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Aslan Radayev (alternately spelt as Radajev) is a minor antagonist in ArmA 2's Silver Lion campaign.


Hailing from Russia's Chechen Republic, Radayev was once an internationally-wanted arms smuggler.

In recent years, Radayev's organisation began expanding its operations throughout the Caucasus region, particularly in the Green Sea region where the majority of his dealings took place.

His well-known ties to the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) insurgency group along with Radan Miyović's band of Bystrican dissidents have led to numerous warrants for his arrest from regional governments.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

Following the outbreak of civil war between Chernarussian government forces and ChDKZ insurgents in the Green Sea region nation of Chernarus, Radayev's men began supplying the insurgents with shipments of arms and heavy equipment through their contact within the ChDKZ - Mikola Bardak.

Radayev himself was not present in the country however; his subordinates handled all dealings between the two groups.

Post-Operation Harvest Red

The ChDKZ's downfall ultimately forced Radayev to wind down his group's operations in the country. Fortunately, tensions in the neighbouring country of Takistan were beginning to grow, as the hardline regime in Takymr faced international embargoes on its attempted expansion.

The regime sought alternate suppliers for its burgeoning arms build-up, and Radayev was more than happy to "assist" in their endeavour. Radayev's organisation supplied hardware ranging from Russian-made small arms to multiple rocket launchers.

Unbeknownst to Radayev, his dealings were the subject of an investigation by the CIA. Agents gradually followed his trail all the way back to Bystrica.

Silver Lion (2010)

By mid 2010, Radayev began supplying Colonel Radan Miyović and his militia "army", as the latter sought to overthrow the regional government.

Miyović was eventually captured by Czech military forces however, and the Colonel exposed information about his dealings with Radayev's group. Further intelligence provided by the CIA helped to narrow down Radayev's location.

As Czech troops closed in onto his location, Radayev made a desperate attempt at fleeing along with his associates. However, he was already too late as Czech special operations had surrounded his position and held him at gunpoint. Radayev was subsequently restrained and taken into custody.

Post-Silver Lion

On September 21st, 2010, the extradition of Radayev to the Russian Federation was approved by a Chernarussian court. He has been accused of supplying Chernarussian National Party (NAPA) guerillas, and faces numerous charges related to terrorist attacks in Russia.

His lawyers have disputed the charges and plan to launch an appeal against the extradition, claiming that his life would be put at risk should he be brought to Russia.

Personality and Appearance

Radayev is a light skinned Chechen male with an unkempt, black head of hair. His standard attire consists of a black leather jacket, khaki sweater, Rastr-camouflaged pants and a black beret.


  • His in-game "unit" simply reuses Bardak's one for his sole appearance in Man's Best Friend.
  • Radayev's location of capture is inconsistently stated in official material.
    • Both in the official timeline and in-game, Radayev is captured by Czech SOF in Bystrica. But on AAN News reports however, he is instead stated to have been apprehended in South Zagoria.
    • For the sake of consistency, this article assumes that he was canonically arrested in Bystrica.

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