« Driver, you have a crevasse ahead! Shall I scream 'Geronimo', or does the cavalry have something more appropriate?
Ben Herrera while on a training exercise in Karzeghistan

Ben Herrera is a main character in the Operation Arrowhead campaign for ArmA 2.


Herrera is a U.S. Army tank commander who serves as a part of the U.S.-led Task Force Knight detachment deployed to Takistan.

A promising young cavalry officer, he is capable of flawlessly commanding an armoured platoon into battle, primarily operating both the M1A1 and M1A2 Main Battle Tanks, as well as the M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

He is a part of a close-knit group of friends that consists of Howard Drake, Garry Pierce, and 1st SFOD-D operator Terry Graves. Despite the gap in their ranks and authority, the four share a close bond together and often meet up after every mission to discuss things.

Personality and Appearance

A white Caucasian male, Herrera bears a stout appearance with a completely shaved head and a round face.

He has a small brown moustache, and wears an olive green Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet (CVC-H) with a UCP-camouflaged crewman variant of the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV).

« You serious? You really wanna try and convince a U.S. Army lieutenant to ignore orders and let you enjoy a sightseeing tour?
Herrera jokingly questions Graves over his "request" to conduct an off-the-record mission

A tanker with a passion for "macho" behaviour, haircuts and rides, Herrera maintains a somewhat professional attitude with both his friends and subordinates at all times. Nonetheless, he doesn't necessarily follow protocol strictly to the letter in every case, and will allow for "exceptions" when it comes to his friends or when he's in the thick of combat.


  • Herrera goes by the nickname and callsign of "Badger".
  • Amusingly enough, his in-game voice has a British accent despite the fact that Herrera is clearly American.


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