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ArmA: Armed Assault's Armed Assault campaign takes place on the island of Sahrani.

For years, the United States has maintained a garrison of troops to support its staunch ally - the Kingdom of South Sahrani, against its northern Communist neighbour. But by 2006, the Sahrani deployment is nearing the end of its mandate and U.S. forces are scheduled to depart shortly.

Taking advantage of the drawdown, the North has invaded the South in an attempt to forcibly reunify the island under their rule. Backed into a corner, Southern forces and their American allies must hold the line until reinforcements can arrive.

It is narrated by William Porter, one of the few U.S. Army soldiers left on the island prior to the invasion.


2nd Squad are dispatched to Corazol.

June 10th, 2006.

For the soldiers of 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, today would have been the last day of their deployment on the island of Sahrani; the so-called "Paradise on Earth".

But for the vanguard of the Sahrani Liberation Army, today would also herald the start of the country's long-awaited reunification.

« U.S. Soldier (1): Man, did anyone see that crap on TV today? Who is that chick?
U.S. Soldier (2): Sahrani – Paradise on Earth.' Stay here like half a year bimbo, and then tell me what you think. This place is weird.
U.S. Soldier (1): Carlos, I don't think the lady spent her time here keeping those RACS clusterfucks in line. Anyway, she's here again. I saw her in Ortego yesterday.
U.S. Soldier (3): Hey, wasn't that Gordon from 2nd Platoon, the one she interviewed?
U.S. Soldier (2): Yeah. Damn him and the rest of 2nd for already being back in California, probably scoring chicas as "heroic" war veterans...
The men of 2nd Squad reflect on their unfortunate "luck" of being stuck on Sahrani

Outgunned, U.S. forces hastily abandon Corazol.

Suddenly, unconfirmed reports of explosions and other strange disturbances are reported at the border city of Corazol.

2nd Squad are dispatched to investigate and within minutes of arrival, find themselves trapped in the middle of a warzone. Northern tanks blasted their way through Southern defences and quickly overran the city's garrison.

« Crossroad to Golf One! Pull back! Crossroad to all units: PULL BACK TO ORTEGO!
The order to retreat is given

Realising they were clearly outnumbered, the remnants of 2nd Squad fled on foot alongside the last of the personnel at Camp Linebacker further back to Ortego. With their departure, Corazol quickly fell under the SLA's control. But Corazol was merely a warmup; while the SLA dug into Corazol, another strike force was prepared and by the early hours of the 11th, Ortego itself was under siege.

Allied forces briefly hold the line at Ortego.

Once again, Southern/U.S. forces managed to knock out the lead tanks but were unable to hold their ground against the second wave. Having suffered heavy casualties, 2nd Squad and remnants of the Ortego defensive line retreated further back to Dolores.

Hours later, the SLA continued to advance towards Dolores as allied forces braced for their arrival. This time however, the terrain and gulf surrounding Dolores made land travel almost impossible without crossing through the city's bridges. If they could destroy the bridges while the SLA's tanks attempted to cross them, they would deal a severe blow to the vanguard while buying more time for the defenders at the capital Paraíso to be reinforced.

The SLA advances towards Dolores.

A few of 2nd Squad's men stayed behind to set up explosives while the rest of the defenders retreated back to the capital.

Not long after they left, the first wave of SLA tanks charged into the city, unaware of the trap they were (literally) about to fall into. 2nd Squad detonated the explosives, sending at least two platoons of tanks plummeting into waters below.

« Crossroad to all units. We're pulling back to rendezvous point Diamond! All troops without transport, head for the hills to the North!
Despite their success, the retreat towards the capital continues

However in spite of their success, the SLA were only delayed temporarily. With resources stretched thin, allied forces had no option other than to abandon the remaining Southern cities, leaving them to the mercy of Northern troops. Within hours, the SLA managed to repair the collapsed bridges at Dolores and unsurprisingly, quickly occupied the undefended settlements.

