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Mission Description

Amphibious Assault is the third mission of ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


The players control the four operatives of USMC Force Recon fireteam callsign Razor. The ground invasion of South Zagoria has begun. However with their primary mission already completed, Razor Team only have to link up with the assault force primed to strike the provincial capital.


Default loadouts:*





(*) These are the default loadouts for all four members assuming that no alternate weapons were acquired from the last mission.

There are no alternate pieces of equipment to choose from.



  • (1) Get to Chernogorsk




  • All members of Razor must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Do not leave the AO


Primary 1: Get to Chernogorsk

You will need to move towards grid coordinates 076-121. Simply follow Miles until you reach the rendezvous point on the outskirts of the capital where the Marine HQ personnel are waiting.

Enemy encounters are likely to occur at:

  • Towards the end of the forest, the opposition comprises of a mixed infantry squad.
  • On approach to Prigorodki, a scattered rifle squad.
  • After Prigorodki, after Miles says "Hang in there guys, nearly there".

Watch out for Shilkas that weren't neutralised by friendly aircraft. Their autocannons can easily wipe out your entire team if you happen to cross its line of fire.

Once you get close enough to the rendezvous, you should clearly see a few APCs and transports parked there. Approach the Marines standing around to finish the mission.


  • Unlike in the previous mission, Miles is not invincible for this mission so be careful when engaging the ChDKZ (headshots can easily kill him instantly).


  • It is not possible for the suppressed M4A1 and batteries from Into The Storm to be carried over into Amphibious Assault. The mission's script will auto-remove the M4A1 and reassign a non-suppressed version to the player(s), while the designator itself is kept but its battery removed.

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