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« Great. First I'm stuck with spooks who can't say anything, now I'm stuck with farmers who won't.
Ben Kerry

Ben Kerry is the main protagonist of ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


Initially a soldier from the U.S. Army's 7th Infantry Division, Kerry was one of the many non-combat troops from the multi-national Task Force Aegis, a peacekeeping force left on Stratis following the pullout of NATO troops from the Republic of Altis and Stratis.

During his stay with the Freedom and Independence Army (FIA) guerilla organisation, Kerry would find himself becoming a prominent figure amongst the rebel fighters, being personally assigned by the leader of the organisation as the commander of a special unit of rebels under the callsign of Omega.

When U.S.-led NATO reinforcements returned to the island nation, Kerry would be reassigned to active duty with the 111th Infantry Division, where he continues to serve under the new callsign of Nomad.

Prologue (2034)

Then-ranked as a Corporal, Kerry served as the driver for Staff Sergeant Thomas Adams when the latter's squad was ordered to return to the old capital of Kavala following an attempted uprising by guerilla fighters in the city.

The East Wind (2035)

One year later, Kerry continues to remain on active duty in the island country. By this time, the mandate for TF Aegis had been limited to the smaller island of Stratis only. No NATO peacekeepers were permitted to step foot on the mainland of Altis.

With the five year-long peacekeeping mission approaching an end and with no hope of renewal for an extension, Kerry was looking forward to returning stateside.

Kerry is assigned one final task before the last of the U.S. troops on Stratis depart.

The decommissioning of the remaining NATO facilities on Stratis was approximately halfway complete. The AAF however, had proceeded to lockdown most of the roads on the island, with only authorised vehicles being permitted freedom of movement. Airspace likewise, was open but heavily restricted.

On July 7th, Kerry made his way towards LZ Connor to link up with the rest of his squad members - his team leader, SSgt. Adams and Sgt. Lacey. They were due to depart for Camp Rogain and await further orders from the commanding officer at the camp.

« Edwards: Okay, there's been slight change of plan. Commander MacKinnon requires logistical support down at Kamino. He left just as you guys were coming in.
Kerry: Any idea why, sir?
Edwards: No, Corporal. Now, take the trucks over there. You should probably get a move on.
Kerry reports in to Rogain's CO

Upon arrival, Kerry immediately made his way to the CO in charge, Lieutenant Edwards. Edwards told the Corporal that there had been a change of plans; Colonel MacKinnon had already left Rogain and needed additional support down at the Kamino Firing Range.

Regrouping with Adams, the duo decide to take one of the parked trucks to head off towards their destination. Before they can do so however, they need to bypass an AAF checkpoint located a short distance away from Rogain. Although the situation at the checkpoint was tense, with the AAF troopers strangely on high alert, Kerry's truck was permitted to pass through.

Not too far down the road and just on the outskirts of Kamino however, Adams spots a large blast crater with an overturned MRAP, along with a bloodied body lying next to it. Adams orders Kerry to stop the truck, and the duo quickly check on the wounded person who turns out to be none other than MacKinnon himself.

While Adams tried to revive the incapacitated officer, Kerry looked off into the distance and notices plumes of smoke rising from Kamino. Almost immediately, an AAF jet flies overhead with scattered gunshots and explosions audible in the distance all around them.

Panicked radio messages from NATO troops all across the island start to come in, with the commanders at the airbase announcing that the AAF had begun attacking NATO forces and were to be treated as hostile. In the midst of the chaos, Adams and Kerry are ordered by Edwards to return to Rogain. As they made their way through the forest towards the camp, they suddenly run into an AAF patrol heading in their direction. The troopers open fire on the duo and Kerry is forced to return fire.

« Kerry: What the literal fuck - are you kidding me?
Adams: I don't know what the hell's going on right now. Just stay alert. Get set for contact.
Kerry and Adams are forced to retaliate against the AAF patrol

They made their way up to the hill and spot Rogain in the distance, only to also see the camp in flames. Adams decides to check on the nearby Point X-Ray, and also finds only hostile AAF troopers and the cold corpses of NATO soldiers.

Suddenly, a NATO helicopter flies past them and announces over the radio that they, callsign Echo, were setting up a evacuation point at the nearby LZ Baldy. Kerry and Adams rushed towards the helicopter, fighting their way through even more AAF troopers, but are too late: another AAF jet strikes Echo's position with a bomb and is instantly destroyed.

« Kerry: A forest? Are you serious?
Adams: If you've got any better ideas, feel free to share!
Kerry's less-than-enthusiastic reaction to going into the forest again

Left with no alternative, Adams decides that their best hope for survival was to make their way into the thicket of forests just south of Air Station Mike-26. Kerry is understandably hesitant about running headfirst into yet another forest, but there wasn't any other viable option at the time.

Remaining hidden under the trees, Adams receives a signal from another survivor over the radio, this time from Sgt. Lacey. Lacey had managed to survive the initial attack and was attempting to gather other remnants of TF Aegis as well. Adams arranges to meet up with Lacey at their hideout just south of Mike-26, and with Kerry in tow, begin to make their way through the thicket.

What Kerry and Adams were unaware of however, was that they were walking straight into an AAF minefield. Adams inadvertently steps right on top of a landmine, and is instantly killed by the ensuing explosion.

« Fuck! Sarge? Sergeant Adams?! Jesus!
Kerry's close call with the minefield that kills his squad leader

Thoroughly shocked by the detonation, Kerry responds back to Lacey over the radio and after a moment of disorientation, gathers himself together and begins making his way towards the other survivors. He narrowly avoids contact with more roaming AAF patrols along the route and soon arrives at the meeting point.

Kerry and Lacey make their way through the woods.

Lacey and two others come out, and the three tell Kerry that they intend to link up with members of a British special forces team that had contacted Lacey over the radio following Adams' death. To do so however, they had to cross through another forest to their east.

