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NOTE: This article is about the sixth mission of ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign. For a storyline synopsis of the Apex expansion's titular campaign, see Apex Protocol.

« Acting on intel uncovered by Captain Miller, Group 15 are sent to a former WW2 outpost in search of Viper.
Mission Description

Apex Protocol is the sixth mission of ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


The players control four operatives from CTRG's Group 15. Following Captain Scott Miller's debriefing, CTRG command has redirected both Raider teams to assault Viper Team's black site on Sosovu Island. If successful, they can seize "Eastwind" before Viper are able to wrap up their operations in the country.

Recommended team composition:

  • Based on personal preference but should have at least 1× Engineer
  • (Optional) Only Assault or Recon classes with no Support roles

An Engineer will be required to repair some of the damaged CSAT drones. It isn't required for a successful completion of the mission but they will greatly assist as a single drone can solo the objectives on its own (with the backing of human players).

If your team is skilled enough to avoid being hit, having all four players split up to attack each site individually can also work in lieu of sticking together and wasting a slot on a Paramedic and/or Engineer.

However, it should be noted that this essentially prevents you from using any of the any disabled drones or vehicles since you can no longer repair them (unless a player respawns with the Engineer kit). It also requires good coordination to execute well, so this is not a recommended composition for smaller teams or public sessions with players who have JIP'd mid-mission.



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  • If enabled, the team must not run out of respawn tickets


Primary 1:

Primary :

If you were close to the hacked drones, get away from them immediately as Miller will warn you about Viper activating their self-destruct sequences. The planted explosives have a kill zone radius of 12 metres and you have only five seconds to get away, so don't stick too close to them once the objective is near completion.

Optional :


  • Don't forget to call in fire support from Raider 1 after they capture the mortar battery. You can wipe out most insurgents garrisoned at any of the target sites aside from the ones hiding inside the fortifications.
  • Whoever is playing as the Engineer should be controlling the drone so that they can closely monitor its "health" status and repair as needed.
  • The orbiting UAV is unarmed but can still be used to spot enemy positions from afar with its thermal camera. Don't neglect to make full use of its abilities (especially if you're unfamiliar with the mission's layout).
  • The armed Syndikat Offroads can be used for getting around the island quickly and providing additional firepower if needed, though you may need to repair them first after killing their original owners.
  • Similarly, you can ride in the "cargo" seat of the UGV to get around the island faster. Dismount when near any of the main objectives to avoid getting shot at, however.


  • Until the release of the First Contact and Old Man campaigns, Apex Protocol was the first official mission in ArmA 3 to prominently feature hacking as a gameplay mechanic.
  • The lighthouse on top of the large rock formation north of Sosovu (at grid 027-098) is not actually a part of Tanoa's terrain and is specifically featured only for this mission.

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