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Anvil Books is a book publisher.


Anvil Books mostly publishes book titles related to military history. They are often authored by soldiers, both retired and in active duty.

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Author: Dodd, R
Genre(s): Historical, military


« Homeland to Nomad, you're on your own... »

The true story of Callsign Nomad and the Bodrum Evac

The Bodrum Evacuation. 2029.

A small team of US Special Forces are dropped behind enemy lines, tasked with delaying CSAT tanks en route to the Aegean Sea. The odds of success are low. The mission itself, bordering on suicide.

Four men, led by the world's only triple recipient of the Medal of Fortitude, Lieutenant John 'Red' Romero, defied the odds and survived one of the most incredible encounters in the annals of modern warfare; the Battle at Galfara Gorge.

Told in energetic prose by the NATO Colonel in command, Roy Dodd, Callsign Nomad is a story of survival, daring, and the Iron in the soul of a few courageous men.



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  • Anvil Books was first introduced as an Armaverse company in ArmA 3's Contact expansion.
  • Photograph for Callsign Nomad's front cover.

    A small scale in-game photograph of Callsign Nomad's cover could initially be seen on a whiteboard in the Laws of War DLC's showcase mission for the IDAP.
    • However, a full scale resolution version of the book cover would eventually revealed on an official social media post in late 2021.
  • Curiously, the publisher's one and only known title thus far references a major historical event (first mentioned in the IDAP showcase): the "Bodrum Evacuations", which took place in the year 2029.
    • In particular, its mention of the "Battle at Galfara Gorge" reveals that both CSAT and NATO engaged in some form of significant armed conflict which took place in Turkey. This was (presumably) preceded by the Marmara Crisis in 2027, yet another off-screen event that is brought up in Laws of War's showcase.
    • Coincidentally, these chain of events are strikingly similar to the initial storylines of ArmA 3's main campaign before its overhaul in late 2011/2012. The primary difference, however, is that the crises in the canon Armaverse timeline occurs much later in 2027, rather than in the early 2020s like the original storyline.

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