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ArmA 2's British Armed Forces DLC adds the British military and new weapons, vehicles, equipment, a campaign, multiplayer scenarios, and the Shapur terrain. It was released on August 27th, 2010.


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« Two months after the Allied military victory in Takistan, the new government is restoring the war-torn country. NATO forces assisting in this effort face the threat of insurgency, waged by the remnants of the defeated Takistani army in the mountaineous regions of Takistan. Company team of British paratroopers patrolling the treacherous mountains in Zargabad's vicinity is ordered to battle the amassing guerilla warriors.
Official Description

The first DLC to be released after the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack, the DLC adds the British Armed Forces as a playable faction and the Shapur terrain, a small map set in the fictional Green Sea nation of Takistan.

BAF contains an entirely new set of vehicles, firearms, as well as backpacks for use by the faction. Most of the content also comes in woodland and desert-camouflaged varieties for use in both environments. Dedicated British English radio protocols have been added, as well as extra British faces to expand on the existing set of selectable identities introduced with Operation Arrowhead.

It includes a short singleplayer campaign which is set in the immediate aftermath of Operation Arrowhead. It follows the story of Brian Frost, a squad leader from the British Army who is deployed alongside a British task force sent to the country as part of NATO's post-invasion stabilisation efforts.

Alongside the campaign, official Warfare-based multiplayer scenarios and new showcases which focus exclusively on the British military have also been included as part of the DLC.

BAF does not require the base version of ArmA 2 to run but it needs the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack (either the standalone or Combined Operations versions).







  • British Army
    • NLAW anti-tank missile launcher
    • L85A2 5.56×45mm bullpup assault rifle
    • L7A2 GPMG 7.62×51mm medium machine gun
    • AS50 12.7×99mm anti-materiel sniper rifle
    • LRR .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle
    • L86A2 LSW 5.56×45mm designated marksman rifle
    • L110A1 5.56×45mm light machine gun

Multiplayer scenarios




  • British Armed Forces was eventually bundled alongside the Private Military Company DLC as part of the Reinforcements pack that was released shortly after both were made available for sale.
  • The DLC required approximately eight months of development before it was officially released.

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