th, 2035.


On the evening of August 8th, 2035, a NATO strike force from the U.S. Army's 111th Infantry Division (111th ID) attempted to seize the airport. However, they ran into heavier-than-expected opposition from its Iranian/Altian defenders, who were well prepared for their attack and swiftly drove off the encroaching force.

NATO forces bombard the airport with artillery.

Twenty hours later, the Americans regrouped for a second assault after successfully fighting off an attempted counterattack by the Iranians. The 111th assembled a mixture of gun and rocket artillery at the neighbouring town of Neochori, shelling the airport from afar and punching a hole in the defences.

An airborne assault on the south-eastern side of Altis would also force half of its defenders to withdraw, leaving the Iranians understrength and unable to halt the renewed offensive.

Following its downfall, the Americans repurposed the airport and would continue to utilise it as their main base of operations for the remainder of their deployment. Additional heavy armour and support vehicles were soon ferried in via the docks to reinforce the rapidly advancing frontline shifting towards the east and south.



The main terminal and car park are accessible to both civilians and military personnel:

Car park

The car park is used by both military personnel and civilians. Including the slots near the control tower but excluding the pick up/drop off areas, it has a total of one hundred and eighteen parking spaces.

Control towers

Three control towers coordinate incoming and outbound flights. One is situated near the main terminal (for civilian traffic) whilst the remaining two are located a short distance away to the east and west, respectively.


The main building in the centre of the airport serves passengers from both departing and arriving flights.


The western and eastern sides of the airport are reserved for use by both CSAT peacekeepers and the AAF:



Four concrete structures serve as housing for the airport's garrison. A fifth building is also situated to the south-east but has only been partially constructed.

The remainder of the barracks area consists of a basketball court and two single storey offices, one of which is set up inside a walled compound with H-barriers and guard towers. Three aircraft hangars are also located on this side of the airport; as with the western side, a taxiway connects to the main runway.



A large dock is located to the south of the main terminal. A portable command centre serves as the dock's port authority building, with the rest of the area reserved for storing shipping containers.

The only paved road leading into the docks runs past the solar farm directly in front of it. It splits off from a T-junction which can be used to return to the main terminal area (north-west) or back to the main highway (south-east).



Six aircraft shelters are set up in a dedicated airside area west of the main terminal. They are connected to the main runways via the taxiway.

Two smaller shelters are separated from the main shelters for maintenance and repairs. A compound walled off with H-barriers consists of a command centre and several portable structures.

Research facility


A scientific research base is located on the eastern side of the airport, across the main highway that leads into the south-east region. The facility is reserved exclusively for CSAT personnel and is off-limits even to the AAF.

It comprises of six geodesic domes arrayed in a hexagonal shape along with a seventh dome separate from the main six. Two office buildings and a fuel/water tank are constructed, though the rest of the facility consists solely of portable structures.


  • Upon ArmA 3's release, the car park always featured numerous rusted wrecks of burnt out cars and trucks occupying several of the parking spaces. They could only be hidden with a combination of the hideObjectGlobal and nearestTerrainObjects scripting commands.
    • Except for two wrecks on the western side, the others were eventually removed in subsequent updates to the terrain, eliminating the need to hide them for usermade missions/campaigns.


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