The SLA encampment at Somato, unaware of the impending raid.

Luckily, nightfall had come and Northern troops were forced to wait due to their lack of night vision equipment. As for the men of 2nd Squad however, they faced no such problems and exploited their night fighting capabilities to their fullest extent.

Under the cover of darkness, they drove their troop carriers into position at Somato and ambushed the unsuspecting SLA crews with a barrage of anti-tank missiles. Their raid a complete success, the men of 2nd Squad retreated back to the capital.

Nonetheless, the raid had not stopped additional SLA reinforcements from getting through to the front. The defenders had incurred more losses by dawn and another fresh wave of tanks thundered towards the capital. They encircled the capital and formed a solid wall of steel.

Just as the situation couldn't get any worse, allied forces had received word that their reinforcements weren't able to lend their aid just yet. Bad weather was preventing their aircraft from taking off, and their ship wasn't able to get close to the island.

RACS Officer (1): Bravo HQ took a direct hit! It's gone! They're all dead!
RACS Officer (2): HQ to Alpha. Reinforce sector seven... Alpha, come in! SLA forces are closing in on the airfield. I say again, SLA forces are closing in on the airfield!
Crossroad: Crossroad to all US units. The capital is being overrun. Retreat to the extraction point. I say again, retreat to the extraction point!
Frantic transmissions flood the network as Paraíso's fall seems inevitable...

The SLA's unexpected landing almost succeeds in overrunning the airport.

As if realising that the defenders had no help forthcoming, the SLA conducted an amphibious assault on the northern coast. They swiftly annihilated most of the defenders and were beginning to overrun positions north of capital's airport. Meanwhile, the SLA units to the north-east and south took advantage of the chaos to smash into the defensive lines on both sides.

With their numbers so thin, the defenders were now faced with the grim prospect of fighting on three fronts with no reserves to reinforce them...

Just as all hope had seemed lost, fighter jets suddenly blanketed the skies and shot down the encroaching SLA helicopters and troop carriers. U.S. reinforcements had arrived at long last, and with the help of their tanks, the troops at the airport and the capital succeeded in breaking out of their defensive pocket.

« U.S. Soldier (1): Look! Harriers!
U.S. Soldier (2): Here they come! Wahoo!
U.S. Soldier (3): Fucking finally!
U.S. Soldier (4): Kick some Slag ass!
The defenders are saved by Marine reinforcements

Together, allied forces pushed back into SLA lines and overwhelmed the disoriented Northerners, who were now forced to retreat from Southern cities one by one.

Fighter jets strafe SLA positions as the liberation of Corazol begins.

Eventually, they reached the outskirts of Corazol and with the assistance of U.S. gunships, liberated the city after a few hours of fierce house-to-house fighting. Two days later, the country would be freed once more.

But although they had liberated the South, they were already too late and the citizens of Cayo had paid the price. After liberating the city, Southern troops found the place eerily deserted and soon understood why: its populace had not fled, but were lying unburied in mass graves throughout the city. Many other settlements - such as the village of Tiberia, had similarly faced the same fate.

« The Royal forces are working hard all over the kingdom to rebuild a thriving nation nearly destroyed by violent conflict, but they were not prepared for the gruesome truth discovered at the city of Cayo. At Cayo, we find ourselves investigating one of the places touched most tragically by the war.
Media networks broadcast live footage of the mass graves

Northern war crimes could not go unanswered, and the international community demanded that the Northern government be held accountable for their barbaric actions. In solidarity with its staunch ally, U.S. forces prepared for their own counterinvasion of the North - not just to bring its leader, Prime Minister Torrez, to justice, but to overthrow the brutal regime once and for all.

