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Bohemia Interactive a.s. (BI), also known as Bohemia Interactive Studio (or BIS), is an independent games developer based in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.


First established in 1999, BI is primarily known for their award-winning military sandbox games starting with Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis which would later lead to the creation of the ArmA series (primarily written as Arma and stylised as ARMA).

Bohemia Interactive is also the proud developer of the Take On Helicopters and Carrier Command series, as well as the Ylands sandbox game released under the company's Incubator initiative.

Apart from the main office in Prague, the company has two additional studios in the cities of Mnisek and Brno. Three more studios outside of the country are located in Slovakia, Thailand and The Netherlands. They are based in the cities of Bratislava (Slovakia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Pattaya (Thailand).

ARMA series



  • 2002, July 10 - Operation Flashpoint: Resistance




  • 2008, March 12 - ArmA: Combat Operations




  • 2011, April - ArmA 2: Reinforcements (bundle of British Armed Forces and Private Military Company DLCs)
  • 2011, July 13 - ArmA: Cold War Assault (re-release and updated version of Cold War Crisis)
  • 2011, July 13 - ArmA Gold Edition (bundle of Armed Assault and Queen's Gambit expansion)
  • 2011, July 15 - ArmA X: Anniversary Edition (bundle of Cold War Assault, Gold Edition, ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead expansion, British Armed Forces and Private Military Company DLCs)



  • 2013, September 12 - ArmA 3 (Alpha released on March 5, Beta released on June 25)
  • 2013, October 1 - ArmA Tactics (Shield Portable version released in May, Mobile version released on September 6)









  • 2021, February 23 - ArmA 3: Art of War Charity Pack/DLC
  • 2021, May 6 - S.O.G. Prairie Fire Creator DLC (published by BI, developed by third party group Savage Game Design)
  • 2021, June 16 - CSLA Iron Curtain Creator DLC (published by BI, developed by third party group ČSLA Studio)
  • 2021, November 18 - Western Sahara Creator DLC (published by BI, developed by third party group Rotators Collective)



  • Although they share a similar name and use a heavily modified Real Virtuality engine (also used by the ArmA series), the Czech-based BI/BIS company should not be confused with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (also shortened as BIS or BISim).
    • Unlike the Czech company, BISim are an entirely separate entity responsible for the creation of the Virtual Battlespace (or VBS for short) series of simulators for government use.
    • They are unaffiliated to BI and do not share anything in common - aside from using different versions of the Real Virtuality engine originally made for ArmA: Armed Assault.


  • The studio's logo was officially changed on January 6th, 2021.
  • Social media accounts and the official YouTube channel for ArmA 3 were renamed to "Arma Platform" for unknown reasons on May 12th, 2022. A teaser post would later reveal that this was in preparation for a Twitch stream held on May 17th titled "THE FUTURE OF ARMA", unveiling the release of ARMA Reforger and officially confirming ARMA 4's development.

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