« Just because your ship is out of sight Sergeant Cooper, does not mean we have lost touch. We have made plans in case you should arrive...

Begunov is a supporting character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


Serving as the acting commander of the Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF), Begunov leads the armed forces during its struggle against the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) insurgency.

He also works closely with the Marines of USMC Force Recon callsign Razor Team, who liaise directly with the General for the duration of their operations in the country.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

When civil war finally breaks out between government forces and the insurgent group, the CDF are easily defeated on all fronts and are driven to small pockets of resistance scattered throughout the South Zagoria region, with remaining troops holding out in towns to the far west near Zelenogorsk.

After American forces from the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit are authorised for deployment by request of the Chernarussian government-in-exile, Begunov is assigned to lead the counteroffensive to retake the coastal cities.

Under his leadership and the aid of the Americans, the CDF are eventually able to retake the initiative over the ChDKZ, driving back the insurgents all the way to their holdouts in the north and even capturing its second-in-command, Mikola Bardak.

After the Russian government demands to intervene in the country following a supposed terrorist attack in Moscow by National Party rebels, Begunov is forced to hand over all of the CDF's gains in the past weeks and pull back to their pre-intervention lines near Zelenogorsk.

Secretly however, Begunov (with the covert help of Razor Team) planned a region-wide assault to retake their ground despite the Russian mandate, and to destroy the Chedaki once and for all.

Beginning with the village of Pogorevka, the CDF push north towards the twin towns of Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor, encountering stiff resistance from the entrenched Chedaki defenders all the way. This then culminates in the larger offensive, attacking all of the occupied towns and cities throughout South Zagoria; including the regional capital of Chernogorsk.

To make matters even better, the CDF intercept communications from a small island in south-east of the country where the ChDKZ's leader, Gregori Lopotev is eventually discovered and apprehended by Razor Team.

Following secret negotiations with the Russian government and CDF high command, Begunov reluctantly orders Lopotev to be handed over to the Russians for interrogation. The handover goes poorly, but Lopotev is successfully extracted by the Russian commander, and Lopotev's testimony reveals the deceit of a rogue Russian Spetsnaz team having orchestrated both the entire civil war and terrorist attack in Russia.

The capture of Chernogorsk and handover of Lopotev leading to the Russian military eventually withdrawing from Chernarus, brings Begunov the much-needed American reinforcements. After a fierce two days of continuous fighting, the CDF are finally able to achieve total victory over the Chedaki following the destruction of their main base in Msta.

Post-Operation Harvest Red

« After all you've done? It was my duty Razor Team. I owe you my country. Thank you Razor. Perhaps you would consider staying? I need good generals... The Takistan border is always a worry...
Begunov offers Razor Team a place in the CDF as high-ranking officers

Following the success of their triumph over the ChDKZ, Begunov is airlifted to the USS Khe Sanh and alongside General Armstrong, personally congratulates the members of Razor Team for their contribution to the overwhelming victory.

Personality and Appearance

Begunov is an old Slavic male with short brown hair and a Handlebar moustache. His standard attire consists of a TTsKO-camouflaged officer uniform and field cap.

Like his subordinate Major R.A. Stavovich, Begunov possesses a friendly personality and quickly takes a liking to Razor Team; particularly for their efficiency in getting any task accomplished. He places an enormous amount of faith in their skills, and even offers to hand over battlefield command of the entire CDF to Matthew Cooper towards the final stages of the conflict.


  • Begunov is inconsistently listed as a Major and Colonel throughout Harvest Red. To further compound this confusion, his actual in-game unit is called "General", and is referred to as being ranked as such in several sequences.
    • In the final (and canonical) ending however, he is always referred to as a General.


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