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ArmA: Cold War Assault
Developer Bohemia Interactive
Publisher Codemasters (initial)
Bohemia Interactive
Platforms PC
Engine Real Virtuality 1
Release dates June 22, 2001 (initial)
July 13, 2011 (update)

ArmA: Cold War Assault (also known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis) is the first game in the ArmA series.


Formerly known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Cold War Assault is an official re-release of the original game by Bohemia Interactive.

It is also bundled with and integrates the content of the Resistance expansion pack. It does not include the content from the Red Hammer expansion, which was not developed by Bohemia Interactive but rather by Codemasters.


Cold War Assault's two main campaigns take place in 1982 and 1985 (respectively) at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

​The primary plot follows the occupation of three fictional islands by rogue Soviet forces, with a collection of NATO forces and resistance movements trying to retake them.


Main article: Resistance (campaign)

A prequel to Cold War Crisis and chronologically the first campaign in the entire series, Resistance follows the story of main protagonist Victor Troska, as he eventually assumes command of the guerilla partisan movement on the island of Nogova in order to drive out its Soviet oppressors.

Cold War Crisis

Main article: Cold War Crisis (campaign)

Three years after the events of Resistance, Cold War Crisis has players take control of David Armstrong, James Gastovski, Robert Hammer, and Sam Nichols, as they work alongside other U.S.-led NATO forces stationed on the island of Malden in order to liberate Everon from Soviet troops.

NOTE: The Red Hammer campaign is NOT included as part of Cold War Assault due to being a non-official product. All events related to it are deemed as non-canon in the official timeline.


As the first game in the series, ArmA: Cold War Assault sets the standard of gameplay that would be featured in all subsequent titles. The player can switch between third person and first person camera view modes, and many vehicles including tanks, cars, helicopters, and boats, can be driven in the game.

ArmA: Cold War Assault can be played in both single and online multiplayer. It also features a mission editor that players can use to create anything from single-mission scenarios to full blown custom campaigns.


Factions of ArmA: Cold War Assault
BLUFOR United States
REDFOR Soviet Union


Weapons of ArmA: Cold War Assault
Handguns 92F 9 mmCZ-75 9 mmGlock 17 9 mmS&W .357Tokarev TT-33 7.62 mm
Submachine guns Ingram .45MP5SD3 9 mmPP-19 Bizon 9 mmSa-61 Scorpion 7.65 mmUZI 9 mm
Shotguns Kozlice
Carbines AK-74 SU 5.45 mmXM-177E2 5.56 mm (XM-177S)
Assault rifles AK-47 7.62 mm (AK-47 GL, AK-47 CZ) • AK-74 5.45 mm (AK-74 GL) • AUG A1 5.56 mmFN-FAL 7.62 mmG3A4 7.62 mmG36 5.56 mmM16A2 5.56 mm (M16A2 GL)
Sniper rifles Hunting Rifle 7.62 mmM21 7.62 mmSVD 7.62 mm
Machine guns M60 7.62 mmPK 7.62 mm
Grenade launchers 6G30MM-1
Launchers 9K32 Strela-2AT-4 SpigotCarl Gustav M2FIM-92 StingerM72 LAWRPG-75NH
Static M2
(Parenthesis) denote variants.


Vehicles of ArmA: Cold War Assault
Wheeled BikeBRDMBusHMMWVMotorcyclePV3SJeepSCUDSkodaSmall carSports carTrabantTractorTruck 5TUAZUral
Tracked BMP-1BMP-2M1A1M113 (Vulcan) • M60A3M2A2 BradleyShilkaT-55T-72T-80
Rotor-wing AH-1 CobraAH-64CH-47DKa-50Mi-17Mi-24OH-58UH-60
Fixed-wing A-10PlaneSopwith F.1 CamelSu-25
Aquatic BoatLSTMark II PBR
(Parenthesis) denote variants.

Multiplayer scenarios

Multiplayer missions in ArmA: Cold War Assault


Oil WarSector ControlHostage RescueCapture the FlagReturn To Eden


Team Flag FightShadow KillerLost SquadDesert AmbushFlag FightDeathmatchCity ConflictKing of the City


ConquerorsHold CityCapture the Flag

Desert Island

Real Paintball


Flag Fight* • Cooperative* • Demolition Squad* • Conquerors* • Warcry* • Hold Castle* • Capture the Flag* • Sector Control* • Camel Fight* • Castle Conflict*
* originally added in the pre-1.99 Resistance expansion pack.


OS Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
PROCESSOR Intel Pentium II 500 MHz
AMD Athlon 600 MHz
Intel Dual-core 2.4 GHz
AMD Dual-core Athlon 2.5 GHz
GRAPHICS DirectX 8.1 compatible 3D card with 16 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
ATI Radeon 3650 or faster with 256 MB VRAM
DirectX® 8.1 9.0c
RAM 128 MB 1 GB
HARD DRIVE 800 MB free space 1 GB free space
AUDIO OpenAL sound compatible audiocard (DirectX via compatibility switch) OpenAL sound compatible audiocard (DirectX via compatibility switch)
OTHER Internet connection and free Steam account to activate Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

Accurate as of July 2021




  • Cold War Assault was initially released as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and received two more expansion packs in the form of Resistance and Red Hammer. A port/remake that combined both Cold War Crisis and Resistance, titled as Operation Flashpoint: Elite, was also later released for the XBOX console.
    • However, the Red Hammer expansion was not developed by Bohemia Interactive. It was instead made and published separately by Codemasters following a fall out between the two companies.
    • Aside from the Red Hammer expansion and Elite port, both Cold War Crisis and Resistance were bundled together and were eventually renamed and re-released in 2011 by Bohemia Interactive itself, now rebranded as "ArmA: Cold War Assault".
    • Previous owners of the game were presented with the opportunity to (freely) upgrade their existing copies of Cold War Crisis into Cold War Assault instead through Patch 1.99.
  • In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Cold War Assault's release, all main titles in the series - including their expansion packs and DLCs (but excluding third party Creator DLCs), were bundled together into the ArmA 20th Anniversary Edition and sold at an 80% discount for a limited time beginning from June 22nd to July 12th, 2021.
    • For 48 hours after the livestream, Cold War Assault was also temporarily offered as a free-to-own downloadable game on both the Steam and platforms. According to official posts on social media, one million copies were claimed within the first 24 hours of the announcement.
    • The final tally for the amount of downloads claimed totalled to almost two million copies across all platforms (1,972,026).

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