Assault Boat
Faction Icon-side-blufor NATO
Icon-side-redfor CSAT
Icon-side-greenfor AAF
Icon-side-blufor FIA
Icon-side-greenfor Syndikat
Icon-side-greenfor L'Ensemble
Icon-side-neutral Civilians
Type Rubber Inflatable Boat
Seats 5 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 4× Passengers
Item capacity 500 mass
Top speed 28 km/h
Fuel capacity 12 fuel units
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants Rescue

The Assault Boat is an inflatable rubber boat used by several BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent factions, as well as with civilians in ArmA 3.


  • Roles:
    • Troop transport
    • Fast-attack
    • Rescue
« An inflatable boat, often nicknamed 'rubber duck', is a lightweight boat constructed from tubes containing pressurized gas. Inflatables typically come in lengths between 2 to 7 meters. Due to their speed, weight and portability, inflatable boats are used in diverse roles such as lifeguard and rescue boats and even more often in the military as landing craft.
Field Manual


The Assault Boat is a single engine, small inflatable boat that can be used for maritime raids and infiltration, as well as riverine operations. It can also be used for civil purposes where it can serve as a personal recreational watercraft or as a surf lifesaver boat.

Moderately fast for its size, the Assault Boat is good for transporting troops into or out of battle on undefended coastlines. It can also be airlifted via slingloading by all helicopters with the exception of the MH-9/M900 light helicopters.


AAF-operated Assault Boat.

All passengers are able to fire their own weapons (forward facing only) but the boat itself does not possess any weapon systems.

Combined with the lack of armour, the Assault Boat should only ever be deployed into situations where there is no threat of enemy fire since the boat's passengers are completely unprotected.

Crew Capacity
Regardless of faction, all variants can transport the same amount of passengers. This includes the driver themselves and up to four more passengers who either lay prone on the port and starboard sides of the hull, in front, or crouching in the centre just behind the front passenger.



Baseline variant used by all main factions except for Altian/Tanoan civilians.

With the exception of the driver, all other passengers can utilise FFV while riding on the boat.


Maritime rescue vessel used by all factions including Altian/Tanoan civilians.

Functionally identical to the baseline variant but uses a different paint scheme depending on whether it is being operated for military or civil purposes.


  • Black
  • Hex
  • Digital Grey
  • Rescue
  • Civilian

All faction variants have access to the same camouflage options:

  • Black: Pattern-less black paint scheme used by NATO's naval forces, FIA guerillas and Syndikat fighters.
  • Hex: Light/dark grey/tan cell pattern camouflage used on CSAT's maritime vessels and divers.
  • Digital Grey: Digitised semi-fractal camouflage pattern used by several other AAF aircraft and boats.
  • Rescue: Pattern-less bright orange paint scheme used by the lifeboat/rescue boat counterpart.
  • Civilian: Two-tone white/sky blue paint scheme. Used exclusively by civilian-owned variants.


All variants of the Assault Boat have base armour values of 10.


Hulls on all variants of the Assault Boat can only withstand up to 6 points of damage. Depletion of the hull's integrity will instantly result in the vessel's destruction.


The Assault Boat's motor can incur up to 12 points of damage before failing. Destroying this component will usually result in the boat's destruction unless it is at full "health".

If damaged: Reduces power output, Assault Boat(s) can no longer attain top speed even when tidal conditions are steady.
If destroyed: Instantly immobilises the vessel. Can result in the boat's destruction if overall status is near critical.


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  • Though inflatable boats largely share the same appearance and design in some way or another, the Assault Boat appears to be specifically based on the "F470 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft" designed by French boat manufacturer Zodiac Nautic.
    • The CRRC is primarily used by the U.S. Navy, though just like the in-game Assault Boat it is also utilised by civil and law enforcement agencies.
  • Unlike most waterborne vessels, destroying either the Assault Boat or its Rescue sub-variant will not result in an explosion. However, the boat will still catch fire and potentially burn any humans standing nearby.


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