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ArmA 3's Altis Requiem campaign has players assume the role of Kyros Kalogeros, a tank commander from the Altis Armed Forces. The story takes place on the main island of Altis in the Mediterranean country of the Republic of Altis and Stratis. It was added with the release of the Tanks DLC.


Six months following the siege of Oreokastro, counterinsurgency operations are being carried out in full swing by the Altis Armed Forces, in an attempt to curb the growing influence of the FIA guerillas.

« Repression stoked the flames of resistance and, six months later, the situation exploded
Captain Kyros Kalogeros

The AAF itself however was in a precarious state following the siege. Morale throughout the armed forces was low and defections were at an all-time high.


Lost Horizons (1st April, 2035)

« The AAF take active measures to defeat FIA guerrillas. Kyros Kalogeros of AAF's 1st Mechanized Regiment conducts patrol mission in the mountains around Oreokastro. »

Capt. Kyros Kalogeros is diverted from a routine patrol to investigate a nearby checkpoint. On arrival, he is informed that suspected guerillas were detained, and that an FIA encampment was possibly located nearby. Kyros scouts the forest for signs of activity but only finds the hut used by an old hunter and his son. He is later ordered to check up on a nearby AAF outpost, but only finds it deserted with the officer in charge lying dead on the ground. Kyros is soon informed that the troopers had mutinied and were rallied in the nearby town, and he is ordered to dispatch the traitors before they can cause more trouble.

Salient Force (8th August, 2035)

« As NATO forces advance on Pyrgos, the 1st Mechanized Regiment responds with a daring counter-offensive. »

At the height of the NATO invasion of Altis, Kyros is amongst several other elite tankers who have been called upon by high command to repel their advances in the country's east. His first target is to drive out the NATO mechanised forces preparing to strike the capital city of Pyrgos at Dorida. Once they were cleared, he proceeded to attack their forward operating base built on the beach due east of the city. The AAF manage their first victory against NATO and literally drive them back into the sea. However despite Kyros' best efforts, Pyrgos still falls to NATO later that evening.

Terminal Defiance (10th August, 2035)

« Hours before an expected ceasefire, the AAF make a stand against overwhelming odds. »

With the majority of their armoured force decimated by NATO airstrikes and cut off from the others in the east, Kyros and a few other companies are all that's left of the AAF presence in the south. Despite being attacked by superior numbers, Kyros succeeds in holding the defensive lines against the relentless advance. Akhanteros eventually submits a formal surrender to the NATO commander, and Kyros is ordered to destroy his own tank before it can fall into enemy hands. He and his crew are soon herded off into a jointly administered post-war NATO/FIA internment camp where he is to await trial.


  • Altis Requiem is the first and only campaign in ArmA 3 where players exclusively control a non-BLUFOR main protagonist for the entirety of its duration.
    • While Remnants of War was the first campaign to feature a playable AAF character, it was only temporary and featured four other playable protagonists as well.
  • The ending cutscene and monologue for Kyros will differ depending on how the player's handled their battles throughout the entire campaign, and will determine his fate at the hands of the NATO/FIA tribunal when he is sent to a post-war internment camp.
    • Should Kyros choose to use indiscriminate methods to complete his objectives, such as deliberately (or even accidentally) getting civilians killed in the crossfire for Lost Horizons and calling in artillery on Dorida in Salient Force, then both incidents will be marked against his record. He will be found guilty by the joint tribunal after he is identified by the guerillas, and is sent off to be executed by firing squad for purposely committing war crimes during the conflict.
      • If civilian casualties were avoided in both (or at least one) of the missions, then the regular ending will be shown where Kyros is allowed to return to his home safely after being held for two more months.
    • Choosing to disobey his orders and refusing to destroy the T-140K at the end of Terminal Defiance will also reveal that the tank was eventually captured by NATO forces and was shipped back for examination.
    • Likewise, the amount of NATO losses that the AAF inflicted in the final moments of the campaign and the outcome of the ceasefire deal, will also be affected by whether the player succeeded in holding the first defensive line.


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