ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign has players take control of a four-man team of CTRG operatives. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.

A tsunami caused by a mysterious subsea earthquake has devastated Tanoa, a province in the South Pacific island nation of the Horizon Islands. CTRG has been deployed to the island in search of answers following an insurgent uprising, and to discover the origins of the unusual tsunami strike.



Insurgents freely roam and terrorise the province's citizens.

The South Pacific island nation of the Horizon Islands suffers a major disaster when a tsunami devastates the islands, displacing thousands in the process. An organised faction of criminals known only as the "Syndikat", have taken advantage of the chaos to terrorise locals and run rampant throughout the Tanoa province, greatly expanding its control over the islands.

One of Syndikat's key leaders is a former member of the "Red Tiger" group named Solomon Maru, codenamed "Warlock", who attempted to topple a North African government through a coup almost a decade ago.

With the situation turning into a humanitarian disaster, NATO forces are soon sent in to assist with the crisis and take part in the "Safe Horizon" joint exercise with the local authorities. In reality, this exercise is being used as a cover for CTRG's Group 15 to conduct its clandestine operations, attempting to discover the source of the Syndikat's disproportionally large quantity of military-grade equipment.


CTRG proceed to the safehouse where "Warlock" is presumably located.

With the assistance of a HUMINT asset known as "Blue Cap", CTRG are able to disrupt Syndikat operations by destroying ammunition caches, and ambush and destroy a convoy en-route to attack a civilian village.

Eventually, enough actionable intelligence is gathered to locate "Warlock". CTRG forces raid the location only to discover "Blue Cap" being tortured. CTRG eventually run into an ambush by what appears to be a Chinese CSAT special operations unit group known as "Viper Team", but they manage to repel and escape from the ambush.


Raider 1 in position to breach the hideout where Keystone is being held.

Following the attack, both Raider teams locate and rescue their primary objective; callsign Keystone, who turns out to be Captain Scott Miller of Group 14. Previously thought to have perished in the aftermath of the failed operation on Altis, it is revealed that his main mission was to retrieve a seismic device being developed by CSAT scientists, codenamed "Project Eastwind".

Miller's investigation discovered that Viper intentionally armed Eastwind on Tanoa, and were the ones responsible for causing the subsea earthquake that initiated the tsunami strike. All of this was being carried out as part of CSAT's so-called "Apex Protocol" strategy, a series of plans aimed at destabilising countries friendly to Western nations.

CTRG attempt to extract Miller via helicopters, but are ambushed as the arriving helicopter takes heavy fire and is forced to abort its landing. All the while, Viper continues to hunt down the operatives. Eventually, they manage to extract successfully with boats.


CTRG commence their assault on Sosovu Island.

Following his rescue, Raider elements proceed to assault the "black site" being used by Viper on Sosovu Island. As Raider 2 secures the site, it is revealed that Syndikat has double-crossed CSAT and intend to hold Eastwind as ransom in order to blackmail CSAT.

Both Raider 1 and 2 track the Eastwind device to the Blue Pearl Industrial Port where Syndikat are arming the device to cause yet another earthquake. With time running short and seismic activity increasing, both Raider elements attack the port by first disabling the main power to the area, and then finding and assassinating "Warlock" and his senior lieutenant once and for all.


Viper launch a last-ditch counterattack against CTRG.

Raider 1 manages to secure the secondary code while Raider 2 obtains the primary codes, all the while fighting through the remaining insurgents. Raider 2 then manages to locate the Eastwind device where they, along with Raider 1 and Capt. Miller, are forced to hold off against waves of Viper who launch one desperate all-out assault on their position.

Fortunately, they are repelled with the aid of Group 14's members, and both Raider teams are eventually extracted with the Eastwind in tow - now finally "in safe hands".


Warm Welcome (11th August, 2035)

« Group 15 is deployed to ambush a Syndikat convoy en route to Tanoan village. »

With the intelligence provided by a local asset named "Blue Cap", CTRG's Raider teams ambush and destroy a Syndikat convoy that was en-route to raid a village before destroying ammo, fuel and multiple supply caches filled with military-grade CSAT weaponry.

Firestarter (12th August, 2035)

« Following Syndikat's unchecked aggression towards the citizens of Tanoa, Group 15 launch an operation to draw out their leadership. »

In a bid to draw out Warlock, Group 15 is sent to destroy a Syndikat weapons depot.

Heart of Darkness (13th August, 2035)

« Recently acquired intel sends Group 15 on a mission to kill or capture Warlock. »

Raider 1 and 2 are sent to obtain intel from "Blue Cap" but run into a surprise ambush by Viper Team.

Extraction (14th August, 2035)

« Deep in enemy territory and vastly outnumbered, Group 15 race to get Keystone to safety. »

24 hours after rescuing Captain Miller, CTRG teams Raider 1 and Raider 2 fall back for extraction.

Apex Protocol (16th August, 2035)

« Acting on intel uncovered by Captain Miller, Group 15 are sent to a former WW2 outpost in search of Viper. »

Raider elements attack a small black site on Sosovu Island being used by Viper Team as their base of operations.

End Game (18th August, 2035)

« Syndikat have occupied the Blue Pearl Industrial Port with the intent of ransoming the Eastwind Device. With enemies on all sides, Group 15 are deployed to end this once and for all. »

Raiders 1 and 2 find the Eastwind device at one of the island's main ports where Syndikat is arming it to use.


  • It is the first and only multiplayer-oriented campaign in ArmA 3.
    • An offline singleplayer version was planned by the developers but was later scrapped for logistical reasons. The development team has officially stated that there are no plans to revive the singleplayer version.
  • Apex Protocol takes place exactly one day after the ending of The East Wind and at the same time during the events of Remnants of War.
    • It is mentioned by Miller himself that he has been on Tanoa for at least four weeks prior to the start of the campaign investigating CSAT's activities in the region (where he was eventually captured by Syndikat).
    • This seemingly contradicts the events of The East Wind, as even if Miller left the Republic of Altis and Stratis immediately following Nikos' rescue in Attention Deficit and the NATO counter invasion on Altis (Beyond Recognition), he would have at most been on Tanoa for only ten days; not including travel time.

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