« Kerry: We're going in there?
Lacey: Yup.
Kerry: Into the forest!?
Lacey: You've got a problem with forests, Kerry?
Kerry: ... I've just not had that much luck with them today.
Into the forest again

Kerry is even more unhappy to hear about needing to go through the forest again, but knows that there's quite literally no other option. Fighting through more roaming patrols and avoiding detection from AAF helicopters, Kerry and the other survivors soon reach their destination where they encounter Lt. James and three other members of his SOF team.

The British operatives bring Kerry and the others back to Camp Maxwell, which was now being used by the NATO survivors as a rally point. On arrival, Kerry discovers that there were quite a few members of TF Aegis had also made it. Among them, his friend and soon-to-be squad leader Sgt. Conway.

As one of the few survivors who weren't wounded or combat ineffective, the officer of the British SOF team, Captain Scott Miller, assigns Kerry to Alpha squad. Alpha are immediately mobilised to secure the site of a gunship that had crashed nearby, rescue its survivors (if there were any), and destroy the wreckage before the AAF started investigating the site.

Kerry's squad secure the crash site near Maxwell.

Kerry's squad arrives at the site, but finds several AAF troopers already surrounding the wreckage and the two apparently wounded pilots lying next to it. They quickly eliminate the hostile troopers and the squad's medic begins work on reviving the injured men.

Meanwhile, Miller had informed Conway that enemy reinforcements were en-route to their position. The squad spread out to cover the doctor, while Kerry set up a minefield using landmines he had brought along from Maxwell.

Unfortunately, both pilots were mortally wounded and died soon afterwards despite the medic's best efforts. Unable to do anything more, Conway orders Kerry to demolish the wreckage with charges, and the squad returns empty handed back to Maxwell.

At that same time, urgent calls for assistance were coming in from Bravo squad led by Lacey. They had been trapped while scouting the abandoned village of Girna and were pinned down by enemy forces. Kerry and the rest of Alpha were quickly dispatched again to help Bravo.

Kerry's squad attempts to rescue Bravo.

As they begin to approach the village, one of Alpha's scouts, Pvt. Jackson, had moved ahead to recon the enemy forces surrounding Bravo. Conway orders him to fall back, but the Private's radio transmission is cutoff halfway. Kerry's squad redirect to his last known position, only to find the soldier lying on the ground bleeding heavily.

Kerry and the others provided cover for the squad's medic yet again, but Jackson was already too far gone. Despite being one man short, Kerry's squad continue to push forward to relieve Bravo. Conway orders Kerry to take up a position overlooking the ridgeline while he and the others pushed through the valley. Alpha successfully clears the village of AAF troopers soon after and link up with a relieved Lacey.

« Kerry: What the fuck?!
Lacey: Alpha, we've got mortar fire incoming!
The first AAF mortar strikes Girna

Just as they made preparations to return to Maxwell, a mortar suddenly impacts the village. A spotter team was nearby, but both squads couldn't see where they were hiding. Conway orders Kerry to find the enemy spotters before they could direct a hit on Bravo's position. Lacey tells Kerry that their now-dead UAV operator carried a drone that he could use to help find the spotters, which he quickly proceeds to assemble and use to scout with its thermal camera.

After finding and eliminating the spotters with the help of Charlie squad (who had arrived to assist Alpha), the village is strafed by an AAF jet. Knowing that the pilot was intending to raze it to the ground, Conway orders Kerry and the rest of the squads to retreat immediately. Although it was a close call, Kerry manages to escape safely moments before the pilot drops two bombs on Girna.

Pushing Back
With the squads regrouped and the risk of the camp being found removed, the remnants of TF Aegis could at last focus on retaking the initiative. Their first objective was to re-establish communications with NATO first: the target this time would be Air Station Mike-26, which had fallen under the control of the AAF during the initial attack.

Kerry calls in mortars to bombard the AAF defenders at Mike-26.

While the other two squads, Bravo and Delta, moved into position, Kerry's squad would be tasked with spotting priority targets for Charlie's mortar to hit. Splitting up with the rest of Alpha, the Kerry and Conway find a small vantage point overlooking the facility, and begin to call in fire missions for Charlie.

With the most dangerous threats out of the way, the duo regroup with the rest of Alpha and push ahead to the staging ground with the other two squads. Fighting their way through the staggered AAF survivors, NATO troops quickly secure the facility.

More AAF reinforcements are spotted heading in their direction, but Kerry manages to intercept them with Charlie's remaining mortars. Soon after, Kerry and the rest of the squads retreat from Mike-26 after Delta razes it to prevent the AAF from retaking the facility.

Another opportunity to strike a blow against the AAF soon presents itself in the form of an AAF officer, who was reportedly visiting another village near Girna. Lt. James, having heard that Kerry had undertaken combat diver training in the past, "volunteers" him to assist in the amphibious assault via SDV.

« Kerry: Lieutenant, can I ask question?
James: Go ahead, Kerry.
Kerry: Why are we on this mission, exactly? Why didn't Miller just leave it to you guys?
James: They've got their own assignment.
Kerry: More important than this?
James: It's need to know, Corporal. If you see what I mean.
James refuses to answer Kerry's questions directly

Infiltrating via the bay, Kerry begins to doubt why he and the other non-SOF members were selected to be brought onto the mission. James simply replies with a generic answer, and when pressed by Kerry as to what the other members of Delta were doing, outright refuses to answer him.

With the coast in sight, Kerry's team disembarks from the SDV and swim the rest of the way to avoid detection, swimming past numerous sea mines planted by the AAF in the process. Once they break onto the shore, they swiftly take out the small AAF patrol, and make their way up the hill overlooking the village where the HVT, codenamed Goblin, was situated.

Bravo reports in that they were in position to strike, and the attack begins with Kerry's team opening up first. The officer is successfully assassinated and the rest of his escorts are wiped out as well.

James orders Kerry to check on the body to verify the officer's identity but upon closer inspection, Kerry discovers that the man was not their target and was someone else. With word of more enemy reinforcements inbound and their mission having essentially failed, Kerry and the others promptly return to Maxwell using the AAF truck that was left behind.

