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Mass 8

Bandanas are wearable hats worn by multiple factions in ArmA 3.


Bandanas are universally worn as headwear by civilians, anti-government guerilla fighters, and soldiers alike - either for comfort, or to hold back their hair.

No matter the colour scheme, Bandanas have a weight of 8 "mass". Bandanas do not offer protection to either explosives or small arms fire.



Bandana (Headset)
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png FIA
Icon-side-blufor.png Loyalists
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF (BH)
Mass 8

This variant has a low-profile headset paired alongside it. It is only available in one colour scheme.

It bears no statistical or functional changes over normal Bandanas.


  • Black: Faded all-black colour scheme.
  • Blue: All-blue colour scheme.
  • Coyote: Coyote brown colour scheme.
  • Khaki: Darkened khaki colour scheme.
  • MTP: Mimics the MTP camouflage scheme featured on NATO uniforms.
  • Sage: Faded sage green colour scheme.
  • Sand: Darkened desert sand colour scheme.
  • Surfer (Black): Floral pattern with a black/white colour scheme.
  • Surfer (Blue): Floral pattern with a blue/white colour scheme.
  • Surfer (Green): Floral pattern with a green/white colour scheme.
  • Woodland: Generic woodland camouflage pattern.


  • The Khaki-coloured Bandana with a headset is Corporal Ben Kerry's signature hat for the second episode of the main campaign. Unless the player chooses to customise their headwear, Kerry will always be equipped with one for every mission of the episode (aside from the first mission).
  • The Headset sub-variant was not included until the release of the main campaign's second episode.
  • Several of the Bandana variants were not initially available upon ArmA 3's release, and were only added after the (free) Bootcamp Update.
    • Textures for some of the pre-Bootcamp Bandanas were also refactored in the patch. The changes decreased the saturation of the textures and made them slightly darker when compared to their original versions (e.g. MTP or any of the Surfer Bandanas).
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Curiously, there are four unused sub-variants of the Bandana which are specifically referred to as the "Bandana Mask" (Classnames: H_BandMask_blk, H_BandMask_demon, H_BandMask_khk, H_BandMask_reaper).
    • Based on their appearance, these appear to combine Caps with a Bandana underneath them.
    • Through the use of scripting commands or a custom addon, it is possible to equip these unique sub-variants. However, because no dedicated textures for each variant were actually made, they will always appear as olive green Caps with blue-coloured Bandanas no matter the variant.


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