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Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Viet Cong
Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Type Sedan
Seats 4 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 3× Passengers
Item capacity 1500 mass
Top speed 130 km/h
Fuel capacity 16 fuel units
Weight 1071 kg
Slingloadable Yes
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants None

The Boheme Kupe is a sedan driven by Vietnamese civilians and is used in limited numbers with the Viet Cong in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the S.O.G. Prairie Fire Creator DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Civil transportation
    • Troop transport
« The Kupe is a sedan car designed by the Boheme Automobile Company in 1960. It features a 4 cylinder, 1468cc, petrol engine producing 65hp at 4800rpm. The Kupe has a manual 4 speed + reverse gearbox, and rear-wheel drive. It has a max Speed of 81mph (130 Km/h), and acceleration: 0-100 Km/h in 19.9s
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Crew Capacity
The Boheme Kupe has enough seats for the driver and up to three passengers who sit in the front-right and rear seats.


  • Blue: Pale blue colour scheme.
  • Green: Dark green colour scheme.
  • Red: Bright red colour scheme.
  • Yellow: Beige yellow colour scheme.


Boheme Kupes have a base armour value of 25. Due to being civilian vehicles, they cannot be retrofitted with addon armour modules.

The following highlighted positions serve as weak points on the Boheme Kupe:


Green = Body
Orange = Engine
Violet = Fuel tank


The vehicle's body can withstand up to 125 points of damage. It takes 50% additional damage from high-explosive (HE) type munitions. At least 60% of incoming damage will be shared with the vehicle's main "health" pool.

Depletion of its integrity may result in a catastrophic kill if the Kupe is at or near critical "health" status.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank can only take 12.5 points of damage before it ruptures. It incurs a 50% increased damage penalty from HE-type munitions. However, only 10% of incoming damage is shared with the Kupe's "health" pool.

Destruction of the fuel tank can only result in a catastrophic kill if the Kupe is at critical status.

If damaged: Leaks 10% of current fuel in the tank.
If destroyed: Entire fuel tank will be drained over the course of several seconds.


The Kupe's engine can survive only 25 points of damage before it fails. It takes 50% reduced damage from HE-type munitions, though at least 60% of incoming damage will be shared with the vehicle's "health" pool.

If damaged: Power output halved, driving uphill becomes extremely difficult. Can no longer reach top speed even on flat terrain.
If destroyed: Instantly immobilises the Kupe.


Each of the Kupe's wheels can only take 30 points of damage before they break. They do not take extra damage from HE-type munitions. No amount of damage inflicted upon them will be shared with the Kupe's main "health" pool.

It is still possible to continue driving even if half of the Kupe's tyres are missing. Making simple manoeuvres may become extremely difficult (if not outright impossible) depending on the terrain, however.


All passengers are able to fire small arms out of the vehicle. However, they need to roll down their windows first before they can do so.


  • Boheme Kupes were originally only featured as non-driveable props upon S.O.G. Prairie Fire's release. Update 1.1 eventually added them as fully driveable vehicles as opposed to being static props.


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