Unforeseen Consequences
For the survivors however, supplies were beginning to run critically low. If the remnants of TF Aegis hoped to be able to continue their fight, they needed to obtain additional ammunition and equipment as soon as possible. Miller informs the troops of an associate that he knew on the Altian mainland. The contact agreed to provide the ragtag group with supplies, and Miller arranged to dispatch Alpha to discuss the terms.

« Kerry: Who's this Nikos guy, again?
Conway: Miller says he's a resistance contact of his - tied with a bigger cell on Altis.
Kerry: Altis?
Conway: Yeah, I get the impression that it's somehow linked to his team being here, originally.
Conway tells Kerry what little he knows of the contact's identity

The last to arrive, Kerry links up with the rest of Alpha and is ordered to haul one of the backpacks that they would need to carry the supplies. Not knowing who exactly this contact was, Kerry asks Conway of whether he knew anything. Conway tells Kerry what little he knew from Miller and finds the whole situation to be suspect.

The remnants of TF Aegis meet with Nikos.

Under the cover of darkness, the squad eventually links up with Miller's contact and begin to discuss dividing up the hardware.

As they start discussing the terms, Kerry hears an explosion in the distance which startles everyone else as well. Conway and Nikos are horrified to realise that the explosion was from LZ Connor, the munitions cache that they needed supplies from.

Nikos rushes off with his assistant, while Conway tells Kerry and the others to advance towards Connor under orders from Miller. They reach the small village of Agios Ioannis up ahead, but find a wrecked car and several AAF troopers on high alert. Kerry's squad clears the enemy troops and search the car, only to find Nikos' assistant slumped onto the wheel and clearly dead, with Nikos nowhere in sight.

« Kerry: Wait, we're not falling back to Maxwell, sir?
Conway: Negative, Corporal. Miller wants us to make a stand.
Alpha are ordered to continue their advance

Kerry's squad continue to push forward towards Connor and after sweeping through the enemy troops, find the corpses of the guerillas scattered around the LZ. Retrieving what little supplies there were left, Kerry and the others were immediately ordered to continue pushing northward towards Agios Cephas instead of returning to Maxwell.

Kerry returns to what's left of Maxwell after the artillery strike.

They clear out each house one-by-one, and after Kerry announces the all-clear signal, Conway attempts to raise Miller for further orders. No immediate response could be heard, but suddenly Miller informs all teams over the radio that Maxwell itself was under heavy bombardment, and advises all teams to not return.

Conway refuses, and orders the entire squad to make their way back on foot. Arriving back at Maxwell, Kerry and the others are shocked to discover the entire camp in complete ruins and many lying wounded or otherwise dead.

Despite the grim situation, Miller informs the survivors of some good news; NATO was preparing a full counterinvasion to relieve the peacekeepers. However, they needed a secure forward operating base before troops could land on Stratis' shores.

With every squad aside from Delta having lost several of their members in the attack, Kerry and whoever was left uninjured was gathered up into one main element, while Charlie and Delta would split off and launch diversionary attacks to buy time for the combined Alpha/Bravo squads to launch their attack on the town of Agia Marina.


The Battle for Agia Marina begins as TF Aegis mount an all-out assault with their remaining forces.

The next morning, Kerry and the remainder of Alpha link up with Bravo on the outskirts of the firing range just to the south-east of Agia Marina. The combined force waits for the garrisoned troopers to leave just as Charlie launch their diversion, and soon after commence their main attack on the town.

Completely routed by the sudden blitz, the military range is swiftly cleared by Kerry's squad and AAF troops are forced into a full retreat, escaping towards the town itself. Thinking they had succeeded, Kerry's moment of relief is shattered when CSAT helicopters suddenly fly overhead and begin to fire on their positions.

Charlie also radios in of CSAT troops firing on them, and are cutoff mid-transmission. Delta informs them to fall back to their position immediately, just north of the town where they had boats readied for evacuation from Stratis. Kerry's squad flee through the valley, dodging both mortar fire and paratroopers before finally reaching Miller's position. Along with the remainder of his squad, Kerry manages to board the boat and escapes just as CSAT troops overrun the evac point.

After reaching about a kilometre off from the coast, Kerry asks Miller what their plan of action from now on was going to be. He informs the Corporal that they were to link up with guerilla from the mainland who were engaged in a bitter struggle against the government.

An incredulous Kerry voices dissent with the Captain, thinking that Miller's plan was outright suicidal given the close escape they had only just managed to achieve. Even so, Miller firmly commits to the plan, and tells Kerry that there were "only bad options".

Seconds later, two AAF jets buzz past their boats. Lt. James (who was manning the boat's gun) opens fire on them but the planes launch missiles at both vessels, capsizing them and knocking Kerry overboard.

He begins to sink into the sea, with his vision fading rapidly as the boats explode into flames...

A day later, a dazed Kerry regains his consciousness on the shores of an unknown beach. Jets fly overhead while gunfire and plumes of smoke can be heard from behind the hills in front of him.

Following the airstrike, Kerry awakens on the shores of Altis.

Kerry pulls out his sidearm and begins to look for any familiar landmarks. He begins to hear the voice of Lt. James emanating nearby and stumbles onto the body of one of the British SF operatives, though a cursory glance at his wounds made it obvious that the man was dead. Kerry takes the radio from his corpse and responds to James' calls.

« James: What the fuck? Kerry, is that you?
Kerry: A piece of him.

He informed James that his comrade, Sergeant Hardy, was dead, and that he had no clues on his current whereabouts. Based on his rough estimation, James realised that Kerry was probably on the outskirts of Kavala and that he was close by to their position.

Left with no choice but to regroup with James, Kerry complied and began making his way up the trail from the beach. Sneaking past numerous AAF/CSAT patrols and busy road traffic, Kerry finally arrived at James' rendezvous point overlooking the city. As evening approached, James' fellow team member offered him a weapon and a warm set of clothes.

Kerry follows James to the rendezvous point with Slingshot.

