« I weep for my countrymen. There can be no question. CSAT have engineered chaos and destruction on a massive scale. By supplying dangerous criminals with military weapons, they have sought to murder the people of the Horizon Islands. They are illegitimate. Their time has come to an end!
Benjamin Hope gives his speech denouncing CSAT following the events of Apex Protocol

Benjamin Hope is a minor character in the Apex Protocol campaign for ArmA 3.


Acting president of the Horizon Islands government, Hope represents the people of the island nation on the world stage.

Following the tsunami that devastated large parts of the Tanoa province, Hope visits the ailing region in an attempt to reassure its citizens of returning stability.

Post-Apex Protocol

After CSAT's so-called "Apex Protocol" plans were revealed to the world, Hope issues a publicised speech in Georgetown, Tanoa.

He denounces the organisation after revelations that CSAT were supporting the Syndikat insurgent group with financial and military aid.

Personality and Appearance

A dark-skinned Tanoan, Hope has a short head of black hair with a lightly shaved moustache.

He prefers to wear a simple white-coloured, short-sleeved polo with black pants, and is always seen with a silver watch on his right wrist.


  • Hope is referred to as both "Jonathon" and "Benjamin" in several cutscenes and in-game materials.

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