Army of the Czech Republic flag.

The Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) is a BLUFOR faction in ArmA 2. It was initially added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack, and was further expanded with the Army of the Czech Republic DLC.


Beyond defending the nation, the Army of the Czech Republic consistently supports its NATO allies in deployments outside of Central Europe. These deployments range from counterinsurgency campaigns, delivering humanitarian aid, to rescuing displaced civilians in flood-affected regions.

As of 2010, a battalion of Czech Army troops make up the entirety of BYSFOR, a peacekeeping force deployed to the semi-autonomous province of Bystrica. They are backed by a few aviation units from the Air Force for both transportation and fire support. Most troops are stationed at FOB Blanik, though a smaller force also maintains a presence at FOB Strelka in the northern sector.

A detachment of operatives from the Army's 601st Special Forces Group (601st SFG) also accompany regular units, both in Bystrica and Takistan. They participated in the initial phases of Operation Arrowhead, supporting allied coalition forces in deterring invasion attempts into neighbouring Karzeghistan.


Camouflage patterns used by ArmA 2-era Czech forces from left-to-right:
- vz 95 Woodland (Bystrica/Chernarus)
- vz 95 Desert (Takistan)

Both conventional Czech Army soldiers and 601st SFG operatives don combat uniforms available in two types of camouflage patterns; either for arid or woodland environments.

Soldiers are usually issued Czech-made, vz 95-camouflaged combat helmets and red-coloured berets while not on duty. Ballistic-resistant body armour vests are worn by most line infantry for torso protection aside from select ground vehicle crews.

The Army's elite 601st SFG operatives opt to wear the American-made Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH). Some however, prefer to don a mixture of either booniehats, baseball-style caps, shemaghs and/or pakols in lieu of helmets.


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