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« British troops are being flown to central Takistan, converging in preparation of Operation Crimson Lance.
Mission Description

Blue Jam is the first mission of ArmA 2's Operation Crimson Lance campaign.


The player controls British Army paratrooper Sergeant Brian Frost. Frost's squad, callsign Lancer Red, has been deployed to Takistan as part of NATO's troop surge aimed at eradicating remnants of the former Takistani regime. They are to be airlifted to the primary coalition base at FOB Arizona in the country's Central region, where the bulk of insurgent activity is concentrated.

Frost's role/class:

  • Infantry / Section Leader

Default loadout:

The briefing loadout menu is not available for this mission.



  • (1) Report to CO
  • (2) Crash site defense
  • (3) Extraction
  • (4) Report to CO
  • (5) Meet your medic
  • (6) Get your engineer
  • (7) Rest and Recuperate


  • (8) Dr. Baker


  • Your squad must not be annihilated
  • Giant-5's helicopter must not be disabled
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Do not leave the AO


Primary 1: Report to CO

You will begin the mission in the back of a helicopter.

You can swap your default L85A2 with a the UGL-equipped one stored within the helicopter's cargo but it's not necessary to do so (though it may be advisable to swap your frag/smoke grenades for some more 5.56 mm magazines). Soon after, the helicopter will get shot down and the pilot will autorotate successfully to the valley below.

Primary 2: Crash site defense

Order your entire squad and the pilots of Foxtrot-5 to go prone and face south-west towards the village of Mulladost. There's a squad's worth of insurgents taking pot shots from the mud/stone brick homes. Don't bother taking cover; just concentrate fire in their direction until the insurgents are either eliminated or they make a break for the hills.

Two insurgent trucks, one armed with a recoilless rifle and another with a heavy machine gun, will similarly begin moving towards the village approximately ~ 600 metres away along the main road from the hills, opposite of your LZ. Be sure to kill the gunner of the recoilless rifle-armed one as soon as possible, or else he will bombard your position with high-explosive (HE) rounds and instantly kill two or more members of your squad.

You will also receive some air support in the form a gunship, callsign Warhorse-2-0, shortly after Foxtrot-5's pilots relay the mayday call. If you weren't able to mop up the enemies before it arrives, Warhorse-2-0's crew will handle the rest. Just stay focused on keeping Frost and the rest of the squad alive.

Primary 3: Extraction

When the area is clear, move towards the extraction point at LZ Skipper where your rescue helicopter, callsign Giant-5, will be waiting. Get yourself and your squad's members aboard the aircraft.

Primary 4: Report to CO

Disembark from Giant-5 once you land at FOB Arizona. Meet up with Captain Dylan Lewis, your CO for this operation. He'll be standing next to the truck parked along the road.

Primary 5: Meet your medic

Speak to Sgt. James Irvine, your squad's new paramedic. He'll be standing next to the dark green medical tent at the barracks area.

Primary 6: Get your engineer

Sgt. Phillip Stephenson has been assigned to Lancer Red as its new combat engineer. He'll be disposing explosive ordnance devices at the range north of the FOB. Look for a camouflaged tent with a pile of backpacks and crates underneath it.

You may want to grab one of the parked quadbikes to get there quickly instead of having to sprint the entire way.

Primary 7: Rest and Recuperate

NOTE: You cannot complete this objective until you have met Stephenson and Irvine first (meeting with Dr. Baker is not required, however).

Head into your assigned barracks to get some sleep once you've met with your two new squad members. The mission will end shortly afterwards.

Optional 8: Dr. Baker

Speak to the aid worker, Doctor Anita Baker, at the UN compound on the northern side of the base (east of where Stephenson is). She'll be standing next to a mercenary and a UN peacekeeper.


  • Unlike most scripted sequences throughout ArmA 2's campaigns, Foxtrot-5's helicopter is genuinely struck by a surface-to-air missile fired by an Avenger HMMWV.
    • However, the helicopter itself is scripted to be impervious to actual physical damage until it "crashes" to the ground. Rattling sound effects and camera blur/shaking are simply used to simulate instability during the autorotation sequence (note that the AI pilot is actually ordered to land the helicopter normally).
  • On the flight out, Corporal Jack Gallagher's outburst of disbelief and anger at the cause of the shootdown will be skipped if he was killed before getting onboard Giant-5's helicopter.
  • Beginning with Blue Jam, any casualties incurred by your squad will be added to a hidden counter. In the epilogue screen, their names will be listed in memoriam. If the player managed to avoid losing a single member throughout the entire campaign, then the epilogue will be replaced with a different line instead.

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