Hours later, the skies over Kavala darkened and the fires in Kavala began to simmer. With their "mission" seemingly completed, James told Kerry that they would link up with the rest of his team and would be joining Slingshot, a man from the FIA guerilla group.

However, one of the patrolling CSAT helicopters detects James' team and begins to unload troops nearby. James brought Kerry to Slingshot's escape vehicle where his team was waiting for them to arrive and told Kerry to find Capt. Miller, before he himself returned to join the others in fighting off the patrol.

The guerilla leader ordered him to get into the drivers' seat and to drive carefully along the road. Kerry questioned the man as to why he was driving. The leader responded bluntly that if they were caught by the AAF, he would be the first to get shot.

« Kerry: Remind me again why I'm the one driving?
Slingshot: You are the one they will shoot first.
Kerry: Oh. Great. I'm honored.
Kerry dryly responds to the guerilla's blunt answer

They soon arrived at their first checkpoint. Kerry slowed down the car and waited for Slingshot to "negotiate" with the AAF officer. He asked the fighters sitting in the back if it usually took this long but received only silence. Resigned to his fate, he continued to wait until Slingshot got back into the vehicle.

They were granted permission to pass through the checkpoint. Remarking that the AAF really were as corrupt as they were made out to be, but Slingshot countered that things were different with this AAF officer in particular. Before he could question him any further on the matter, the guerilla silenced him by stating that it was none of his concern.

Slingshot then told him to stop at the village up ahead to drop off the men in the back before continuing along the road. They would arrive at yet another checkpoint though unlike the previous one, this one was manned by an AAF officer who was unfamiliar to Slingshot. The guerilla told him to keep the engine running as he got out to "negotiate" again.

While waiting, Kerry suddenly hears the voice of Capt. Miller from Slingshot's radio. Kerry answered and the Captain was surprised to hear of Kerry's survival. He told him to inform Slingshot that their meeting spot was changing since CSAT patrols had begun to move in on his location. Once Slingshot got back into the car, Kerry told him about Miller's situation and found out that they would be heading in the same direction anyway, since the AAF officer refused to let them go through the checkpoint.

As they got closer, Miller informed the duo that he had been compromised and CSAT were closing in. Slingshot told the Captain that they were close and would be able to support him. Kerry pointed out that only he was carrying a weapon but Slingshot reassured him that a third man was on his way. They stopped just a short distance away from Miller's location and made their way towards him on foot.

Slingshot's ally then told the duo that he was standing by to provide suppression before Miller gave the green-light for them to open fire on the patrol. After the patrol was eliminated, Slingshot circled around to retrieve the car while Kerry would follow Miller back to their base camp.

Arriving at the FIA camp at Bomos, Kerry is briefed on the current situation.

Miller updated Kerry on their situation, that Slingshot was actually Kostas Stavrou - the head of the FIA guerillas, and that from now on their only primary mission was to support the FIA in an attempt to overthrow the Altian regime and their CSAT allies.

« Miller: They're expecting us - let's not keep them waiting. And, Kerry... Thanks for your help earlier.
Kerry: Oh, uh, don't mention it, Captain.
Kerry awkwardly accepts Miller's praise

Much to Kerry's bemusement, he also thanks the Corporal for "helping" him out earlier. Kerry began to settle in at the camp, though many of the fighters were still mistrustful of his presence.

Ten Days Later
More than a week after his arrival, Kerry was informed that the FIA would be organising a raid against the nearby CSAT garrison in an attempt to regain lost supplies from their recent defeat in Kavala. Kerry - as part of James' recon team, would be supporting the ambush on a supply convoy which regularly delivered supplies to the CSAT camp at Fotia from Agios Dionysios.

However, James' team was suddenly recalled by Miller and were told to divert elsewhere. Kerry was left alone and told to regroup with another team of fighters who were waiting nearby. Along the way, Miller convinces Stavrou to give Kerry command over the entire operation; much to the disapproval of both Kerry himself and the guerilla team who weren't convinced that he was capable of leading the mission. Stavrou rebuked the criticisms and flatly stated that the decision to place Kerry in charge was final.

« Miller: There's no time for debate. The convoy's en route and you know the plan. Look, I wouldn't task you with this unless I thought you could handle it. Commander Stavrou's on board with it, too. We'll let them know you're inbound. Good luck. Falcon out.
Kerry: (off-radio) Goddamn Brits.
Miller places Kerry in charge of the raid

Kerry and the fighters begrudgingly agreed and together, they were assigned the new callsign of Omega. He set up an ambush point near the beach and once the convoy was in place, Kerry triggered the explosive boobytraps. They quickly eliminated the convoy's escorts and secured the trucks. Kerry had the team's mechanic quickly replace the truck's tyres and make their way out of the area before reinforcements could arrive. They returned to the designated hideout a short distance away and began offloading the truck's cargo.

However, CSAT had somehow caught wind of the raid and counterattacked the guerillas. Gunships pummelled the hideout and the guerillas, alongside Kerry, were forced to abandon the truck. With the camp at Bomos also coming under fire, Stavrou told Kerry to regroup at the abandoned factory south of Gori. He hastily made his way there and, although shocked by the CSAT ambush, safely arrived in one piece.

Still short on supplies, the FIA made plans to strike an isolated AAF outpost on the outskirts of Frini. The outpost was lightly defended and scouts reported that a large stash of arms and equipment were still stockpiled.

The military outpost is successfully captured.

The next day, the raiders made their way towards the outpost and Kerry was now officially placed in charge of Omega. Kerry's team swiftly killed the guards and the rest of Stavrou's fighters pushed into the outpost. The remaining AAF troopers who refused to surrender were eliminated and another team of guerillas, callsign Kappa, drove their truck into the outpost to begin loading supplies.

Seconds later, mortar shells began striking the outpost and although they mostly missed, its gunner would land a successful strike sooner rather than later. Stavrou tasked Kerry's team with going after the mortar which was hidden somewhere inside Frini. Racing against time, Kerry eventually discovered the launch site and silenced the mortar.

