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Anita Baker is a supporting character in ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead and Operation Crimson Lance campaigns.


Baker is a volunteer doctor from the Humans in Need Non-Government Organisation (NGO). She is sometimes referred to by her nickname "Annie".

As part of the U.S.-led NATO coalition's Operation Arrowhead, Baker was attached to the various aid missions sent to the Green Sea region nation of Takistan.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)

Following the success of the initial stages of the invasion, U.S. forces were able to seize the key airbase of Loy Manara in the Central region's south. Baker was amongst a small group of aid workers and news reporters who were being ferried in via military cargo planes.

On its final approach to the captured airstrip, the plane was struck by surface-to-air missiles fired by unknown ground forces. The plane's engines were disabled and was brought crashing down into the militia-held valleys to its north.

Baker and three others are the sole survivors of the crash. Fortunately, she wasn't mortally wounded from the crash and only suffered light injuries. However, the crash site was almost immediately surrounded by Takistani Army soldiers and militiamen. They quickly restrained and dragged Baker off to an undisclosed location.

It soon became apparent that they were brought to a coltan mine, located somewhere on the outskirts of Feruz Abad's city centre. Baker and the other survivors underwent interrogation at the hands of Takistani government forces, though she and two others were fortunate to avoid the worst of the beatings.

The same could not be said for one of the journalists. AAN reporter Joe Harris passed away from his wounds after being tortured by Takistani officials. Shortly afterwards, Baker was dragged off once more to another undisclosed location before U.S. forces could track down their former location.

The next day, gunfire and explosions began to ring throughout the city, heralding a promising sign that the Americans were close and that their rescue was imminent. But simultanously, Baker and the remaining two survivors constantly lived in fear of execution as their captors grew increasingly nervous. Luckily, U.S. troops breached the mosque in which they were being held and shot both of her captors before anything bad could happen to any of them.

« Baker: Here! We are here!
Drake: OK, stay down! We're US Army! Are there any more guards around here?
Ensler: Those you killed were the only ones who didn't run. Oh, God, it's so good to hear some English again.
Baker: We're so happy you found us. God knows what more they had for us!
Baker and the remaining survivors are freed by U.S. Army Corporal Howard Drake discovers their location

Baker cried out to the soldier and with his help, they were freed from their restraints at last. The American asked if Baker knew where the others had gone and if there were any more of their captors around. They informed the American that the guards he had shot were the only ones left guarding them.

She and the rest of the survivors were subsequently brought out of the warzone and into the safety of coalition lines.

Operation Crimson Lance (2012)

Following the success of Operation Arrowhead, Baker continued to stay in Zargabad where she operated a small clinic. However, the clinic was attacked by pro-Aziz Takistani remnants, forcing her to relocate to the city of Rasman in Central Takistan.

« Frost: Sergeant Frost, Parachute Regiment. Say I wanted to skive off an assignment, could we both pretend I have a, uh... trench foot?
Baker: I don't think so, Sergeant Frost.
2 PARA Sergeant Brian Frost's first encounter with Dr. Baker

She is now based at NATO's FOB Arizona, and runs the base's field hospital to provide medical aid for both civilians in the nearby city and American/British base personnel. As the British Army prepared to commence the first phase of Operation Crimson Lance; a follow-up operation aimed at curbing the last of the pro-Aziz Takistani Army remnants, Baker was introduced to Sergeant Brian Frost, squad leader of 1st Section/2/1 Company, callsign Lancer Red.

After exchanging greetings, she informed the Sergeant of two other doctors who were also working at various clinics throughout Central Takistan. She recommended that he pay them a visit to gather important information from the local citizens, and to obtain details on the whereabouts of the remnant faction's main base hidden somewhere in the region.

Personality and Appearance

Baker is white female with a blonde head of hair. She usually dons a blue-coloured hoodie and a grey pair of trousers.

A dedicated aid worker, she has built up quite a portfolio of achievements over the years. Her reputation as a hard-working doctor has led her to being recognised even by individuals like Sgt. Frost.

« Frost: May I ask you... You were captured by Takistani special forces, right?
Baker: Sergeant, I'd rather not talk about that.
Frost: I beg your pardon, doctor. I didn't mean to...
Baker: No problem, Brian. Just avoid falling into their hands - they are ruthless and desperate.
Baker refuses to talk about her time in captivity

Though she was by no means a weak-willed person, the trauma left by her time in captivity at the hands of the Takistanis has visibly left a scar in her mind. To this day, she is still reluctant to talk about her experience and prefers to surround herself with work instead.


  • In the alternate outcome of Eye of the Hurricane, Baker and the other two survivors of the crash can be executed by their captors if Cpl. Drake takes too long to clear the mosque.


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