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Andrea Riboli is a minor character in ArmA: Armed Assault's Armed Assault campaign.


Riboli was the commanding officer of a mechanised company of troops in the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani (RACS).

During the war against the North, his forces were amongst the first to discover the site of mass graves in the Southern city of Cayo.

Armed Assault (2006)

After joint RACS/U.S. forces succeeded in breaking out of the Paraíso pocket and drove the SLA all the way to the border cities, Cayo was amongst one of the first of the larger settlements to be liberated by Southern troops.

Riboli's mechanised company arrived in the city and proceeded to sweep up remnants of the SLA. However, Cayo was unusually deserted for a city of its size and not a single inhabitant could be found.

It didn't take long for his troops to discover numerous mass graves scattered around the city. It was plainly obvious that Northern troops had committed genocide against the citizens of Cayo. Media crews soon arrived onto the scene, and Riboli was interviewed by AAN News reporter Thomas Nordwick on the tragedy.

Though the exact details behind the cause of the massacres were short, Riboli was questioned as to why the U.S. troops did not prevent the massacres at Cayo. He explained that they had opted to bypass the cities during the counteroffensive as they were deemed to be of minimal strategic value.

« Nordwick: At Cayo, we find ourselves investigating one of the places touched most tragically by the war. With us here is Captain Riboli, an officer of the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani. Please, can you tell us where we are and what has happened here?
Riboli: Yes. This is Cayo, one of the cities previously occupied by the SLA. You may notice there are no civilians to be seen here. When we retook the city, we first thought they had simply fled, but then we started to find graves. Everywhere around the city we found them. The people here, they were slaughtered like animals.
Riboli being interviewed by Thomas Nordwick

He did not blame the Americans for choosing to do so, as the situation did not allow for allied forces to waste precious time or troops on low value targets.

Nonetheless, Riboli made it clear to Nordwick (and by extension, the international community) that Northern troops were culpable for these acts of barbarism, and that these crimes against the people of the Kingdom could not go unpunished.

Personality and Appearance

Riboli is a dark-skinned Sahranian male with a completely shaved head. He wears a short sleeved version of the RACS desert camouflaged fatigues, a coyote brown-coloured body armour vest, and also dons a blue beret with the RACS insignia emblazoned onto the front.


  • Aside from the Chancellor who appears in the expansion's campaign, Riboli is the only named RACS official who makes a canonical appearance in the campaign.
  • It is uncertain as to whether Riboli was aware of the truth behind the massacres at Cayo and Tiberia. Regardless of his knowledge of the events however, his vociferous statements would help pave the way for the South's "justified" counterinvasion into the North.

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