From their bases in Gaula and Modesta, allied forces waited for the greenlight to advance into Northern territory. Naturally, the SLA weren't about to roll over and simply allow Southern troops to step foot onto the country's soil. They were readying their own pre-emptive strikes against the bases and in the early hours of June 14th, carried out the attacks. Fortunately, their attacks were easily repelled, and on June 15th, allied forces responded by launching multi-pronged amphibious landings across the North's coastline.

Fire Support Base Tandag.

In a last ditch attempt to retake the initiative, the SLA launched a massive counterattack against the firebase at the village of Tandag. The remnants of the once proud air force supported the attack, with jets and helicopters blasting a hole in U.S. defences. But they were eventually beaten back when the Americans deployed their own air support.

Hours after the attack began, allied forces finally came out ahead while the SLA reeled from its devastating losses, with Tandag being the final blow to its morale. Remnants of the SLA retreated to the capital, Bagango, hoping to fortify the city against the expected counterattack. Meanwhile, allied forces moved into position and prepared to lay siege upon the capital, striking out against Obregan to the south and surrounding the city limits.

Allied forces move into position to strike the North's capital.

Whilst preparing for the attack, U.S. jets spotted what appeared to be a prison camp located on the outskirts of Bagango. A team of U.S. soldiers were diverted to investigate the camp. Upon arrival they questioned the prisoners, only to discover that they were actually Southern civilians from Cayo.

The Southern government had lied about the massacre, and were using their "deaths" as a pretext to unify the island. The Americans attempted to relay the truth back to U.S. command, but were distracted when Southern troops panickedly opened fire on their positions. After a brief but chaotic firefight, both sides stood down and the Americans reported their discovery.

However, the commanders gave the soldiers strict orders to "forget" about the camp's existence...and of the truth behind Cayo. Either way, there was no time to waste; the attack on Bagango was due to commence, and the soldiers left the camp to rejoin the frontline.

The siege begins, with the SLA's defences gradually collapsing to pressure from allied forces.

Refusing to surrender, the SLA defenders continued to stubbornly resist against the Americans but were simply no match for the combined might of allied forces.

Hours later, the capital would fall at long last after ground troops moved through the streets. U.S. special operations breached the Presidential Palace where they found Torrez attempting (and failing) to commit suicide. He was quickly taken into custody and with his apprehension, the war ended in a decisive victory for the South.

« U.S. Soldier (1): You know what's ironic?
U.S. Soldier (2): What?
U.S. Soldier (1): Gordon didn't make it.
U.S. Soldier (2): What? Who's Gordon?
U.S. Soldier (1): The guy they interviewed on TV a few weeks ago. We thought he was shipped back to California, but he wasn't. Died somewhere near Corazol.
U.S. Soldier (2): Shit..
U.S. Soldier (1): Yeah, shit.
The survivors of 2nd Squad reflect on their "luck" once more

For the survivors of 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, their deployment on Sahrani was now officially over. Though not all of them had managed to make it out in one piece...


Transport (10th June, 2006)

« All is calm on Sahrani Island. At least at the beginning... »

While on routine patrol along the border city of Corazol, a small U.S. Army rifle squad is ordered to investigate reports of gunfire in the city. They soon run headlong into Northern military forces commencing their full-scale invasion of the South. Unable to hold the city, the U.S. soldiers and their RACS allies are forced to pull back to the city of Ortego.

Beaten Dog (11th June, 2006)

« Enemy forces broke through Corazol and now they are pushing to the South. Our task is to stop them at all costs. Our troops are positioned near Ortego, ready for enemy attack. »

With only two platoons of U.S. forces remaining, they are spread out north of the city of Ortego in support of their RACS allies. They manage to hold off an assault by Northern troops and even manage to temporarily retake Corazol, but are ultimately forced to pull back south to Dolores after a massive SLA counterattack.

