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Andy Paterson is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Remnants of War campaign.


An aid worker from the International Development and Aid Project (IDAP) Non-Government Organisation, Paterson is a colleague of Nathan MacDade and often serves as his driver.

The duo first met more than a decade ago during an IDAP mission to the Green Sea nation of Takistan. Since then, they have been close friends and have continually volunteered for missions together.

Remnants of War (2035)

Seven days after relative peace returns to the Republic of Altis and Stratis, Paterson and MacDade are called up by the IDAP to head for the abandoned mountain village of Oreokastro in the mainland island's far north-west.

Reports had come in of a civilian being killed by landmines, and the duo were sent to investigate the area and if necessary, dispose of the remaining UXO.

« We're, uh, a little ways out - oh, and we need to make one quick stop, too.

Driving up to the mountain village by van, the duo soon arrived hours later but were told to wait. An active minefield was blocking the road into the village, and NATO engineers were still preparing their vehicles to clear the way through.

MacDade however, volunteered to dispose of the mines himself instead. Paterson handed over his gear and waited while the latter went to work.

Minutes later, MacDade cleared the mines and returned to the van. He drove straight into the village while the Bobcat detonated the remaining explosives, but had to wait again as a barricade comprised of burnt-out vehicles were blocking the way. While waiting for the NATO engineers to clear everything, Paterson parked the van and helped suit up MacDade for more manual EOD work.

« Paterson: Oh, by the way, while you were busy chatting to - well - whoever it is that isn't your wife...?
MacDade: I told you, Andy, she's a journalist. Get to the point.
Paterson and MacDade

After several buildings were cleared, Paterson alerted MacDade that the NATO demolitions vehicle was in place. He had also assembled a drone for MacDade to use in the mean time while waiting for the vehicle.

« Paterson: Bet you wish we had one of those in Takistan, huh?
MacDade: I gotta admit... that's sixty tons of getting shit done.
The duo witness the Bobcat clearing the barricade

MacDade needed some extra tools to continue the operation however, so Paterson ordered in some to be ferried by drone. As there wasn't much he could do to help MacDade - other than "threaten" to call his wife on him for going into unmarked minefields, Paterson simply waited by the van and napped.

Almost an hour later, he was given the heads up by the NATO troops that they had retrieved their deceased comrades, and that church was clear for them to move into. He passed the message onto MacDade and suggested that they disarm the minefields as well.

After MacDade finished disarming the last of the mines and UXO at the church, Paterson helped to finish pack up their gear. Reports of yet another civilian being struck by mines had come in, and MacDade had promised to handle it after investigating Oreokastro. Needless to say, the duo's work on Altis was far from complete.

Personality and Appearance

Paterson is a white male with hairless face and has short, dirty blond-coloured head of hair. He prefers to wear a short-sleeved white tee with the IDAP logo emblazoned on it along with a pair of pale orange pants.

A long-time colleague of MacDade's, Paterson is always careful to look out for his old friend and has for more than decade worked together with him on various IDAP missions. Knowing full well that MacDade's wife wants him to stop working in such a dangerous profession, Paterson always uses the "threat" of calling her to dissuade him from highly risky demining operations.

« MacDade: Oh, I'm sorry, Andy. Isn't it 'International Forget Your Shit' day?
Paterson: Oh, real smart. But it's my ass your wife'll kick! You know I gotta bug y'about these things. Now, come on back. Pick up the rest of your shit, genius.
Paterson chides MacDade for forgetting his EOD gear

Ever the comedian, Paterson always tries to loosen any tense situation by throwing a casual joke or good-hearted teasing; usually directed towards his old colleague for being either clumsy or forgetful.


  • Unlike in MacDade's case, Paterson's nationality is never actually stated in-game.

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