« Berghof: We must be ready for anything.
Kozlowski: Even for war, sir?
Berghof: Even for war, soldier.

Berghof was a minor character in ArmA: Cold War Assault's Cold War Crisis campaign.


Berghof was a soldier that was a part of the U.S. Army's task force deployed on Malden.

He was the squad leader of Alpha, and was the commanding NCO of Bormioli, David Armstrong, Kozlowski, and Fowley.

Cold War Crisis (1985)

« What is this, a tea party? You ladies were due on the parade ground ten minutes ago. Now get your asses out there or I'll have them stitched into footballs and kick them into New Jersey!
Berghof reprimands his subordinates for slacking off during training

Following a routine training exercise with his subordinates, Berghof rouses them out of their slumber in the middle of the night and assembles them in front of the barracks.

Colonel Blake begins to brief Berghof and his men. They were to immediately deploy to Everon to discover the identity of the unknown attackers who had destroyed the NATO training camp hours earlier.

The next morning, Berghof's squad are dispatched towards the northeast side of Everon. He hastily briefed his men on the flight into their objective; they were to seize the town of Morton with the help of two other squads, Bravo and Charlie.

Berghof's squad immediately comes under fire by the unknown assailants at Morton, though the squads were able to succeed in wiping out the defenders. Hours later, they proceeded to another village south of Morton called Regina. Despite clearing the village, Berghof and all the other squads are ordered to retreat after enemy tanks are reported heading their way.

In spite of the setback at Regina, Berghof's squad are ordered to stand their ground instead of advancing. Two days later their squad regroups near the town of Le Moule and begin to scout the surroundings for more enemy troops.

« I guess you guys must be a little twitchy. Wondering what we're doing out here. Who we're facing. The truth is, I'm twitchy too. Hell, Armstrong, the whole of NATO command is twitchy. If these guys are Russians, which is what they sure as hell look like, then this thing has every chance of blowing up into World War III.
Berghof explains the situation to Armstrong

Berghof later assigns Armstrong on logistical duty, ordering the Corporal to drive him while scouting for a suitable position to set up a temporary camp. Upon returning to the others they begin constructing the encampment. Berghof assigns Bormioli, Kozlowski and Armstrong to accompany him on patrol through the nearby woods. They soon encounter more enemy forces and are forced to retaliate against the assailants.

Three days later, Berghof takes command of another squad and Sergeant Hawley is assigned as leader of Alpha. They were to attack the city of Montignac and await further orders. Despite the opposition from the "Soviet" defenders, Berghof and the others succeed in securing the city.


Their "success" at Montignac is short-lived however, when NATO command orders all U.S. forces to immediately evacuate not just from the city, but from Everon itself. Suddenly, massed Soviet reinforcements swarm the city from all sides and overwhelm the confused U.S. troops.

All of the squads take heavy casualties, with Hawley, Bormioli, Kozlowski, Fowley and even Berghof himself all being cut down in the retreat, leaving Armstrong as the sole survivor of the force sent to secure Montignac.

Personality and Appearance

Berghof was an African-American male with short black hair. He always wore a Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and Patrol Cap camouflaged in the ERDL woodland pattern, though he donned a PASGT combat helmet whenever deployed on combat missions.

Berghof didn't have much of a personality, but was clearly the kind of person that never took "no" for an answer. He followed rules by the book, and was highly strict with his subordinates as well.


  • Berghof can be killed in any of the missions between Flashpoint and Alert, though canonically he dies in Montignac Must Fall only.
  • Some mission briefings strangely display his name as "Berghoff" instead (ending in a double F). In-game subtitles and official material only spell it with a single F, however.

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