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The Attidan Guerrillas were insurgents based on the island nation of Atida.


Led by their shadowy leader, General Kostas, the Attidan Guerrillas are an organised band of high-tech criminals comprised of both mercenaries and anti-government locals. They were based on the Mediterranean island nation of Atida.

Following a successful coup d'etat attempt, the Guerrillas were able to install a puppet government and continue to maintain an iron fist over the island's inhabitants. However, their coup had not gone unnoticed by the international community, and a multi-national Task Force was soon deployed to liberate the island from the grip of Kostas' fighters.

Post-Liberator of Lignos

The Task Force gradually whittled down the Guerrillas' bases and supplies, forcing them to relinquish hold over much of the island's territory. They were eventually cornered at their mountain base on the eastern side of Atida.

What was left of Kostas' fighters refused to surrender and defiantly held onto their only stronghold. Despite their best efforts, the Guerrillas ultimately proved no match for the overwhelming firepower and tactics of the Task Force's commander. The destruction of their only remaining base spelled the end for the Guerrillas, with Kostas himself being captured by Task Force troops and taken into custody.


Thanks to the group's deep ties to arms smugglers throughout the Mediterranean, the Guerrillas were well-equipped with a myriad of high-tech drones and electronic warfare equipment. Prior to their collapse, the Guerrillas even possessed two railgun cannons and operated a small fleet of helicopter drones to protect their supply bases.



  • For gameplay purposes, the Attidan Guerrillas use the exact same structures as the Task Force.

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* this sub-faction does not canonically exist within the main Armaverse timeline.