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The Blue Pearl Industrial Port is a dual-purpose civilian/military maritime facility located on the island of Tanoa in the Tanoa Province of the Horizon Islands.


The conduit through which almost all of the province's imports and exports flow, the Blue Pearl Industrial Port is operated by the Daltgreen Mining & Exploration company.

It is one of the country's busiest shipyards and is located only a short distance away from the Red Spring Surface Mine. It overlooks the north-eastern coastline and can be accessed via two paved roads: the entrance in the east comes from the village of Ba, while the road on the western entrance originates from Ovau.

Due to the immense amount of traffic that comes to-and-from the facility, the sprawling dockyards are carefully monitored by government forces. Additionally, as of June 2038, a garrison of Chinese-led Pacific CSAT forces now guard the port against potential looters and insurgents from the so-called L'Ensemble movement.



NOTE: This section contains spoilers from ArmA 3 Apex's 'Apex Protocol' campaign.

Viper representatives reluctantly negotiate with Maru for a deal.

On August 16th, 2035, remnants of the Syndikat criminal organisation, personally led by the notorious warlord Solomon Maru, temporarily occupied the facility.

They had succeeded in blackmailing Viper, a CSAT black ops unit, into negotiating an "agreement" with Syndikat. They were attempting to weasel an arrangement out of Viper whereby Syndikat would continue to obtain illicit arms and funding in exchange for handing over one of Viper's "Eastwind" devices, a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) capable of artificially causing earthquakes.

If Viper refused, Maru would sell Eastwind on the black market and divulge the secrets of CSAT's so-called "Apex Protocol" strategy.

Capt. Miller attempts to disarm the now-activated Eastwind.

However, Maru had not anticipated that CTRG, a NATO black ops unit and counterpart to Viper, had been tracking the movements of his organisation and managed to discover where he had planned to host the meeting.

They followed him to the port and in one swift stroke, assassinated the warlord while seizing the arming keys which were needed to activate Eastwind.

Viper launches its all-out assault to retake the device.

The CTRG operatives, led by Captain Scott Miller of Group 14, fought their way through the remainder of Maru's subordinates and managed to secure Eastwind. However, in a desperate attempt to prevent CTRG from extracting the device, Viper deployed the entirety of its remaining operatives.

They were driven back by CTRG's own reinforcements, who arrived just in time to back up Capt. Miller's team on the ground. Eastwind was successfully disarmed and Capt. Miller proceeded to have the device be slingloaded away by another helicopter. It was then brought out of the port and delivered to an unknown location.


Port administration


Blue Pearl's port authority structure is located on the western side of the facility. The main building is situated close to the road entrance on the western side.

For convenience, a car park with angled bays are provided for employees and visitors for ease of access. For deliveries, couriers can also use the loading bays on the rear side of the building.

Freight forwarding


The northern sector serves as the storage area where all containers are stockpiled.

The primary crane way loads/unloads containers from ships with ten smaller crane ways lining the interior, separated into six lanes on the western side and four shorter ones on the eastern side.

Power station


Both the main and backup power generators supply electricity to the entire facility. They are built on-site and are situated on the port's eastern side where the dry docks are located.

Transit depot


The southern side of the port forms the transit depot.

It is used by tipper trucks to offload raw materials which are then processed and transferred via conveyor belts directly to cargo ships.

Mechanised repair depot


Blue Pearl's CSAT garrison utilises the central dock as a service station for mechanised vehicles.

Spare parts and components for armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles are stored in shipping containers. A Quick Reaction Force comprising of motorised infantry always stand ready to respond to any threats.

Due to its sensitive nature, the repair bay is classified as a restricted zone. Dock workers and harbour staff are strictly prohibited from entering the area.



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