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Bandit Rags
Faction Icon-side-greenfor.png Tura
Armour rating None
Mass 30
Storage capacity 30

Bandit Rags are uniforms worn by Tura tribesmen in ArmA 3. They were added with the release of the Western Sahara Creator DLC.


A loose-fitting outer robe tied to the wearer with a belt or wrapped cloth, this style of clothing is mainly worn by criminals and other outlaws fighting for the Tura.

No matter the style, all Bandit Rags weigh 30 "mass" and provide enough space for up to 30 units worth of ammunition/items. They do not offer protection from small arms fire or explosives.


  • Brown: Brown robe with mud brown pants and belt.
  • Gray: Grey robe with mud brown pants and belt.
  • Green:* Dark green robe with grey pants and a dark grey cloth rag.
  • Sand: Tan robe with mud brown pants and belt.

(*) This is the only variant that has a cloth wrapped around the wearer's waist as opposed to a belt.



The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • An unused string leftover in the game files (String name: STR_LXWS_SFIA_Cloth_Rags_Black) would suggest that a fifth variant with a black robe existed at some point in the DLC's development.

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