On the way back, Capt. Miller informed the raiders that a mechanised force of CSAT/AAF units were heading their way and that they would be arriving shortly. Kerry again raced back to the outpost and dug into position at the defensive line whilst others manned machine guns and garrisoned the guard tower.

The reinforcements soon arrived and began firing upon the outpost, but Kappa's team had yet to finish loading the supplies. Kerry's team only just barely managed to hold off another wave of attackers when Kappa finally reported that they were good to go. Without a second to spare, his team hastily abandoned the defences and fled into the forests north of the outpost, mere seconds before an AAF plane dropped a bomb onto their former positions.

Though the raid had secured much needed supplies, they still required fuel for their vehicles. Stavrou noted that the industrial complex south of Agios Dionysios was being used to impound most of the FIA's captured vehicles; most importantly, trucks carrying cisterns loaded with petroleum.

Kerry's team secures the captured fuel trucks.

Hours after the attack against Frini, Kerry was asked to participate in the raid and would be placed in charge of infiltrating the complex to retrieve the trucks. Kerry's team arrived on the northern outskirts of the town and regrouped with scouts who were waiting for them.

Under the cover of darkness, Kerry carefully sneaked his way past the main highway and bypassed numerous patrols until he was within sight of the complex. The defending guards were quietly dispatched and Kerry ran towards where the parked trucks. However, upon getting into the truck he quickly realised that the vehicle itself was not only drained of fuel but that the cisterns they were carrying were empty as well.

Fortunately, Miller reported that another truck hauling a cistern full to the brim with petrol was located nearby at the village of Alikampos. However, it was being protected by a team of CSAT soldiers and would be significantly more difficult for Kerry to steal. Stavrou arranged to have Kappa provide backup and together, the combined guerilla force successfully eliminated the defending garrison and seized the truck intact. Kerry got into the truck and began driving towards the warehouse where the FIA had planned to stash the fuel.

Before he could make his way there, Miller radioed in again and asked him to deliver the fuel to him instead. His team had identified a convoy that was leaving the main airport with a high-ranking CSAT officer aboard. It would pass through Agios Dionysios shortly, leaving scant time for his man to prepare the ambush.

« Goddamn Brits. Why am I the one making all the decisions these days?
Miller "suggests" an alternate use for the fuel truck

Kerry now had ten minutes to pick between delivering the fuel to the guerillas as originally planned, or bring it to Miller for his assassination attempt to succeed. He opted for neither approach, and instead decide to assassinate the officer himself. After the convoy was successfully ambushed, Kerry smugly reported in his success to a surprised Miller who praised Kerry for his resourcefulness.

A day later, the FIA's leaders had received word that an AAF officer, codenamed "Orestes", was planning to defect and offered the guerillas an opportunity to strike a revenge blow against CSAT forces. Kerry would be tasked with making sure that the meeting could go ahead without problems.

Kerry silences the suspicious CSAT patrol before they can expose Orestes' defection.

Kerry's team was delayed on getting to the site of the meeting. Fortunately, they weren't too late as Orestes would only be arriving a few minutes later.

The officer got out of his vehicle alongside two other defectors and urgently informed Kerry that his vehicle had been tailed by a patrol of suspicious CSAT soldiers. Kerry told him that they could simply flee into the woods but Orestes insisted that the patrol had to be eliminated first if the revenge attack was to succeed. Quickly setting up an ambush, Kerry's team managed to eliminate the patrol before they could report Orestes' defection back to their superiors.

Now that his cover was maintained, Orestes returned to the matter at hand and told Kerry that he could pick between two choices: call in and shoot down a helicopter's worth of elite counterinsurgency soldiers who had participated in the Kavala raid, or destroy a repair depot being used by CSAT forces to maintain their vehicles. Kerry made his choice and cleared the designated sites before giving Orestes the signal to proceed. He then returned to Orestes' location, only to find Lt. James discussing unknown matters with the officer and waiting to escort him back to Gori.

As it turned out, Orestes held vital information on the whereabouts of Nikos Panagopoulos, the same man Kerry whom had thought was dead back on Stratis. The smuggler was being detained at a prison facility on Stratis but would be transferred shortly to another undisclosed location. As an important figurehead to the FIA, it was paramount that Nikos be rescued before he the Altian government could dispose of him. This time, Miller would be leading the rescue operation.

Kerry links up with Miller's team at Athanos.

Kerry would be joining the mission but first he had to make his way towards the boats where Miller's team was waiting. Thanks to Kerry having assassinated the officer days prior, the CSAT/AAF garrison in Athanos was in utter disarray and Kerry could bypass through the area without difficulty. Once he met up with Miller's team, they boarded the boats and began sailing towards Stratis.

Kerry's team lands onto the shores of Stratis.

Arriving on the shores of Stratis, Kerry was briefed on how the rescue operation would go down. He and his team of fighters would be detailed with causing a distraction throughout the southern tip of the island, attracting as much attention as possible and luring the island's defenders south.

Miller on the other hand, would make use of the distraction to go in on foot and personally infiltrate the prison facility to rescue Nikos. The plan went accordingly and Kerry's team were extracted from Stratis once Miller informed him that Nikos had been safely retrieved.

Back on Altis, the FIA had relocated their camp to Topolia, near the central areas of the mainland.

Now that Nikos was back, the guerillas were ready to strike a major blow against the Altian regime. Better yet, Miller had relayed information to Stavrou that NATO was ready to invade Altis. With the help of NATO, the guerillas would no longer need to hide in the shadows and could overtly engage the AAF in the open. Stavrou planned to sabotage the AAF's defences by launch an attack against Therisa and the AAC airfield. Kerry meanwhile, would be assigned with the responsibility of destroying the artillery battery at Poliakko.

That evening, as Kerry's team moved into position on the outskirts of Poliakko, he saw fighter jets from the NATO invasion force launching airstrikes upon Neochori. Stavrou green-lit the operation and the guerillas commenced their attacks simultaneously.

The artillery battery is quickly destroyed by Kerry's team.

