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ArmA: Armed Assault
Developer Bohemia Interactive
Publisher 505 Games (initial)
Atari (initial)
Bohemia Interactive
Platforms PC
Engine Real Virtuality 2
(v5089 - v5151 - v5163)
Release dates November 10, 2006 (initial)

ArmA: Armed Assault (also known as ArmA: Combat Operations) is the second main title in the ArmA series.


The spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (now known as ArmA: Cold War Assault), Armed Assault is the first game in the series to be set in the modern era.

Expansion pack

Main article: ArmA: Queen's Gambit

Released almost one year after Armed Assault, the Queen's Gambit expansion adds two brand new campaigns called Rahmadi Conflict and Royal Flush, a small addon terrain called Porto, as well as additional new units, vehicles, and weapons.

Queen's Gambit was later bundled and re-released as the ArmA: Gold Edition, which combines both the base content and that of the expansion's into a single game.


Twenty one years after the events of the Cold War Crisis, Armed Assault takes place in 2006 on the tropical island nation of Sahrani located in the Atlantic Ocean. The island has long since been divided into two countries; the communist North and the pro-West South.

Unlike in Cold War Crisis, there is no protagonist pivotal to the main storyline, though it is narrated by a character called William Porter, one of the few U.S. Army troops left on the island who was present when the fighting broke out.

Armed Assault

Main article: Armed Assault (campaign)

Stationed in the south of the country, U.S. Army troops have been deployed on a five-year long mission to train the South's military against a potential invasion from its Communist neighbour in the north.

With the situation having largely stabilised and their deployment coming to an end, U.S. forces prepare to pull out of the country. Without warning however, the North's military suddenly launches a full-scale invasion of the South, catching both Southern and U.S. troops off-guard and forcing them into a bloody defensive war.

Rahmadi Conflict

NOTE: Only available with the Queen's Gambit expansion pack.

Main article: Rahmadi Conflict

Set immediately after the events of the Armed Assault, the USMC learns of the presence of a final pocket of SLA resistance on the nearby island of Rahmadi, led by the North's former leader President Ramirez.

USMC Special Forces operative Sergeant Leon Ortega has been assigned with the task of leading the mission to eliminate the last of the rebels and to capture Ramirez.

Royal Flush

NOTE: Only available with the Queen's Gambit expansion pack.

Main article: Royal Flush

A team of mercenaries from the Black Element private military company have been hired by the newly crowned Queen of Sahrani, Isabella Ximenez, to assist in the quelling of an insurgent uprising that was beginning to spread throughout the country.

As the campaign progresses, the mercenaries find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that not only threatens their own safety, but could potentially spark the outbreak of a civil war in Sahrani.


Following after its predecessor, Armed Assault continues to use the same third/first person shooter gameplay introduced by Cold War Assault. The player is able to drive and pilot many types of vehicles and aircraft, ranging from tanks, civilian cars, attack and transport helicopters, boats, as well as VTOL jets and cargo planes.

ArmA: Armed Assault can be played in both single and online multiplayer. It features an updated version of Cold War Assault's mission maker which allows editors to create campaigns and various mutliplayer based scenarios.


Factions of ArmA: Armed Assault
Independent RACS


Weapons of ArmA: Armed Assault
Handguns M9 9 mmMakarov 9 mm
Submachine guns MP5A5 9 mm
Carbines AKS-74U 5.45 mmM4A1 5.56 mm (M4A1 GL, M4, M4 GL)
Assault rifles AK-74 5.45 mm (AK-74 + GP-25, AKS-74 PSO) • G36 series (G36, G36C, G36K) • M16A2 5.56 mm (M16A2 + M203) • M16A4 5.56 mm (M16A4 M203)
Designated marksman rifles Mk12 SPR 5.56 mm
Sniper rifles KSVK 12.7 mmM107 .50M24 7.62 mmSVD Dragunov 7.62 mm
Squad automatic weapons M249 SAW 5.56 mm
Machine guns M240 7.62 mmPKM 7.62 mm
Grenade launchers 6G30
Launchers 9K32 StrelaFIM-92F StingerJavelin LauncherM136RPG-7V
Static AGS-30D-30DShKMM2M119A1Mk. 19Searchlight
(Parenthesis) denote variants.
Queen's Gambit


Vehicles of ArmA: Armed Assault
Wheeled 5T TruckArmy 4x4BusBRDM-2CarHatchbackHMMWV (Civil) • Offroad (Hilux) • M1030 (TT650, TT650G) • Pick-Up (Datsun) • SedanStrykerTractorUAZUral
Tracked BMP-2M1A1M113ShilkaT-72
Rotor-wing AH-6AH-1ZKA-50MH-6Mi17UH-60
Fixed-wing A-10AV-8BCamelDC-3Su-34
(Parenthesis) denote variants.
Queen's Gambit

Multiplayer scenarios

Multiplayer missions in ArmA: Armed Assault


Clean SweepNobody NowhereNorth BasesArmored FistBloody StreetsSeize the BaseDeath IslandSand All AroundHold CastleHuntingSector ControlBlackhawk DownDangerous RoadsIn the Mountain's ShadowsCamel DogfightParaiso On FireCapture the IslandWarfare*


Sector ControlBattle of PortoDetectorUrban Raid
* for the South Sahrani mini-terrain only.
Queen's Gambit
NOTE: The standalone Rahmadi mini-terrain does not have any official multiplayer scenarios.


OS Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows XP
PROCESSOR 2.5 Ghz Intel P4
2.5 Ghz AMD Athlon
3 GHz or better Intel processor
3 GHz or better AMD processor
GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT with 128 MB VRAM Pixel Shader 2.0
ATI Radeon 9500 with 128 MB VRAM Pixel Shader 2.0
NVIDIA 6800 or better with 256 MB VRAM
ATI x800 or better with 256 MB VRAM
DirectX® 9.0c 9.0c
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
HARD DRIVE 6 GB free space 6 GB free space
AUDIO OpenAL sound compatible audiocard OpenAL sound compatible audiocard
OTHER Internet connection and free Steam account to activate Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

Accurate as of July 2021




  • Due to the fallout between Codemasters and Bohemia Interactive regarding the series' future, Armed Assault was not intended to be a sequel to Cold War Crisis, and was planned to have a vastly different setting.

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