Andrej Kasun (alternately spelt as Andrey) is a minor antagonist in ArmA 2's Operation Silver Lion campaign.


Andrej is the right hand man of Colonel Radan Miyović's militia army and is the brother of Dragan Kasun.

His troops have constantly terrorised the locals of Bystrica during and after the civil war. Under his command, they have also been accused of carrying out ethnic cleansings.

Operation Silver Lion (2010)

Despite the end of civil fighting, tensions continue to remain amongst the citizens of semi-autonomous region.

Andrej's fighters have refused to back down, and continued to wage their campaign of terror against the people of Bystrica.

In their search for Col. Miyović, Czech military forces as part of the BYSFOR task force re-focused their efforts on taking down the militia army's leaders one-by-one.

Andrej had received word of the Czech military's impending assault and planted numerous minefields near his hideout.

However, these were still not enough to stop Czech special operations from discovering his location. He attempted to flee in a car but was forced to abandon it after it was disabled by gunfire.

Held at gunpoint, Andrej was forced to surrender and was quickly taken into Czech custody. He was subsequently escorted back to FOB Blaník and was handed over to Czech Military Police.

Personality and Appearance

Andrej is a pale-skinned Slavic male with a mostly shaved head of hair and grey beard. He wears a Rastr-camouflaged jacket and pants while also donning a black beret.


  • Andrej can accidentally be killed by Sgt. Kouba in War Criminal, though canonically he is always captured alive by Czech SOF.
  • On occasion, Andrej may refuse to surrender and will simply run away from the player even after he's "captured" due to scripting errors in the mission.

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