Kerry's team easily overran the CSAT defenders and Poliakko fell under their control within minutes. As if on cue, power to the town's lights were cut and a CSAT helicopter flies overhead to unload reinforcements. But even their elite counterinsurgency operatives proved to be no match for Kerry's battle-hardened fighters, and the reinforcements were quickly routed.

Stavrou reported that his men had also succeeded with their objectives and all three locations were decisively under the FIA's control. All they had to do now was wait...and leave the rest of the fighting to NATO forces.

Suddenly, Kerry spots two NATO attack helicopters fly past Poliakko in the direction of the AAC airfield. Kerry reports the sighting to Stavrou but receives no reply. To his horror, he then sees the two helicopters open fire upon the airfield. Stavrou relays a distress call but is cut off halfway, leaving a bewildered Kerry unsure of what to do. Another team of guerillas, callsign Sigma, panickedly informs Kerry that they were under heavy fire from NATO forces and that contact with Stavrou's team was lost.

At that moment, one of the two helicopters takes damage to its tail and starts autorotating to the ground. Realising that this was an opportunity for him to tell the pilot to call off the attack, Kerry races towards the crash site and saves the pilot from being overrun by a patrol of AAF troopers.

« Pilot: Friendlies? Aegis? Holy fuck, no, we thought we'd lost you guys!
Kerry: Look, the FIA - the local resistance - they're assaulting that airfield, you're firing on friendly forces right now! We're working alongside British Special Forces, Captain Scott Miller - just, please, get your command to suspend the attack on the airfield!
Pilot: Fuck! That's not our intel ... we just ... hold on - just wait a second.
Kerry urges the pilot to call off the attack

Initially, the disoriented pilot is confused by Kerry's statements. Furthermore, he answered that there weren't any survivors from TF Aegis to begin with, so Kerry shouldn't even be alive. Nonetheless, he manages to get through to the commander of the invasion force and succeeds in calling off the attack upon the remaining guerillas.

Hours later, rescue helicopters would arrive to retrieve the pilot. Kerry would be personally greeted by the NATO commander, Colonel David Armstrong of the U.S. Army's 111th Infantry Division, and was told that they had no idea that the FIA were so active in the country.

Kerry then asked Col. Armstrong why Miller hadn't contacted them regarding their presence. Armstrong replied that no such "Captain" had reached out to the invasion force, and that British forces weren't even in the country to begin with. Growing suspicious of Kerry's story, the Colonel ordered him to get onto the helicopter for a debriefing.

« The British? The Brits are no longer operating in this area. To my knowledge, they've been out since May. And, regardless, we had no record of a Scott Miller.
As for Kerry, he realised that Miller had effectively abandoned and betrayed the guerillas. But the question remained: why now? As he pondered on the Captain's actions, he boarded the helicopter and would be brought back to the invasion force's headquarters on Stratis.

Suspicious of Kerry, Armstrong warns him against any attempts to backstab the 111th's operations.

Back On Stratis
Still suspicious of Kerry's story, Col. Armstrong had him confined to the brig at the airbase on Stratis. He would stay there for the next twelve hours, catching some much needed rest and a chance to refresh himself. As morning arrived, he would be ordered to meet with Col. Armstrong for a briefing on their next course of action.

The main airport, as they had discovered to their misfortune, was still under the control of CSAT and the AAF. The initial attempt to seize the airport failed due to encountering heavier-than-expected resistance. For now, NATO was holding steady at their defensive lines west of the airport, though another major offensive would be kicking off shortly to take the airport once and for all.

Kerry would be joining the main force on Altis, though he wouldn't be placed in charge of any combat unit and would be assigned to protecting the rear guard. Armstrong wasn't convinced that he had no role in the loss of TF Aegis and further warned him against any potential attempts at sabotage or treachery.

« And - while we're on the subject, Corporal - were it up to me, you'd be stuck here spit-shining latrines until a court-martial deemed you fit for duty. Lucky for you, command doesn't feel likewise. But make no mistake, you fuck up just once - you endanger any of my men - and you're gone.

That evening, Kerry would be shipped to the mainland and be tasked with "guarding" the area south of Katalaki. Disgruntled at the lack of respect and constant disdain being thrown at him, he bitterly reflected on his present situation.

Callsign Nomad
Suddenly, he begins to notice the silhouettes of several boats approaching the coastline in the south. He quickly reports his sighting back to his fireteam lead who then tells Kerry to rejoin him at the team's patrol vehicle. Elsewhere, Col. Armstrong relayed a message to all frontline units that large amounts of activity were being reported at the airport.

However upon arrival, Kerry only finds the corpses of his fellow team members scattered around and the vehicle wrecked. Multiple explosions in the distance could be heard as flames began to rise from the anti-aircraft positions at Point Starfire, Omicron and Kilo. Armstrong relayed another urgent message that CSAT forces were mounting a massive counterattack and demanded answers from the defenders at Neochori.

Kerry races to the front as the defensive line at Neochori collapses.

As CSAT helicopters flew with impunity over the skies of Katalaki, Kerry saw surface-to-air missiles being fired out of the forests nearby. Though the helicopters were driven off, Kerry radioed Armstrong for new orders since his entire fireteam had been annihilated. Reluctantly, Armstrong ordered him to link up with a mechanised infantry squad, callsign Delta-3-1, that was racing to the frontline.

« Kerry: Nikos? Shit, man, it's good to hear from you!
Nikos: Listen, there's little time. Our brothers are engaging those gunships. They're close to you. On my order, they'll assist you as needed. Over.
Nikos offers the FIA's help to Kerry on his word

Along the way, Armstrong patches him through to a guerilla contact who had requested to talk specifically to Kerry himself. The guerilla contact turned out to be none other than Nikos, who told Kerry that his comrades were ready to lend a hand to NATO forces and would link up with him at his request.

Kerry agreed, and Armstrong - once again reluctantly - granted permission for him to take charge of his own squad with the guerillas under his command. He was given the new callsign of Nomad and together with Delta-3-1 fought their way past the CSAT counterattack force. With the FIA's help, Kerry and Delta-3-1 were able to retake the defensive line at Neochori. However, they still had to fight off yet another counterattack by CSAT. Arming himself and his subordinates with anti-tank launchers, Kerry was able to decisively push back CSAT forces.

