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Antonia Lagushina is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


A resident of Gvozdno, South Zagoria, she owns a red hatchback and travels daily from her residence to the village of Krasnostav for miscellaneous errands.

She is a somewhat devout religious follower and consistently visits her local church for midday mass every day. She has a boyfriend who lives in Olsha whom she also visits regularly.

Secretly, Lagushina is a known supporter of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ), a pro-Russian separatist group based in South Zagoria.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

When open civil war broke out between government forces and the ChDKZ in September 2009, Lagushina - like many more in the north of the region, backed the insurgents in their war against "government oppression".

She quietly supported her local group of fighters by providing them supplies. However, the situation began to change when the U.S. government announced it would deploy troops to back the ailing Chernarussian government-in-exile. The Americans easily drove back the ChDKZ and retook all of the coastal cities.

In spite of the American intervention, many in the north continued to support the ChDKZ. Even so, it didn't take long for her misdemeanours to catch up to her. While waiting for mass at the church in Krasnostav, a group of U.S. Marines from callsign Razor Team stopped her for questioning.

« Cooper: You're Antonia Lagushina, right?
Lagushina: You have the wrong woman, m.. my name is Antonia Valnohova.
USMC Force Recon Master Sergeant Matthew Cooper confronts Lagushina

She immediately knew she was in trouble - the Marines called her by name but she weakly denied it, claiming they had gotten the wrong person. They weren't deceived in the slightest. The Marines immediately blurted out her known ties to the ChDKZ and threatened to drag her along anyway. Lagushina reluctantly complied and boarded the Marines' vehicle.

« Cooper: Bullshit. We know who you are. You'd better come with us.
Lagushina: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me why you want to talk to me!
Cooper: OK fine, you're helping Chedaki, Lagushina. Our intelligence want to know what you know.
Lagushina: I don't suppose I have much choice...
Cooper: Exactly.
Lagushina accepts her fate

The Marines subsequently drove her off to an open field on the outskirts of Krasnostav. A government helicopter - callsign Sokol, had been dispatched was inbound to collect her. They patiently awaited for its arrival.

Unsurprisingly, the ChDKZ had caught wind of her capture and did not take kindly to her "betrayal". A group of fighters were racing to intercept her before she could talk. Upon sighting the fighters' vehicles, Lagushina was sent into a panic and verbally berated the Marines, pleading for them to stop the Chedaki by any means.


« Shit! God help me! They'll kill me! Ahhh! Don't let them get me! You bastards! After all I've done for you! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! No! I don't want to die!
Lagushina panics at the sight of the Chedaki

Razor Team successfully fought off her would-be assassins however and the helicopter was cleared to land safely. Lagushina was hurriedly ushered into the helicopter by the Marines before any more of the Chedaki could arrive.

She was subsequently taken away for interrogation by one the CDF's top intelligence specialists.

Personality and Appearance

Lagushina is a Slavic female with a brown head of hair wrapped up into a bun. She can usually be seen wearing a grey buttoned-up business suit with a black skirt.

Although she appeared to be a fervent supporter of the ChDKZ, her true loyalties were somewhat questionable given how quickly she buckled under pressure from the Marines (not to mention the ChDKZ attempting to silence her). It's safe to say that she is no longer a backer of the separatist movement.


  • It is not mandatory to collect Lagushina though her survival (and handover) is required to gain a piece of "evidence" for one of the good endings of the campaign.
  • In the early releases of Operation Harvest Red, the mission script responsible for checking Lagushina's status was not implemented correctly.
    • As a result, she could have been killed after crashing into terrain objects while driving between Gvozdno and Krasnostav. But since the player was never informed, they would be stuck waiting for her arrival at either location and become unable to finish the objective.
    • Alternatively, she could either refuse to board callsign Sokol's helicopter or worse yet, get crushed and be killed by his helicopter.


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