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Beyond Hope is a singleplayer mini-campaign/scenario that takes place in the early stages of the Altian Civil War. It was added with the release of the Tac-Ops DLC.


Nine years prior to the 'East Wind' conflict, civil war rages through the Republic of Altis and Stratis.

Col. Akhanteros initiates the Kavala Coup.

Set in 2026, nine years prior to the events of The East Wind, the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis falls into chaos after the civilian government based in the former capital city of Kavala, is deposed of by rogue elements within its armed forces.

Under the command of its new leader, all opposing political parties are silenced and every protest is quickly, and violently, crushed by the AAF.

Akhanteros' self-proclaimed leadership of the nation sparks violent nationwide protests.

The coup does not go entirely without problems however. Opposition to Akhanteros' rule begins to grow and soon results in the formation of the Government Loyalists; a sizeable force of AAF defectors and former civilian officials who seek to restore the country's original government.

Their uprising sparks a full scale civil war between the two sides, causing utter devastation to the country. Altians are turned against one another as entire villages, towns and cities become battlefields between the Loyalists and their supporters against Akhanteros' troops, backed by his own band of fiercely devout anti-Loyalist paramilitaries.

Loyalist commanders plan for the assault against Orino.

In light of the humanitarian crisis gripping the nation, a shaky six-day ceasefire is soon declared to allow for aid to be distributed to the civilian population on both sides. But within hours of the ceasefire being declared, it is immediately broken after the AAF ambush and kill several Loyalists near the village of Orino.

In retaliation, the Loyalists return the favour and for good measure, launch an offensive of their own to wrest control of the village from the AAF. They managed to destroy several key strongpoints and successfully fought off an attempted counterattack by the AAF.

The AAF deliberately prevents humanitarian aid workers from passing through.

Hours later, they discover the AAF's allies deliberately withholding an IDAP aid convoy from getting through to the town of Abdera at one of their checkpoints in Galati.

Located just to the north of Orino, the AAF are blocking the supplies from getting through simply because of the town's population being sympathetic to the Loyalists' cause. With the (covert) aid of British special forces, the Loyalists launch a three-pronged offensive aimed at breaking the quarantine.

The attack on Galati begins with the support of Sgt. James' British SOF team.

Though the Battle of Galati results in a complete success for the Loyalists, with both the AAF and its allies being completely overrun, it was ultimately the beginning of the end for their struggle. As one year after another passes, the Loyalists slowly lose ground as attrition takes a severe toll on the organisation.

After four more years of bloody civil war, a proper and lasting agreement under the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 is finally reached. By this time however, the Loyalists had been reduced to nothing more than a shadow of themselves. Akhanteros and his allies on the other hand, emerged victorious and were recognised as the legitimate government of the country.

However, their victory would be proven to be short-lived. As although they had won the war, tensions and resentment against Akhanteros continued to linger. The new government would soon find itself fighting against an even greater guerilla threat that would be born from the ashes of the Loyalists...


No Reprieve (11th May, 2026)

« Government loyalists search for a missing squad ahead of a major offensive. »

Despite the ceasefire being in effect, both sides brace themselves for the fighting to continue and secretly plan offensives against each other. Inevitably, conflict erupts yet again after a Loyalist squad is ambushed by the AAF near the town of Orino. The Loyalists emerge victorious after they eliminate the town's defenders and drive back AAF reinforcements.

Avenging Furies (11th May, 2026)

« A humanitarian convoy must be rescued from rebel forces. »

The Loyalists seek to break through AAF lines at Galati in order to allow aid to get through to the town of Abdera. They emerge victorious yet again after a fierce battle is fought over control of the town.


  • Arma3-achievement-beyondhope.png
    Beyond Hope
    • Finish the mini-campaign to unlock this. It will be granted once the second mission, Avenging Furies, is successfully completed.


  • Beyond Hope is the first (and only) time that the Loyalists as a faction make an official appearance.
  • Curiously, both the AAF (along with its paramilitary allies) and the Loyalists are shown using Apex expansion pack weapons such as the LIM-85 or the AKM. However, neither the AAF nor the Loyalists' successors are depicted utilising any of these weapons in the main campaign.


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