The attack upon the airport begins.

Dawn soon arrived and the 111th would prepare for a counterattack of their own against the airport. Luckily, artillery assets had finally arrived and Kerry wouldn't be alone this time since his fellow guerillas would be allowed to support the attack.

First, his primary target would be the factory complex west of the airport. The AAF were still holding onto the facility and could potentially flank the main assault force if they weren't dealt with. Once the factory was secured, Nomad could then link up with the main force. Kerry's squad eventually secured the factory and waited for their transport to airlift them to the front.

An errant squad of CSAT AA troops quickly puts an end to those plans however, with Kerry's transport being shot down before it can collect them. Kerry moved onto the site of the AA troops and swiftly eliminated them, killing the soldiers and destroying their hidden anti-air vehicle. Too late to join the battle, Kerry's squad simply waited at their destroyed outpost and watched the battle from afar. As he watches however, an earthquake tremor suddenly shakes the entire island, leaving Kerry and the rest of the assault force puzzled.

NATO forces push south towards the capital Pyrgos.

The Siege of Pyrgos
With the airport having fallen, NATO forces were now clear to lay siege upon the capital of Pyrgos. Kerry was once again demoted from his temporary position as leader of Nomad and was placed under the command of a more "trustworthy" leader.

Boarding the platoon's vehicles, Kerry watched as rockets pummelled the city's defenders as Armstrong green-lit the attack upon the capital to begin. However, his platoon is ambushed on the way to the capital and Kerry's squad is forced to dismount to dispatch the entrenched attackers. After clearing the site and securing a nearby warehouse, Kerry's squad and the rest of the platoon waited for further orders.

Minutes later, Nikos calls Kerry directly and urges him to tell Armstrong to cease their artillery fire upon the capital. Civilians were still trapped inside and the risk of collateral damage was too high. Fortunately, Kerry was able to relay this information back to Armstrong who quickly ordered the artillery batteries to hold fire. Shortly afterwards, Kerry's squad would mount up onto their vehicles and resume their course towards the capital.

However, they would need to first divert towards the location of another infantry callsign, Charlie-2-3, who were pinned down by heavy fire from the capital's eastern defences.

« Armstrong: Crossroads to Nomad. Message. If you encounter Captain Miller or one of his teams, you are not authorized to provide assistance. How copy?
Kerry: Say again, sir?
Kerry: Uh ... Affirmative, sir.
Armstrong: Good. Crossroads out.
Kerry: (off-radio) Son of a bitch. Just what the hell are you doing here, Miller?
Armstrong updates Kerry on his situation

On the way there, Armstrong called Kerry to inform him that he was cleared of any culpability in the loss of TF Aegis, and that Capt. Miller's identity had been finally confirmed. Kerry asked the Colonel what this meant for him but was simply told to disregard the Captain and to continuing following his orders.

Upon arrival, Kerry's squad dismounted and made their way through the cemetery to meet with Charlie-2-3's leader. The leader informed them that the defenders had an immobilised tank inside the city, and were using this tank as a static gun turret to prevent them from advancing any further. Kerry's squad leader assigned three men to his command and ordered him to break off and locate the tank's position.

He quickly discovered its location but it was buried right in the middle of several homes with civilians still inside. He had two options: either he could call in a fire mission on the tank and risk causing collateral damage, or destroy the tank with anti-armour weapons and minimise destruction to the surrounding area. He opted for the latter and managed to blow up the tank by hand before joining up with the rest of the assault force and breaking through the city's eastern defences.

With Pyrgos captured, the primary NATO force split into two elements to strike strategic targets in the south and north-east. Kerry would be a part of the northern force and Armstrong, confident in the Corporal's proven reliability, temporarily promoted him to the rank of Sergeant and assigned him leadership over his own squad once more.

As squad leader of Nomad, Sgt. Kerry joins the attack upon Kalochori.

Nomad arrived on the outskirts of the town of Kalochori next to the solar farm. Almost immediately, his squad came under heavy fire and were forced to fight their way through the farm to clear out the entrenched Altians. Once the farm was secured, Kerry was tasked with seizing the town itself. He would assault the town with the help of other allied infantry squads and had the backing of artillery, drone airstrikes and gunships.

As he made his way towards Kalochori, another earthquake tremor - seemingly increasing in magnitude, shook the ground. Kerry asked if Armstrong could explain the shocks but even the Colonel couldn't explain the cause behind them.

However, Kerry didn't have much time to ponder about the earthquakes as Kalochori proved to be a more difficult and gruelling battle than he would anticipate. He relied heavily on artillery to raze the garrisoned buildings and armoured vehicles. After almost an hour, the town fell under NATO's control and Kerry's squad was ordered to hold their ground.

Not long after, Armstrong informed Kerry that AAF reinforcements were inbound to retake the town. He was ordered to take up positions at the battlements east of the city and prepare defences for their arrival. Using a combination of fire missions and air support, Kerry was able to repel the attackers and force them into a full retreat.

Soon, it was discovered that the AAF's leader, Colonel Georgious Akhanteros, was holed up at the village of Ioannina not too far away from Kerry's current position. The last of the AAF's military units in the north-east were also here; if they captured Akhanteros, the rest of the AAF would quickly surrender and the flashpoint would be over.

Kerry arrives at the camp to await for further orders.

A Fateful Choice
Kerry made his way to a temporary camp on the outskirts of Paros set up by logistics units nearby.

To Kerry's annoyance, yet another earthquake strikes and causes more disruptions to preparations for the final attack upon Ioannina. Afterwards, he was called by Armstrong to link up with the commander at the firebase on the outskirts of Ioannina.

