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« Find us that convoy, Staff Sergeant. And I'll try to un-fuck things here on this end.
Andrew MacKinnon

Andrew MacKinnon was a supporting character in ArmA 3's Prologue and The East Wind campaigns.


The commanding officer of NATO's multi-national Task Force Aegis deployed to the Republic of Altis and Stratis, MacKinnon went by the callsign of Broadway.

He was deployed alongside the rest of NATO's peacekeeping force to the country following the outbreak of fighting between government forces, and an insurgency group that called itself the Freedom and Independence Army (FIA).

On top of directing the task force, he also acted as NATO's liaison to the AAF. He cooperated extensively with the AAF's commander (and the country's leader), Georgious Akhanteros, supervising troop movements and tactics, while also serving as a third-party mediator between the new Altian government and the FIA.

Prologue (2034)

« Conway: MacKinnon didn't seem to be too happy.
Adams: Who can blame him? He's the one that always has to do the cleaning up around here.
SSgt. Thomas Adams and Sgt. Conway

In reality however, MacKinnon's (and that of the task force) role was purely symbolic in nature.

As even though the entire purpose of the deployment was to prevent further bloodshed between the two sides, MacKinnon could do little but protest whenever Akhanteros made an overt move against the guerillas.

However, relations between the task force and the AAF would hit a new low when MacKinnon is forced to command his subordinates to step aside during a high-profile incident in the capital of Kavala. Following the suppression of a supposed FIA-initiated uprising in the city by the AAF, Akhanteros ordered the execution of a group of detained guerillas.

« Conway: Can't believe MacKinnon just shut us down like that...
Adams: Yeah, well, orders are orders.
Adams and Conway are forced to stand down after protesting against Akhanteros' order to execute captured guerillas

MacKinnon protested against the action, but was unable to countermand Akhanteros' (CSAT-backed) decision. He is forced to begrudgingly issue the order to all NATO forces to simply allow the killings to continue.

The East Wind (2035)

One year later, the task force's mandate is gradually rescinded and are restricted to the smaller island of Stratis instead, with the mainland of Altis becoming off-limits to all NATO personnel.

As their five-year long mission was drawing to a close, MacKinnon's responsibility shifted from peacekeeping to decommissioning the remaining NATO facilities on the island. The majority of combat units were already shipped out of the country, leaving MacKinnon and few other members of his commanding staff (along with mostly non-combat support troops) behind to supervise the final stages of the drawdown.


« Okay, there's been slight change of plan. Commander MacKinnon requires logistical support down at Kamino. He left just as you guys were coming in.
Lt. Edwards orders Cpl. Ben Kerry to assist MacKinnon at the Kamino Firing Range.

While awaiting the arrival of private military contractors to handle the rest of the process, MacKinnon suddenly leaves Camp Rogain and quickly drives off in the direction of the Kamino Firing Range for unknown reasons.

Along the way, his MRAP is hit by an explosion and is flipped over onto its side. Heavily injured, MacKinnon climbs out of the vehicle and begins crawling in the direction of Kamino before passing out from his wounds.

« Fuck, he's not breathing! What the hell happened!?!? ... Staff Sergeant Adams to Kamino, come in! Commander MacKinnon's down! Requesting urgent assistance! Over!
Adams urgently radios for medical assistance after MacKinnon's MRAP is discovered

Moments later, Corporal Ben Kerry and Staff Sergeant Thomas Adams drive along the same route that MacKinnon took on the way to Kamino. They spot MacKinnon's overturned MRAP and his body lying in the middle of road, and immediately stop to find out what happened. Adams checks MacKinnon's vitals and tries to resuscitate him, but it becomes immediately clear that MacKinnon's already too far gone.

Post-The East Wind

A month later, MacKinnon is mentioned in passing on news reports and by members of the 111th Infantry Division (111th ID), who are deployed to the country in response to the AAF's subsequent "retaliatory" attack against the task force.

Who or what exactly caused MacKinnon's death continues to remain a mystery.

Personality and Appearance

MacKinnon is a middle-aged, Caucasian male with short, dark brown hair. He has a lightly shaved beard, and wears the standard attire of an officer that consists of MTP-camouflaged fatigues, a Patrol Cap, and a ranger green-coloured bandoleer.

A tireless individual, MacKinnon was a dutiful officer who tried to maintain the balance between keeping the peace and following orders. He had a slightly sarcastic side to him, and poked fun at his subordinates on occasion.

« Adams: Christ, did they put enough stairs in this thing?
MacKinnon: Having trouble there, Staff Sergeant?
Adams: No, sir!
MacKinnon and Adams while climbing up stairs at the Ministry of Defense

Like the troops under his command, MacKinnon was also critical of the Altian regime under Akhanteros and was highly dismissive of their actions. But as an officer; not to mention being the task force's liaison to the AAF, he had to keep his opinions to himself and was mostly powerless to stop their actions.


  • MacKinnon's makeshift grave can later be found if the player chooses to go scouting after Blackfoot Down. It can be seen at the exact same location where his overturned MRAP was initially spotted in Drawdown 2035.
  • It's never stated as to what or who exactly killed MacKinnon, nor is it explained as to why MacKinnon rushed off to Kamino with such urgency.
    • What is clear however, is that MacKinnon's death was caused by an explosive of some sort due to the large blast crater that can be found next to his MRAP.
    • Co-incidentally, an unmarked helicopter can be seen by Adams and Kerry on their flight into Camp Rogain offloading unknown personnel at Camp Maxwell minutes prior to MacKinnon's death.


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