Dolores (11th June, 2006)

« After our defeat in Ortego we are trying to stop the enemy in Dolores. But we have no time to organize strong defence. We can not defeat them by power, our chance is to make a trap - city bridges is our tactical benefit. We must fight to the last blood drop. »

In anticipation of yet another wave of SLA forces, U.S. and RACS troops have pulled back to the city of Dolores and are planning to set up a trap for Northern tanks by demolishing the bridges leading into the city. They succeed in destroying several platoons of enemy tanks, but are still forced to retreat deeper into Southern territory.

Battle of Somato (11th June, 2006)

« Enemy is pushing us from the South. »

Despite the "success" at Dolores, U.S. and RACS forces have still been driven back to a small pocket near Paraiso. However, a moment of opportunity to inflict a blow against the SLA has been found. Using a mix of night vision equipment and anti-tank weapons, a small strike force of U.S. troops manage to destroy several tanks and their supporting infantry in a daring nighttime raid near the city of Somato.

Dawn of Hope (12th June, 2006)

« Enemy knows that he is losing control of the situation - our victory near Somato and incoming RACS reinforcements was not in his plans. This is his next - invasion from the sea. »

Holding out for reinforcements, allied troops are almost overrun while defending Paraiso from the SLA's amphibious assault from the coastline near the city. U.S. reinforcements arrive in the nick of time to save the defenders from being annihilated. With their assistance, allied forces manage to stage a breakout.

Reclaiming (12th June, 2006)

« We have to push the front line back, there where it ever was. We need to clean the area out of every enemy and have full control of the northern part of the South Sahrani. »

In order to pave the way for the rest of South Sahrani's liberation, Corazol must be retaken first. With the help of their reinforcements, allied troops are able to seize a nearby bridge and destroy key anti-air defences along the northern coast. U.S. attack jets proceed to bombard Northern forces and ground troops move in to secure the city. While reclaiming the border cities of Cayo and Tiberia, evidence of Northern war crimes are found with numerous mass graves filled with Southern civilians being discovered.

Into Enemy Territory (14th June, 2006)

« Our first steps in the enemy territory. A base has been established in the city of Modesta, and we expect the SLA to launch a counter attack there soon. »

In retaliation for the Northern regime's acts of inhumanity, the South has called for a justified counterinvasion of the North with tacit support from the United States. But first, they had to repel an expected SLA attack at the border town of Modesta. The attack is countered successfully, and a clear path into the North is cleared.

Gryphons (15th June, 2006)

« The Great battle is here. Huge avalanche of enemy armored units leaves their defence positions at Bagango and heading to us. »

American troops land all across northern shorelines to take key coastal cities throughout the North. However, Northern troops attempt to stage their own breakout by launching a massive counterattack on allied forces in the west. Taking off from a forward outpost named Tandag Base, U.S. attack helicopters blast a hole through Northern lines and destroy many of their tanks, severely crippling the SLA's fighting strength.

Final Countdown (16th June, 2006)

« Following the success of the great battle we have the remaining enemy forces completely surrounded at their capital city Bagango, despite their humiliating losses they are still refusing to surrender. »

Allied forces are in position to seize Bagango. After a fierce battle lasting several hours, the remaining SLA defenders are finally defeated and U.S. troops enter the presidential palace. Prime Minister Torrez is quickly apprehended and taken into custody. During the siege, American forces also ran into what they believed was a Northern concentration camp. However, the camp was actually operated in secret by the Southern government, and its prisoners were the citizens of Cayo. The Americans are forced to stand down and the truth behind the camp's existence is covered up.


  • Armed Assault is the first and only campaign in the series to not feature a main protagonist (William Porter is merely the narrator and does not actually serve as the campaign's protagonist).
  • It is the only campaign in the series thus far to feature dynamic difficulty scaling based on the order of missions selected via the Auxiliary Operations mechanic.
    • Upon completing one of the main storyline missions i.e. Reclaiming, players are granted the option of choosing to participate in another (or one out of two) optional missions. Completing these missions will make the following campaign mission easier by removing enemies or alternately, make them harder if they are failed.


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