« ???: ... Kerry ... Do you copy? ...
Kerry: Lieutenant? What the fuck? Where are you?
James: I'm... Checkpoint ... 210 ... 189 ...
Kerry: Lieutenant James? ... What the hell ... 210-189? ... there's nothing up there. Lieutenant? Respond! ... Goddammit!
James' incoherent transmission

At that precise moment, Lt. James also calls out to Kerry over the radio from an unknown frequency. Bewildered at the Lieutenant's sudden transmission, he attempts to contact him again but James replies incoherently, simply telling Kerry to "find" him at an unmarked location on the map. Suddenly, contact with James is lost and Kerry is left puzzled over his sudden predicament.

Kerry was now left with two choices: he could either go after James and attempt to track down his location using the provided grid coordinates, or follow orders and disregard the operative as ordered to by Armstrong. Opting not to risk getting a court-martial, Kerry ignored James' unusual message and regrouped with Armstrong at the firebase. There, the Colonel entrusted him with the task of marking targets at Ioannina for fire support assets to deal with.

Kerry successfully marks targets for fire support assets to destroy.

He quickly made his way to an overwatch position and identified key targets for artillery. Once the anti-air threats were neutralised, Kerry gave the signal for attack jets to fly in and take out the remaining tanks before ground forces pushed in to mop up the rest.

As Kerry watched allied troops move in, Armstrong would inform the entire invasion force that Akhanteros had officially announced the AAF's surrender, and that a ceasefire was to take effect immediately. Armstrong ordered ground troops to move in and to restrain the surrendering survivors, with Kerry also being tasked to do the same.

Post-The East Wind

Kerry awaits the arrival of the AAN journalist.

Six weeks after the flashpoint's resolution, Kerry - now officially promoted to the rank of Sergeant, would be placed in charge of escorting a journalist from the AAN News network. He picked up the journalist from the main airport and drove him to the town of Athira where Nikos, the new president-elect of the nation, was to be interviewed.

The journalist, Mark Cole, questioned Kerry all the way to the interview site. He repeatedly attempted to "fish" answers out of the Sergeant but Kerry refused to give any official answers, particularly on the subject of British special operations being involved with the crisis, and the official cause of the Stratis Incident.

However, Kerry did reply off-handedly that not even NATO investigators were entirely sure of the circumstances. Cole latched onto this statement but failed to extract anything else from Kerry.

As they arrived at the site of the interview, Cole left him his phone number and urged Kerry to contact the journalist if he wanted to elaborate more on the details. Shortly afterwards, Kerry was recalled back to the airport by Col. Armstrong for unknown reasons.

Kerry's interview for the IDAP.

« It was one of those nightmare-type scenarios, the kind of thing nobody could ever really plan for.

In fact, when the attack happened, I'd been on a logistics run with my squad leader, a guy named Adams, so, we were caught right out in the open. We moved to a forest - Adams had been in front of me. He was talking and there was an explosion that left my ears ringing. I thought we were under fire, but then realized, we'd somehow entered a minefield.

As soon as the smoke from the blast had cleared, I saw Adams lying there, dead. I guess you'd probably say I got lucky; if I'd been on my own, there's no doubt that would've been me.
Excerpt of Kerry's interview for the IDAP's Survivors' Stories

Sometime later, Kerry would be interviewed by aid worker Nathan MacDade from the International Development & Aid Project (IDAP). As part of an ongoing series titled "Survivors' Stories", people from all walks of life and professions who were caught up in accidents involving landmines, were asked about their experiences in dealing with the trauma of witnessing or suffering from their effects.

Kerry detailed his account witnessing the death of his former squad leader up close. He largely attributed fault towards the previous Altian government for not placing more clear warning signs around the minefields. Most of all, he reflected on the fact that had Adams not been taking point, he would have been the one lying dead in the forests of Stratis on that very day.

Personality and Appearance

Kerry appears as a twenty year-old Caucasian male with a shaved head and slightly dark brown hair. His standard attire consists of a ranger green plate carrier with his nametag on the front and an Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). Given the semi-arid environment of Altis, he prefers wearing a white-green coloured undershirt and MTP-camouflaged pants as opposed to the full fatigues.

While working undercover with the FIA and alongside CTRG, Kerry continues to wear his (heavily worn out) MTP-camouflaged combat pants, but puts on a dark blue poloshirt instead of the undershirt. He can also usually be seen donning an olive green-coloured bandanna with a headset.

« Kerry: Lieutenant, do you read me? Over. I could really use some help, I got nothing here. Over.
James: Heh... I thought you Yanks couldn't get enough freedom?
Kerry: With respect, Lieutenant, fuck you.
Kerry's usual display of sardonicism

Personality-wise, Kerry is a bit of a wildcard. While he is capable of following orders to the letter, he prefers not to be in the dark about anything, usually asking questions to the point of irritation to his superiors. He also has a mild authority problem, refusing to show respect to anyone who keeps him intentionally in the dark; this is not to say that he does not respect anyone above him, as he shows genuine respect for Stavrou as well as with Adams.

Kerry tends to talk to himself out loud which often confuses those alongside him, especially his Altian guerilla allies in the FIA. Most of this monologue includes griping and complaining over the situations he's continually thrown into, though it should be noted that he's not necessarily wrong for feeling that a lot is being asked of him.

Kerry repeatedly states that he hates going into forests. This is mostly attributed to Adams' death from stepping on a landmine in a forest; though prior to this incident, Kerry already expressed his dislike after Adams decides to take refuge in one.


  • Several times throughout Survive, it is stated by his fellow survivors in TF Aegis that the draft was reintroduced by the U.S. military to address the need for a troop surge in response to rising tensions in the Pacific. This would suggest that Kerry is actually a conscript as opposed to being a volunteer soldier.
  • Kerry makes a cameo appearance in the Prologue campaign as the driver of Sgt. Conway's MRAP in Damage Control. He does not have any voiced dialogue in this campaign, however.
  • Kerry is notorious for using the phrase "What the fuck?" in various forms throughout the entirety of The East Wind, uttering it or a derivative of the phrase at least once per mission.
  • In the alternate ending of The East Wind, Kerry can either die at the hands of CSAT, AAF remnants or commit suicide.


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