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« Fucking CSAT, eh? They offer doctors and we get this. It don't matter how you look at it, mec. Government got everybody pissed off - it feels like occupation. And Syndikat, well, as y'know, it's all political now. No way of telling what will happen.

Arthur was a supporting character in ArmA 3's Old Man mini-campaign.


A banana plantation worker, Arthur lived in a small farming village on the outskirts of Luganville, Tanoa Province.

He has a son named Lucas, and was a close acquaintance of an old man known only by his nickname of "Santiago". He frequently hung out with locals and other friends at the shanties in Ouméré.

Old Man (2038)

In May 2038, the outbreak of a super-strain of malaria would see to a sweeping lockdown and quarantine of towns throughout the province.

This was swiftly followed by the departure of U.S.-led NATO soldiers and the arrival of Chinese "peacekeepers" and "doctors" from CSAT.

Their workers provided humanitarian aid and offered vaccinations against the disease at their medical clinics. However in Arthur's eyes, their so-called "aid" was nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt at an armed occupation.

Roadblocks sprung up everywhere, civilians were subject to a summary execution if they made innocent mistakes, and the outbreak continued to spread in spite of their vaccines. It did not help that the former Syndikat, in an attempt to gain legitimacy, had integrated and co-opted various anti-government protest groups, with the criminal organisation rebranding itself into the so-called "L'Ensemble".

« Five minutes with some abrutis shouting on a megaphone and he thinks he's a guérillero. And I'm out there, breaking my back for bananas... Literally - bananas. But Lucas? Ah! He's more afraid of pesticides than gangsters with guns.
Arthur expresses his disappointment over his son's involvement with L'Ensemble

To make matters worse his son, Lucas, had begun to enthusiastically embrace the movement's ideals, participating in rallies and even helping to smuggle illicit goods. He tried numerous times to dissuade his son from getting involved but to no avail.

The final straw was when Lucas called him to tell his father that he had hidden a kilogram of C-4 explosives in their shed. His son had clearly gone too far this time; he quickly called Santiago and asked if former soldier could help remove the contraband. Santiago agreed and arrived shortly after to pick up Arthur from the shanties at Ouméré.

« Boy, who raise you to be so stupid?! I found the explosives! I mean, what were you gonna do, eh? No, no, no, no, wait. I don't wanna know, I don't want.
Arthur scolds Lucas

On the drive back to his home, Lucas called him again in an attempt to stop his father from confiscating the explosives. Arthur ignored his pleas and simply directed Santiago to the shed where the latter collected the explosives. He thanked Santiago and wired a payment as a token of appreciation before he left.

Later that same evening, Arthur, his son, and the rest of the village's residents were infected by the malaria super-strain. Arthur was overcome by the parasitic disease and left greatly weakened. Dr. Drábek soon arrived and - fearing that CSAT "doctors" would be coming to take them away, decided to bring Arthur and the rest of his neighbours to an abandoned camp inside the jungle west of Luganville.

They would soon relocate to another camp after drones began flying over their camp several times. Thanks to Santiago bringing them a large vehicle, Arthur and the others could be transported to the new camp further within Centra Tanoa without too much trouble. They would remain at this camp for the time being as Santiago returned daily with deliveries of medication to alleviate the disease's symptoms.


However, their (relatively) peaceful situation was not to last. Some time later, L'Ensemble's thugs raided the camp, seized all of their medication, and took everyone in the camp hostage. Drábek pleaded to the men and explained that they had nothing of value to take but the thugs refused and corralled them into one of the huts.

Luckily, they did not confiscate Drábek's phone and the doctor managed to get a message through to Santiago for help. All Arthur could do now was wait and hope for Santiago to return to the camp...

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Tanoan male, Arthur had a shaved face with a black head of hair. He wore a bright red sleeveless shirt with an olive green-coloured pair of cargo shorts, and occasionally chose to wear a bandanna wrapped over his head.

« The idiocy here... that's the real malaria, mec, y'know? So many minds, like, er, bad water. CSAT, Syndikat; all mosquitoes. Infecting us, sucking up our blood.

A jaded individual, Arthur's personality sharply contrasted with that of his son who was overly idealistic and easily swayed. Unlike the latter, Arthur saw through the nonsensical propaganda from CSAT and L'Ensemble, understanding that both sides were simply exploiting the country's situation for their own selfish interests.



  • Should Santiago provoke CSAT soldiers or police officers at any of the checkpoints on the drive back to his house ("accidentally" or otherwise), he will utter a unique line of dialogue expressing alarm at his friend's brazenness.
  • If Lucas is caught by the Gendarmerie and handed over to CSAT counterinsurgency operatives for interrogation, Arthur will request that Santiago save his son from the ferry station at Leqa.
    • This requires the player to essentially ignore Arthur's call at the very start of the mini-campaign and go straight back to their home to sleep (therefore triggering the outbreak in Luganville). Upon his rescue, Arthur will call Santiago to thank him for his efforts.
  • It is possible to apply a First Aid Kit onto Arthur when he is at either of Drábek's camps, though it will not actually affect his "health" status.
  • As one of the eldest patients, Arthur will often be the first to perish from Atrox if Drábek runs out of medication.

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